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prostate health and ejaculation frequency
  • darwindarwin
    Posts: 1,357
    a few years ago there was a study which found a significant reduction in prostate cancer risk in men who ejaculated frequently (more than 21 times per month). there have not been any follow-up studies that i could find, so as always one should guard against drawing broad conclusions from just one study. but, nonetheless, i think it brings up an important issue.

    here is the original scientific journal article:

    and here is an article which presents the results for non-doctors:

    over the last six months to a year, my ejaculatory frequency has plummeted. i used to ejaculate more or less daily. now that i am multi-orgasmic i find that non-ejaculatory orgasms are more satisfying. since i am always in pursuit of that pleasure i tend to defer ejaculation both because i can have pleasure without it, and because i am tempted to keep myself more primed so the multi-orgasmic pleasure comes easily.

    i have been doing some thinking about this, and am planning on changing course. i am now going to be experimenting with making my multi-orgasmic adventure compatible with a regular ejaculatory habit.

    basically, my thinking is that ejaculation is a normal bodily function and i don't feel comfortable thwarting that.

    i will add that while i have great respect for GrandTiger's extended male deer technique and others of his suggestions, i do not subscribe to his theory that retaining ejaculate is health inducing.

    i do not find persuasive the idea that ejaculating drains us of nutrients, particularly protein. (from some web surfing it seems that semen contains about .25 grams of protein.) further, while i agree that avoiding ejaculation may keep us horny, i do not believe it gives us energy in any useful sense. while it doesn't retain nutrients or energy, it does seem that retaining prostatic fluid might retain carcinogens (as described in the journal article).

    on the positive side for aneros use, the frequency of prostate massage (and duration) skyrockets, from basically none, to hours per week. this is almost definitely a good thing as it may break up crystals that form in the prostate and leads to significantly more blood flow. an analogy is that people with gum inflammation are at risk of gum disease, and are typically instructed to manage the problem with daily gum massage (with one of the rubber tip jobbies). (i do this and i recommend it to all. once you get the hang of it, it feels great and is a fantastic part of oral hygiene and health. i keep my gum massager next to my home computer, and idly do it to take a mini-break or when i am cogitating). urologists should be handing out aneroses for the same reason!

    in my case, my multi-orgasmic pursuits are usually aneros-less to sidestep my soreness issues. i am actually going to try to bring the aneros back in about once per week (and will probably seek to ejaculate with it inside to more deeply drain myself) so that i get the prostate massage benefit. i don't know how much massage i get by my own musculature alone.

    i assume that the leaking we do is not prostatic fluid but rather cowpers gland secretions, so i don't think that this counts as a substitute for ejaculatory draining of the prostate.

    i will report on how my multi-orgasmic abilities are affected by this new regime.

  • EnemagraEnemagra
    Posts: 104
    this is an interesting issue and there seems to be a wealth of arguments coming from both sides although it tends to be a case of science vs. mystical theory. recently i have been holding off ejaculations for as long as possible and love how i feel. initially i just felt overwhelmingly horny and sexually frustrated but ive learned techniques to transform it into more practical energy. personally, i hate the 'post-ejaculation' feeling. there are times i feel like ive aged 20 years in the span of 5 minutes and cant wait for the energy to rebuild. some of the theories ive read state that after you ejaculate, your body uses all of its most valuable resources to create semen as it is the most important bodily fluid; thus draining your body of energy. they also state that the female equivalent to ejaculating is their period and that the reason women live longer than men is because women loose their period at a certain age but men continue to ejaculate. again, its impossible to know how acurate these theories are as they seem to be based more on personal insight and less on science. for me, i feel much healthier with out ejaculating. i still have all the signs of a healthy prostate; huge stream, sexual energies, and my prostate generally feels more alive when i dont ejaculate. when i do ejaculate, i try to make it the least draining as possible by breathing deeply and contracting my pc muscles. i find this makes a huge difference. anyways, im very interested to know what you discover and if you can find a way to encorporate regular ejaculations into your routine. i think this is an important issue that doesnt recieve enough attention on this forum
  • BigEBigE
    Posts: 45
    Another approach I heard is that over a period of about 20 minutes of sexual stimulation enough energy is generated to off-set the effects of ejaculation. Good news for us extended multi O guys! If we happen to ejaculate after a nice, long session there isn't going to be a huge drain on the system.
  • For the vast majority of men, no ejaculation = no activity, but for the rest of us, no ejaculation = more activity, in fact very much more activity. So the question may be whether it is the amount of sexual activity or the frequency of ejaculation per se that helps protect against prostate cancer.

    I suspect that keeping the juices flowing is healthy because it prevents stagnation of fluid in the prostate. But with all the activity us guys are enjoying, we are constantly keeping our juices flowing. Even when we don’t ejaculate, the prostate massage will surely help the body reabsorb the fluids so the prostate is always getting a fresh supply. Prostate massage certainly relieves the feeling of pressure down there, so the fluids must be on the move.

