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*Preferred area of erotic stimulation?
  • View Poll Results: What is your preferred area of physical stimulation? Voters: 403

    You may not vote on this poll

    Penis 22 5.46%

    Perineum 4 0.99%

    Prostate 10 2.48%

    Anus 7 1.74%

    Nipples 23 5.71%

    All. Hit all at the same time for a grand slam: Penis/Anal/Perineum/Prostate 29 7.20%

    None. Have loads of "o"s and super "o"s without physical stimulation 4 0.99%

    Alternate between Anal and Penile areas on different days 10 2.48%

    Other. Please describe so others can try it. 2 0.50%

  • TripperTripper
    Posts: 250
    Please vote for your preferred area of erotic physical stimulation.

  • rumelrumel
    Posts: 2,492

    Since the Aneros already addresses the perineum, prostate and anus - those bases are covered. I checked “Other…” , I have recently been using one hand to provide nipple stimulation, whilst the other hand has been stroking/teasing my scrotal sac, not fondling, just very light caresses, it seems every single hair down there is very willing to add its own little sensation to the overall arousal process.

    You might want to add “Testicles” to the list.

    Curiously, I have found on occasion that my ear lobes can be erotic points too! :lol:
  • TripperTripper
    Posts: 250

    Hmmmm. I haven't figured out yet how to edit a poll but hopefully the "other" category will suffice.

    And your "other" is quite complete. If you have the Aneros inserted, you have everything else covered except the penis itself......unless you have assigned that part of your anatomy to your partner during your erotic session.

    Ah yes, how could I forget the sac?

  • GrandTigerGrandTiger
    Posts: 325
    Nipples and penis simultaneously! Sitting upright or reclining in a recliner, lots of Aura Cacia exotic massage butter, tips of fingers on underside of penis and thumbs on nipples, very hot penis against abs with head sliding above navel. Pleasure is excruciating.
  • TripperTripper
    Posts: 250
    Damn! Forget the poll. Everything is in the "other" category. Great ideas!

  • hlaser99hlaser99
    Posts: 785
    Hey Trip!

    I ditto what Rumel said...

    So, I vote for nipples!

    Later Guys!

  • corvus59corvus59
    Posts: 10
    For me, it has to be the brain...but since I can't physically stimulate (though chemical generation IS physical) that part without serious cranial damage, I'll go with the "all of the above" answer.

  • VicVic
    Posts: 99
    OTHER: SAME AS GrandTiger.

    Nipples and penis simultaneously! Sitting upright or reclining in a recliner, lots of Aura Cacia exotic massage butter, tips of fingers on underside of penis and thumbs on nipples, very hot penis against abs with head sliding above navel. Pleasure is excruciating.

    I've been doing this method for YEARS, what I really LOVE most about this method is the slow release of cum, it simply wells up in your balls and rises slowly with great spasms of electric current and streams out at a pace as opposed to one giant squirt. In addition there is a lot of clear fluid mixed with spermatoza. WONDERFULL !
  • OH!!OH!!
    Posts: 260
    I've learned to have constant orgasms - similar to Aneros from perineum stimulation alone. Just lie on your side and place your middle finger about where the Aneros perenium tab would go. Personally I've found it should be a hair closer to the anal opening - just within the soft tissue surrounding the anal opening. When stimulated you will feel it swell a bit toward your finger. Just press lightly and hold consistently for a long, long, time. The sensations will get stronger and eventually you will be having dry, aneros simlar orgasms.

    EDIT: Actually I have had wet ejaculations that way as well, but it is not as common.
  • that's gotta be first...c'mon guys! :)
  • Oh yeah!? Well.... I just touched my nose and got a super O. ha ha FACT! Super O's have ET-like super powers qualities. You get the O touch.

    I know some of you pictured it.
  • artformartform
    Posts: 1,488
    I voted "None" since that works very very well now too.

    Butt, corvus59 is right as part of that, :)

    and so is prostate guy (that was going to be my vote at first and nothing beats Mrs. a's finger on mine!), :D

    and so is OH!! (my touch of greatest arousal is a carress that touches down between the cheeks just above the anus and progresses down gently and along the perineum junction line up to the underside of the scrotum and lifts off again just past that ultra-smooth part of the sac... AAAAHHHHHhhhhh........),:shock:

    and so is justfoundtheprostate (having used Touch for Health successfully for years, Touch for Orgasm just came along naturally), 8)

    and so are all you guys! :lol:

    all the best to all

  • newbie2009newbie2009
    Posts: 268
    Most erotic: Most of the surprise places my wife elects to touch--particularly when I'm blindfolded. But watching while wearing cuffies is a close second.

    Masturbatory: Penis and sac together -- alternating with nips as a second

    Initial wiring: at age 12, I pleasured my pubic bone with my thumbs. Within weeks I was able to trigger ejaculation using only that point of focus. That was my masturbation focus until I turned 16 and discovered the delight of a glans in contact with a cervix and the exploration of a vagina. :o Stroking of shaft and glans quickly followed.
  • nekedhikernekedhiker
    Posts: 17
    I understand why most people would say other, but isn't it really all about cuming? I would go penis all the way. gues that is why I am an amature with no super O's.
  • I'm with Vic on this one. Going with the aneros and the stimulation of the underside of the penis and the nipples all at the sametime is extravigant. Sometimes while having a super-o, stimulating the penis and nipples then go all out stimulating the penis until a breath taking super-t "heaven." I find it as a combination of a super-o, anal orgasm, nipple stimulation and the infamous ejaculating orgasm all at once. BOOM!
  • I (still) don't own an Aneros, but it's the prostate for me still. Hygiene and diet related issues prevent me from having too much fun down there though. (Also the hand cramps -_-)