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Eupho came in today! & Enjoying the moment
  • Ha! I wasn't expecting it to arrive so soon. I ordered second day shipping basically early morning Wednesday (the wee hours). Thanksgiving and all, I was sure it would arrive Monday at the earliest!

    But what do I see upon rising from bed at noon (sleeping late on holidays, ahhh such a pleasure)... yep a FedEx package! Awesome!

    I cannot wait to try this darling out. Already the Helix and I have grown so close and had such fond memories. No super-O... but... beautiful experiences.

    About the super-O... I'm finally learning not to look at the super-O as the goal of the Aneros. It's helped some, the little mental reajustment I've made so far. I think before I was putting too much effort into obtaining that level. I had, um, oriented my sessions toward this task. Now though I want to try to just open myself up to what is happening and if that doesn't include a super-O, or even any mini-Os, then that's fine because the journey is not the destination, as a few well-respected posters here have repeated.

    Basically, I love HIH. Finding out how I lived without one of these things... there's a real quest. :shock:
  • EnemagraEnemagra
    Posts: 104
    hey congradulations on the new purchase... i just recieved my eupho two days ago... dont read my 'gah... the timing!' post until you try yours out : ). good job keeping the expectations low. that, arousal, and relaxation i believe are the crucial ingredients. good luck!
  • hlaser99hlaser99
    Posts: 785
    Hi PerennialQuestr!

    You now have the correct mind-set and you're on the right path!

    May your Journey be a pleasant one!

    Have Fun!

    Later, Hlaser
  • It's a different feeling from the Helix, no question about that. It seems to, as others have put it, gently dance around the prostate as opposed to the Helix' full-on assault. Heh. And it wants me to engage my PC muscles more. Not just meaning the pleasure wants to be found by PC exercise but that the Eupho actually causes my PC muscles to engage. Which is wonderful, because if I can get a PC workout while feeling good then double niceness abounds. :)

    At some point I switched to the Helix. I actually think I enjoyed the feelings the Eupho was giving better. Of course, it's so difficult to objectifiy my sessions because there are so many factors going on at once. My body's state, exhaustion, clarity, mental focus, spiritual sensitivity. So... it's hard to say "all things being eqaul, I enjoyed X more than Y". More than likely, all things weren't equal.

    No Os of any kind, although I did have the precursor to them a couple of times. You know the feeling... warmth starts spreading through your pelvis and abdomen, the sensations almost suddenly feel much deeper, and your brain kinda... floats?

    Actually, speaking of floating brains. There was a sensation I got a couple of times with my very first sessions ever. Hard to describe, but I will try. The best comparison I can come up with is if you've experienced decent intoxication and your mind kind of rocks. Like that, but not nausea... more like being cradled like an infant. Or in the arms of the sea. I could feel my brain going from side-to-side, up-and-down, and spinning a little but again not in a discomforting way.

    I started to feel like that again with the Eupho. Very nice experience.

    Also I do believe I released much more precum with the Eupho than I usually do, which isn't nearly enough as I'd prefer. That's definitely arousing to me.

    I'm still having problems relaxing and letting go. It's like this: I relax and give up expectations, and then find myself thinking "oh good, I've relaxed and I'm not expecting anything, ergo, something orgasmic will happen this time." Ha! For people who've done serious meditation, I wonder how you overcome the obstacle of being aware of your level of awareness. Hard enough to master awareness on a low level let alone master meta-awareness. But I'll keep trying.

    All-in-all I think things are improving. After ten (?) months I don't regret this journey at all. :D