    It could also be that, for the vast majority, men who ejaculate more frequently do so because they are more healthy to begin with, and men who are less healthy are less inclined to have as much sex or masturbate as often.

    Anyway, thanks Darwin for bringing this important subject to our attention. Probably us older guys have nothing to worry about anyway because even if we are preserving our semen now, we’ve all been spending it like crazy for decades.
  • TipherethTiphereth
    Posts: 146
    I think Tiger is right.
    I can't see having a super O running for an hour or so and not giving proper excercise to the prostate and promoting good circulation.
    Now I have read and believe that if you halt ejaculation over and over
    for days or weeks whatever that is bad for you and seems to contribute
    to disorders. I tend to prefer not to cum because like Tiger I harness the sexual energy that is built up. Maybe our energy builds more slowly than other guys? So we have to be sparing?
  • marmotmarmot
    Posts: 80
    I have found that since I have begun to use the Aneros regularly that my semen volume is about a third of normal when I masturbate, probably because it is being massaged out by the Aneros. After all, that was the reason I originally bought it.

    As with others, since using it, I've been ejaculating less because non-ejaculation gives me energy and seems to make for more MMO's, and also, I also feel a letdown afterwards. Intercourse is an exception. I make love in the morning, usually on the weekend and have a brief and deep snuggling sleep afterwards. The rest of the day I feel extra energy and happiness.

    I don't believe there is any scientific evidence that abstinence preserves important substances. It is more a kind of metaphysical logic. We seem to become the product of our beliefs.

  • Yes, this is a good topic, becuase most of us are definitely into the health aspects of all this.

    You bring up some good, points and ideas. My thoughts (which may or may not be correct) are: 1) While we may leak Cowpers glan, I do believe at least during prostate orgasm and contractions that we are ejecting prostate fluid also. This is important because IMO it is possible that is the part of a standard ejaculation that you derive benefit from with regards to prostate cancer and prostate health. In other words, perhaps the Aneros is targeting the important aspect. 2) It may be true that we don't lose protein with ejaculate, but I'd have to concur that it drains me of energy for a period of time. When I was younger I didn't notice it much, but my overall energy level for a day or two is lower after ejaculation. I'm thinking that it isn't what was ejected during ejaculation that is tough on us, but it is instead the amount of energy expenditure your body requires and utilizes to make new ejaculate. Perhaps this is why we feel worn down.

    I would agree that you don't want to over do the Aneros sessions either though. Probably for all of us twice a week would be plenty. Maybe once a week. I'm thinking you still need to do normal ejaculations too just to keep the pipes greased and keep the fresh stuff in there. How often I'm not sure. Perhaps once a week, or twice a week unless you are young and a sexual dynamo. If you always feel good and strong afterwards I probably wouldn't worry about it. I'd be tempted to cut back some if the amount you are doing it seems to be wearing you down.

    One note though, I might have a problem with the idea of ejaculating from the penis with the Aneros in place. I've been thinking about this, and when I do the Aneros pulls far up inside me and puts a lot of pressure on the perinium area. I'm thinking perhaps this puts a bit too much. I'm thinking I may use the Aneros, but then remove it when I want to ejaculate normally. That way you get both, but you don't risk retrograde ejaculations or damage to nerves near the perinium. That may be over cautious, but this is important stuff and body parts we are talking about it. Maybe better safe than sorry.

    [EDIT: I might add here that I sometimes worry if over doing the prostate massage can be a bad thing. I know PSA levels supposedly go up after Aneros sessions. Not sure why this is, but perhaps having the prostate constantly aroused and stimulated could be a type of inflammation and over activity of the cells. I've heard that cancers typically form from constant inflammation. So, if the prostate isn't being inflammed at all then perhaps lots of stimulation is ok or good, but if it is then I'd say too much would be bad. I tend to think with the Aneros it is stimulated (a lot) but not inflammed, but truth is I'm not positive, and probably none of us know for sure. That's probably another good reason that moderation is always a good policy.]
  • It could also be that, for the vast majority, men who ejaculate more frequently do so because they are more healthy to begin with, and men who are less healthy are less inclined to have as much sex or masturbate as often.

    Yep, that's a very good point. Which came first the chicken or the egg?
  • marmot said:

    Intercourse is an exception. I make love in the morning, usually on the weekend and have a brief and deep snuggling sleep afterwards. The rest of the day I feel extra energy and happiness.


