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Retrograde Ejaculation
  • jac15jac15
    Posts: 1
    For several years, I was plagued by a benign greatly enlarged prostate and about a year and a half ago, had to undergo lazer surgery to shrink down the size. The surgery was very successful (I can now fully empty my bladder and rarely have prostatitis) but am experiencing a common side affect -- retrograde ejaculation. It's very, very frustrating. I come, but the come empties into the bladder instead of shooting out. My orgasms don't feel as satifying and sometimes, right after I feel a little discomfort. My urologist says there is a chance this is not permanent. This is one of the reasons why I got this device. A healer told me it would be helpful to massage my prostate to help re-condition and re-train the muscles. Soon before I got this device, I got a small vibrator advertised for prostate massage. In a long jerk-off session with this, I was amazed to see some genuine come ooze out during my orgasm, which was really encouraging. So far, with this device, I'm seeing a few drops of come a little after coming, like when my dick's getting soft again. I'm wondering if there's anyone else out there plagued by retrograde ejaculation with any tips. I'm determined to shoot my load in the outward direction! Thanks for any input!
  • hello there, I also have a problem in this regaurd. I dont have retrograde ejaculation per se but I do get semen in my bladder at times and then pee it out. Basically prostate fluids leak into my bladder, without orgasm occuring

    It is a white cloudy substance in my urine, and it happens especially frequently in the winter. However I dont think it is semen necessarily because when I urinate it out there are no oily bubbles and no oily film on top of the toilet like you normally see if you dispose of ejaculated semen in the toilet. therefore I think it is probably prostate fluid and not complete semen with sperm and seminal vesical fluid

    I have heard a practice called moxibustion used in chinese medicine applied to the groin area can help heal genital injuries. Fish oil may also help you in this regaurd

    What does your semen look like when you urinate it out? Is there any oily film on the surface of the toilet water? is it cloudy?
  • I also have retrograde ejaculation as the result of prostate surgery for BPH. Muscles in the bladder neck are cut during this procedure to open this passageway up. In my case, they were cut deliberately as preventative measure against scarring. In some cases, it's just residual damage.

    In any case, these muscles normally contract during orgasm blocking off the bladder. Without them, or in a weakened form, the ejaculate takes the path of least resistance into the bladder. I don't think it likely that exercise with the Aneros or without is going to make any difference in the condition of these involuntary muscles.

    After orgasm, my first urination is foamy with a film as you describe. It is never cloudy. If your urine is cloudy a day after your orgasm, I'd be concerned about a bladder infection.

    Having retrogrades was a little strange at first, but I don't believe my orgasms are any less intense than before. The upside is, no cleanup! :D