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Finally getting somewhere
  • After Three years of trying the aneros on and off last night I feel like I finally got somewhere.

    Got myself off to bed and was lying there unable to sleep so decided to have a go with the helix.

    I didnt have any lube available and the only thing I could find was a condom with any lube on it.

    So I slipped the aneros into the condom and popped it in. did the usual steady contractions and got really comfy on my left side and almost started drifting off to sleep.
    I was getting the usual predictable sensations and was feeling as if I was going to go through the usual failed attempt at finding the golden moment when all of a sudden I started getting a few involuntary contractions.

    I tried to keep a hold of these and found that letting off the strength of my own contraction seemed to help intensify the involanturies.

    All of a sudden I started to get rock hard and things started to get pretty intense, I was almost at the point of ejaculating when I became conscious that I could possibly make a mess in the bed, with this thought crossing my mind it seemed to break my almost euphoric state and my concentration lapsed. DOH DOH DOH there It was all over.

    I desperatly tried to get back to the same place I had just been but I just seemed to be too exhausted to hold another contraction.

    I rolled over and went to sleep with the Helix still in place hoping it might work it wonders on its own. I woke a few hours later took it out and that was that.

    Have been thinking about it all day, might give it another go tonight. Fingers crossed that it wont be another three years before I get somewhere near again.

  • Hmmm... I've been using the aneros on and off for almost two uears now and can definitley share your frustration. Sometimes I feel like what's the point. I can't say I've learned anything more or experienced anything pleasurable since my fist session when I bought the thing. I do get involuntary contractions though- quite easily. Supposedly these are the firast step in the right direction(?) From your post, it seemed like these worked. For me, I have kept them going continuously for 30 mins, but they were just bland and ineffective, considering the concentration and breathing I have to use to keep them up. Its hard to know what to do, when every possible variation you try on breathing, position, porn, aneros model does nothing... What helped you "break through" the most do you think? Just relaxing as much as possible when you felt the involuntaries start??