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Super-o on Progasm?
  • im just wondering, has anyone ever gotten a Super-O from Progasm? might it be too big and require more effort for the contractions?
  • I just want to say, I've had the most profound nonstop orgasms of my life from the progasm. I haven't yet learned how to make my helix and mgx work as well although I have had a few shorter super o's from them.

    If you're using it, all I can say is just keep trying -- the main key for me with it seems to me hitting the right spot with the abutment tab. Even still, finding that spot is a lot of trial and error. If I don't manage to find it and hit it with enough pressure, then no super O for me. It's strange actually, because it seems impossible to find that spot unless I'm sufficiently aroused, it's like it doesn't even want to be found until it's ready, and when it is ready, it's a struggle (for me) to find it.
  • CollinCollin
    Posts: 56
    I too have had Super O's from the Progasm. I used to use the original aneros and then the Helix with moderate results. The Progasm is what has worked for me the best. I find it takes less effort to contract because of it's size. I had to do more work with the smaller models. The Progasm hits my spots much easier.