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Progasm arrived ! ---- Yikes !!!
  • VirgVirg
    Posts: 154
    Just wanted to share after my first test drive...

    I ordered the Progasm Monday at 3 AM and it arrived today, Wednesday afternoon. Thanks Support for a speedy delivery! My postman has been giving me funny looks...I have been waiting by the mailbox, shaking, wild eyed, drooling...

    First impression...what a BRUT !!! NOT, for the faint of maybe for the desperate ones of us that have been chasing the Super "O" for a long time!

    It is obvious that going slow and priming with a smaller model is wise. I used a regular water-based lube but may switch to a thicker, gel-like lube. The thinner lube may too thin with it being so snug...

    It feels quite large and you will feel quite "full". I went slow and had plenty of still was an eye-popper!

    The full feeling is the biggest hurdle. It is so filling that my system had a hard time relaxing. It is like it is demanding your attention, so my system just wanted to contract and stay that way. I had a very hard time concentrating on relaxing those muscles. I started to relax after 30 minutes but feeling comfortable took another 30 minutes or so after that.

    At that point, I tried some contractions and, damn, if it didn't move! Not much but enough to feel it. Pretty tight in there. I spend about four hours for this first tryout, with one intermission, to drain the bladder. That may sound like a long time but it was mainly to try to reach a point of relaxation I am used to.

    Typically, when I am relaxed "enough", I start getting lots of sensations and "vibration" in my perineum area. The best signpost, for me, is the twitching of the sphincter muscles. Once I get to that point, it feels like anything is possible. Recently, I had what I believe was a mini-"O" but I am a little scared to...for fear of "jinxing" it...may never come back. Like others on the forum, I get a really neat sensation or wave or whatever, once or twice, and it never comes back. Anti-social, I guess... Anyway, I never got the twitching. I suspect that the Progasm is stretching the opening/muscles to the point that they can not relax to "twitch" slack, which concerns me...

    I do not want a bigger back door. The nice thing about the design of the previous Aneros models is that you are stretched for insertion, but then the sphincter closes up for the duration of your "session", until removal, due to the skinny "stem". That is not the case with the's "stem" may be stretching the opening... A suspicion, at this point, not a fact (I hope). For some users, it may be fine. For us "little" guys, well...I think little is better...if stretching is indeed what is happening. Maybe the price we pay for the Super "O", damnit, Mr. "O", quit hidding and come out, come out, whereever you are!

    Whether stretching of the rectum is going on is hard to say. It is snug and there is not much room to dancing but for a "slow dance", you do not need much..

    The sensations were there...more of them once I was relaxed. Those old friends were longer in duration, with some new friends, I hope. The strangest one was the muscle spasms that were around my elbows! Big time! It started in my left arm and then showed up in my right. It was off and on for a couple hours, for 5 to 10 minutes at a time. Very weird.

    I did notice that the "do nothing" approach, or what I have modified to very slight "feathering", is very effective. With the Progasm, staying as relaxed as possible, and just breathing is all you need. And just breathing fast or slow, long or short, can create some really, really nice sensations!

    I like the new tabs but can't say how effective they are, at this point. It does seem as the front and rear tabs do add more to the mix. I'll see how much with practice...

    At this point, I am looking forward to the process of seeing what the Progasm can do over past models. It definitely has more "contact" and that is probably a good thing, even if the snuggish does not lessen. I do think that the muscle control and development that has come from using the earlier models has been invaluable in this process. I have the Classic, MGX, Helix, Eupho, and Maximus. Overkill, maybe... All I want is to fell Mr. "O"! Anyway, if I started with the Progasm, I think I would not sense but a very small number of sensations, let alone know what to do with them.

    The only thing that I wish was different is the "stem" being thinner. I do not think it's current diameter needs to be that large. Or, at least, I think it should have more of a taper to it. Aneros may have a rationale for it's diameter, and if so, I would like to hear from the Support dept.

    Anyway, I am looking forward to the upcoming exploration...

    I was not one of the lucky few to be called upon to "test drive" this new roadster but just thought I would offer a few first impressions, thoughts, and questions... I hope that is OK...

    Now..., where is that DAMN Super "O" thing I keep hearing about!

    "Why do drugs, when there is Aneros"?
  • 22fires22fires
    Posts: 27
    nice and big I love it!
  • I had some major comfort issues when I first got my Progasm. The base was way to large for my sphincter to handle.

    Had to make a minor mod with a dremel to reduce the diameter. I have been told that I am sometimes a big arsehole but apparently not big enough. :shock:

    Needless to say, the next session I had with the Progasm was truly amazing. I've only been at this for about 3 weeks and I have already had my first big-O. Wow! It must have taken 4 hours for the sensations to subside. The O was about 10 minutes but it took a pleasantly long time for then sesation to subside.
  • ChillzChillz
    Posts: 12
    Hey Onfire...
    What bit did you use on the Dremel to do the mod on your Progasm?
  • I started out with a high speed cutter bit to remove the most material. After that I went with a small drum sanding bit to smooth out further and do the minor reshaping. Several different grits were used each one finer grit. Finally finished off by hand with some really fine wetting sanding paper by hand.

    Used it twice since and the difference is amazing. Out of the box, it felt like it was going to rip me in two. Final size is slightly bigger than the Helix (about 1/2" dia) and doesn't stretch out the hole near as much.. :shock:
  • ChillzChillz
    Posts: 12
    Thanks for the info. I'm about to invest in a Progasm after reading the info in this forum from others who has already made the investment. I have seen & read so many positives on the Progasm. My concern was the same yours in regards to the diameter of the shank that will eventually be choked upon by my a**hole. I'm sure by reducing the diameter will make it a little more comfortable during the "Ride". My Helix has worked wonders for me & has sent me to places where I never imagined I would travel to. I'm ready to step it up a notch 8)! Thanks!

  • AshlenAshlen
    Posts: 149
    When I bought the Progasm it was too big for my anatomy, it felt like my muscles were straining when it was in, but after three months of using my various Aneros models, I think either my muscles are more relaxed or I have stretched a little and the Progasm is more comfortable now.
  • Hi Guys,

    I've found that if you warm both the Progasm and your lube, insertion is quite a bit less intrusive. I actually massage a little thick warmed lube for about 10 seconds into myself with my index finger. Once this is easily done and the finger feels comfortable to the first joint in your butt, then I introduce the Progasm. I have to angle it substantially to sort of spoon or hook it into myself (slowly). Warm lube and warm Progasm together seem to desensitize any feelings of pressure as you stretch to accept it.

    Good Luck,