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Strange Session (Anerosless)
  • I have been making a lot of progress lately (in my opinion), and almost always without my Helix inserted.

    I find that I use the Helix once, maybe twice a week, and really enjoy it. However, the real benefits come during anerosless sessions. When I first started noticing how much I could control my anal muscles, I began to do contractions without the Aneros. Maybe because I had no expectations in these Aneros-free sessions, and maybe because I was relaxed, these contractions started giving me great sensations.

    I began hitting milestone after milestone, all without the Aneros - then having dud sessions with it in (but I believe the sessions with the Aneros pushed me along, I just don't expect anything to happen with it in anymore).

    Anyway, last night I was lying in bed, falling asleep, and doing some contractions. Then a weird thing happened. I got really warm, had little pin pricks all over my legs (as if each hair on my legs was standing up one at a time - different from the waves of tingling I usually have), and I felt like I was floating (though I was fully aware I was lying on my bed. These weren't bad sensations, but they weren't good. They almost felt feverish, and kind of scared me a little. I felt cut loose, almost like I was floating in space and the immensity of it was frightening, even though I knew I could pull myself back in at any time.

    Has anyone else experienced this? Is it a normal part of the process? Anyone else having success without the Aneros in?

    Would like to hear what you have to share...
  • AshlenAshlen
    Posts: 149
    I haven't had the floating sensation you mentioned, but I have noticed that I've been able to amplify my anerosless feelings the last couple of weeks, I've even had moments that I thought I would orgasm, which would be interesting if it happened for the first time while anerosless than in an actual aneros session.

    I think that there is just less pressure for results without using the Aneros, that I can just feel the pleasure for what it is, rather than what it could lead to.
  • hlaser99hlaser99
    Posts: 785
    Hi Guys!

    I have had these Aneros-less orgasms for quite a while; ever since my re-wiring first took place! They started soon after my first Super-O, in fact.

    I call them "Chair-Orgasms", which you have probably heard of by now, because when I have them, I am usually in my computer chair! I have enjoyed these orgasms every morning and they are really worth getting up each morning for!

    They come in ALL shapes and sizes and the quality and length of these are increasing with time. I also believe that the Aneros sessions increases the strength and enjoyment of my chair-orgasms and I sometimes go from a chair-O to the bed and insert an Aneros for an extended session, which is always a great one!

    Another way I have increased the power of my Aneros-free O's is my practice of KSMO, which I started immediately after having regular chair-O's! IMHO, the orgasms produced from the Key Sound is the same orgasm as the chair-O's only richer and fuller! (I was able to then get a handle on it, so to speak???)

    Hope this helps,

  • I had a session last night and it was a new high! This morning as I drove to work I was taken by surprise when my I could feel my anus twitching and sensations from my prostate and I was secreting pre-cum! I had been concentrating on driving and not daydreaming! I was even more surprised when passing over a rough stretch of road I felt as if I was about to orgasm!! it passed and came right back as soon as the road was rough or bumpy!! That truly made commuting a different experience!!

    Keep at it and relax! it took me almost 6 months to have my 1st O! I was trying too hard and need to let myself just enjoy the different pleasures and sensations.