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Like a wet dream....only better!
  • Okay, so the last time I had a wet dream was like when I was about 16 or 17 and I have been wishing I could have one since. Well I have been taking 50mg of zinc a day and using the mgx on and off pretty regularly for a couple of months now and it gets better all the time. But last night was just unbelievable. I finally got into such a relaxed trance like state that it felt like I was awake and having the most intense wet dream ever! I remember when I was younger and I would have a wet dream it would feel so good, but I would wake up in the middle of it and it would end and I hated when that would happen. I always wished I could stay asleep and just keep cumming. Well last night I got so relaxed that I felt like I was just floating away and I forgot about everything around me and that's when it happened. I mean I could not stop cumming! The contractions were rapid fire one after the other and it felt un-f***ing believable. I was even thinking to myself while it was happening that this wasn't possible because it felt so unreal. It just took over and it felt like I was 15 again and I was awake and I was having a wet dream, but it lasted for like 1/2 an hour and it was incredibly intense. I can't wait to do it again! For those of you who have experienced this, you know what I mean. I just can't describe how awesome it felt!!!!!!!!!!I was just laying on my side in the fetal position and the contractions were going through my whole body. I didn't make any noise, but it was like somebody turned on a magic button and I came so hard and so long like nothing I have ever experienced before. I had no idea the body was capable of such a high degree of pleasure! I can best describe it as a machine gun orgasm that just would not quit and kept getting more intense as I floated more into a trance. I finally had to come out of it because I just could not take it anymore, that's how intense it got and I was just plain getting worn out because my whole body was completely drained of all it's energy and I had to go to sleep. Wow! Best sex toy ever!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  • BusterBuster
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    Wow Mr.66. what a story! That is pretty good for only being at it for a couple of months. Are you saying that you attribute any of this success to the zinc?

    I hope it happens to you again real soon, but don't be surprised/disappointed if it doesn't happen again right away.

    Your post sounds like it would be a good addition to one of the above sticky threads.

  • was you ejaculating at the time?
  • No, I wasn't ejaculating at the time, but it totally felt like I was! It was like a 1/2 hour orgasm that felt as real as a regular orgasm. It just kept going and going and I couldn't stop it. I thought I was actually cumming for like the whole 1/2 hour, that's how intense it felt. I was totally exhausted at the end with a big smile on my face and I can't wait to do it again. I just let myself forget about all my worries and completely let my mind wander and it happened.
  • EnemagraEnemagra
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    that was a great description! congradulations! im also curious to know what role you think zinc may have played and if you have felt any distinct differences sinse taking it.
  • I definitely think the zinc has played a role in it because everything down there feels so much more sensitive. I also notice that before the zinc when I did masturbate and cum, it seemed to be harder to get into a state where the mgx will make me have dry orgasms. But with the zinc, I can ejaculate while masturbating and then insert the mgx and still hjave these awesome dry orgasms which didn't happen before the zinc. I also notice that I am producing more semen when I do shoot my load. I had heard that zinc can do this, but I mean I shot so much semen the other night, it took quite a bit to clean it up. I also have noticed that with the zinc, when I do have a normal ejaculation, I ejaculate longer than I used to. I can usually count between 12-15 contractions while I am shooting out cum while ejaculating and I don't recall being able to cum for that long before. I have also got a fleshlight and when I use that with the mgx and I have an orgasm and ejaculate semen, it is a lot and it is so intense that I can't continue for very long because the intensity of the orgasm is so great. I want to keep screwing the fleshlight when I am cumming, but after about 4 or 5 hard contractions, I have to stop and finish ejaculating while staying absolutely still because if I keep thrusting, the sensation is just too much. Have any of you experienced orgasms where you cum and you have to stop because it gets so intense (feels good beyond description) that you had to stop. I never knew you could have something get so pleasurable to the point where it was just too much to take. I guess this is somewhat similar to when a woman orgasms and just touching her afterwards sometimes makes her crazy because she is so sensitive after cumming.
  • Edit
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    Had a similar experience this morning - at one point it nearly felt like I was levitating. This was my first time with the Ecstasy from Brain Sync and I thought that helped. One problem though, it didn't last as long as yours because I have a problem with where to focus. Any suggestions? My mind will dart from one thing to another in the midst of the most wonderful orgasm and that kills it. I need something to zone in on......the music? the feeling? the prostate? HELP!
  • darwindarwin
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    how about adding this to the "My best super-o" thread. (just click the Edit button and then cut and paste what you wrote)

  • I usually do it at night when I know the phone won't ring and I can keep my room as dark as possible. I don't like any music or sound. I just try and relax and tell myself this is my time and nobody else's. I can do whatever I want and fantasize about whatever I want, even if it's a little weird. The thing is, it's all in your mind and if you can just say to yourself that for this moment in time, nothing will bother me and I am going to go on a special trip that nobody else knows about except me. I like to think about going into another dimension and leaving this world. It makes you feel like you are leaving your body and traveling to a place where the only thing that matters is your body turning into one continuous orgasm machine that is being taken over and nothing you do can stop it and you don't want to stop it. Then you say to yourself, this isn't possible and then it just gets more intense and you float off into a completely orgasmic relaxed state that can only be describe as pure exctasy!
  • "I like to think about going into another dimension ..."

    Fantastic description Mister66 !

    When I'm in one of these profound orgasmic states of indescribable pleasure, I feel as if I am indeed dissolving into a hyperdimensional continuum of absolute bliss.

    Perhaps we really are hyperdimensional beings, but most of the time we are blind to dimensions beyond three.

    No wonder the ancient Taoists believed that sexual pleasure brought them into the domain of the gods!

    Truly, we "are fearfully and wonderfully made."
  • hulahula
    Posts: 234
    I have had three wet dreams in my lifetime, the firs in my teens, the second in my twenties, and the last in my fifties. I think using the Aneros definitely had something to do with the last one. I was having a dream, and I recall in the dream some woman reached down to my perineum area, as soon as she did that I came (and woke up due to this.) The inside of my pajamas were soaked with a very watery liquidy cum. There was a lot, and it took a lot of tissues to wipe it up. One other thing I noticed is that the wet dream orgasm, was different from other ejaculatory orgasms. There was no series of contractions, it all just gulped out in one big splooge. The only time I can remember having a similar ejaculatory orgasm was when I was jerking off with the Aneros inside of me. Usually I don't masturbate, and I don't ejaculate when I am using an Aneros. I like keeping my sexual energy high by not masturbating. When I use an Aneros, I start to get contractions within minutes, and usually get super Os within minutes. Some nights I go to sleep hoping I will have another wet dream, but so far no luck.