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Gah! The timing!
  • EnemagraEnemagra
    Posts: 104
    first off, i think the new site looks great - great work!
    anyways, i ordered my first eupho a couple weeks ago and decided i would hold off all sexual activity until it arrives, taking a substantial daily dose of zinc all the while. so this morning i finally buckled and had a great helix session before heading out. actually my best sober session to date. im sure this was aided by the long abstinance period and zinc. anyways, afterwards i cleaned up and headed out the door and voila - i can see a brown package stuffed in my mailbox with my name on it. my eupho was fifty feet away the whole time! oh well... i still have a solid amount of energy left over so ill give it a quick test drive tonight and a thorough exploration tomorrow night. ill post my findings here... cant wait!
    lastly, i thought id mention that i took an indepth course last week called the 'art of living' that i highly recommend to all; you learn this breathing/meditation technique that completely clears out all negativity and leaves you feeling wonderful - ive never felt better in my life. i especially felt a huge difference during my session this morning; there was literally zero bad feelings inside to get in the way of the pleasurable ones. i also utilized a breathing technique outlined in the course with huge success; it will surely become a regular component of all my sessions. anyways, i recommend checking to see if this course is offered in your city. best of luck!
  • EnemagraEnemagra
    Posts: 104
    okay - here's my review as promised... let me begin by saying that last night was by FAR my best session to date! until now, any o's ive been able to achieve would last for a maximum of about 20 seconds and were VERY hard to achieve. last night.... two hours!! truly amazing! although the sensations were amazing, beautifull, incredible etc... i can imagine better. im very happy with what i achieve but its great to know theres more. i just layed there with a dumb, blissed-out smile on my face.. no moaning, convulsing 'lost-time' etc. i almost achieve a 'stuck in on' orgasm, but no such luck. anyways, heres how it went;
    took my time with the preparations, rinsed, cleaned, 2 puffs, pre-lubed (wet-light, which i love) and got comfortable. last night was to be my grand introduction to my eupho but i decided to start things of with my progasm as ive heard they compliment each other well. i started on my side, knees bent up, watched an intimate female kissing vid (i think ive retired from harder material) and began my relaxation breathing. with in 10 seconds the O began and grew and grew and grew and didnt stop for about 80 minutes! there were peaks and valleys but even the valleys were orgasmic... sooo nice. i was very hesitant to switch to my eupho but i felt compelled so i yanked out the progasm and slipped in my already lubed eupho annnd... let down! it was like stepping out of an outdoor jacuzzi in the winter... i wanted the sensations back so badly. i decided to give it chance and continued with my breathing and relaxation. it was very painstaking trying to rebuild the fire. inserting the progasm is like dropping a match on a stack of wood dosed in gasoline... trying to get things going with the eupho was like trying to build a fire by rubbing two sticks together. i eventually got some nice sensations going but the difference between those and the progasm was like the difference between a high pressure, hot shower and i single stream trickling on you. after about 25-30 minutes i went back to the progasm and was back in business within a minute for another 40 or so minutes of bliss.
    so, either the eupho doesnt suit my body type or im just not ready for it. im still a beginner in the O world, especially compared to the likes of darwin, so i havent given up on my eupho just yet but for now, no eupho-ria... oh well! good luck to all
  • marmotmarmot
    Posts: 80
    Enemagra, I'll be interested to see how the Eupho works for you without using the Progasm first. I think the size of the Progasm would give you such stronger sensations that going "down" to a smaller model would result in just what you experienced. I get the impressions from others that the Eupho is delicious because of all the subtle movements possible with it. Perhaps the Progasm caused a temporary loss of sensitivity to these movements.

  • BusterBuster
    Posts: 953
    Some of my best sessions have been with the Progasm BEFORE the Eupho. I wouldn't write it off completely for now. Try it again some time in the future and see how you like it then.
  • hlaser99hlaser99
    Posts: 785
    Hello again, Enemagra!

    As I have said in the past, I have had more Super-O's from the Eupho than any other!

    I agree with Marmot, about using the Eupho first . . . If you decided to up-size later on in the session, you can try the Progasm later on!

    Hope this helps???

    Later, Hlaser99
  • EnemagraEnemagra
    Posts: 104
    thanks all for the input - i think your exactly right. for my next big session ill start out with the eupho while im still fresh and if that doesnt blossom into anything, switch to the trusty progasm
  • Enemagra, it's wonderful to hear about your story.

    Within seconds you started having an O? No kidding. It usually takes me half an hour to get a mini-O. So you start contracting basically immediately after insertion?

    For me, I've noticed the relaxation exercises aren't incredibly fruitful. Meaning, if I'm going to feel something in the session it generally doesn't matter if I take 10 minutes to breathe before I start contracting or not. Usually I can tell within a couple of minutes if the session will go anywhere orgasmic. The best clue is actually when I insert, listening to my body tell me how much it needs it. Sometimes when it finally slips in all the way, I let out this deep pleased moan like I imagine a person might make if they were getting a foot massage after a long hard day. You know, just content and satisfied.

    I also notice that I tend to have more success the less I do. When things start to feel really good, I try to let go and just kinda nudge the Aneros along occasionally, if at all. I find this usually allows the Aneros to do what it wants and that's almost always exactly what my body wants. :)

    I've not really experience the auto-fuck yet. (Pardon, testing the forum's filters). The thought of it sounds extremely erotic. Have you, E?
  • EnemagraEnemagra
    Posts: 104
    hey quester! sorry the delayed response... exam time. anyways, yes - i completely agree that the instant Os are quite amazing. endless bliss on its own is an amazing experience but instant bliss without really having to do anything is a whole other story. kind of like the difference between having a dedicated career and winning the lottery haha. who wants to work for things? regarding contractions, i dont consiously begin directly after insertion. if its evident that it will take awhile to get things going ill refrain but during my instant - O sessions im really not in any state of mind to be thinking about what im doing. Im pretty sure that i engage a very light contraction right away in these sessions.
    i think it bears mentioning that im VERY active and busy most of the time. im up early and my days usually consist of lots of studying, 2 very long walks with the pouch, some yoga and usually a very intense workout/run. by the time im ready to head in, i typically collapse into bed like an iron statue. its when im so utterly drained that my O knob is turned to instant
    anyways, i havent had a chance to retry my eupho yet but i think tonight i can afford a couple hours so ill try to fit in a focussed session begining with the eupho this time.... fingers crossed!
    to answer your question, i havent yet experience a 'fucked by the progasm' O yet. i think that because i live in somewhat close quarters, i subconsiously refrain from completely letting go. im not distracted by the fact that im in audible range of other people but i still make an effort to keep it down. these O do however sound amazing and i hope my progasm decides one day to treat me!
    good luck