    You know that is kind of true. Seems I've always noticed that masturbation may wear me down, but sex with another gives energy. I've often wondered if this is because there is a fluid exchange and we get back something from the female to help make up for what we gave. Or perhaps it is more on the chakra level where energies are exchanged. I don't know that I believe any of that, but perhaps there is some truth to it. Some people swear by that chakra stuff.
  • darwindarwin
    Posts: 1,357
    i don't disagree with the idea that prostate massage itself might move the carcinogens out of the prostate, with or without ejaculation.

    but, before i count on that i'll ask my urologist.

    in any case, i maintain that ejaculation is a natural bodily function.

    there are two reasons guys have given for avoiding it:
    - diminishes their energy
    - diminishes their non-ejaculatory potency.

    i personally don't find the first to be an issue.

    with respect to diminishing non-ejaculatory potency, i have this to report: for the last four days i have returned to daily ejaculation. i have done it at the tail end of short non-ejaculatory sessions. it was actually really nice to bring my dick back into the picture.

    and, as i will report in an upcoming post, it didn't diminish my horniness or potency for non-ejaculatory orgasms: i just had an amazing session.

    that said, there is, for me, a third reason to defer ejaculation, which may be the most persuasive: ejaculating is inconvenient!

  • rumelrumel
    Posts: 2,492
    Darwin, et al.

    I have to agree with Darwin regarding the energy issue. After ejaculating and the accompanying refractory period, I have not found myself to be particularly fatigued. I have felt the sense of release of muscular tension and the associated feelings of peacefulness and well being and overall level of relaxation that occurs after an ejaculatory orgasm. This should not be confused with a feeling of energy depletion.

    I do however believe that delaying regular ejaculations enhances arousal potential for Aneros sessions, but only to a certain degree. I tried my own experiments regarding abstinence from ejaculation. What I found for myself was that 3-4 days of abstinence definitely raised my arousal/”horniness” quotient, but continued abstinence past that only marginally increased arousal and that after 7 days I was just getting moody and irritable with a distinct falloff of perceived arousal (though in actuality it was simmering arousal). Physical energy levels were not markedly different from beginning to final ejaculatory release. I am fairly confident that this cycle was shorter at a younger age but I think the principle holds true regardless.

    Of course each individual will have a different cycle, but I agree with Darwin that regular ejaculations are healthy for the body and are enjoyable as well and as long as they are appropriately spaced will not significantly impact Aneros usage and enjoyment either.
  • marmotmarmot
    Posts: 80
    Comparing ejaculatory and non-ejaculatory orgasms is interesting because they have so much in common. Post-ejaculatory let-down is a major difference (other than the other obvious one). Researchers have found that right at ejaculation, the pituitary releases the hormone oxytocin. This is sometimes called the cuddle hormone, and there is good evidence that it also causes the refractory period. I have found that when I ejaculate without a partner, I get immediate lethargy. With MMO's I never really feel like I'm done, and clearly there's no refractory period. I feel like I could go on for hours and stop either because I'm getting uncomfortable or have other things to do. Clearly it seems that oxytocin is not being released here. It would be interesting to know what causes the difference.
  • darwindarwin
    Posts: 1,357
    i should add that in the very excellent session i mention above in this thread, and report on fully in "Find your fantasy," i did ejaculate at the end.

    the whole thing was wonderful. it was as if i finally understood what my penis was there for, as if seeing it through the adoring eyes of my imaginary playmate. and having it do its thing felt fantastic, like a fulfilling culmination.

    of course the bizarre thing is that the whole session unfolded as if i was indeed not alone, but with my playmate. so the final jac was an affirming, cuddling one.

    and, yes, it is *nice* to be at least somewhat relieved of the the horniness.

  • Cool.

    I always wondered about this, and I personally felt that there was nothing wrong with doing it daily. Skipping every third day seems pretty reasonable.
  • rumelrumel
    Posts: 2,492

    I find it interesting you resurrected a thread I posted into over 5 years ago and now have the opportunity to reassess my thoughts on this topic.

    I still agree with 'darwin's premise that ejaculations don't diminish one's physical energy significantly (except during the normal refractory period). I also agree that ejaculations are a normal and healthy function for the male body to experience. However, I do believe that too frequent ejaculations significantly affect one's arousal levels.

    In my own case, I find the effects I posted about above to still be true, with one exception. I previously stated "...after 7 days I was just getting moody and irritable with a distinct falloff of perceived arousal (though in actuality it was simmering arousal)." After having adopted a practice of temporal abstinence (see Aneros, Arousal & Abstinence, the moodiness and irritability factor has abated. Overall, my emotional state is more even and balanced, my arousal level remains generally good.

    I concur with your statement "...I personally felt that there was nothing wrong with doing it daily." but I believe there is a price to be paid in overall arousal level. It is simply a choice each man makes in his life's routine.
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  • I tried abstaining but found my arousal dropped off. On the other hand I would find myself using the aneros too much occasionally and could not stop but have found a balance now by use of ejaculation. I ejaculate once to twice a week which controls this addiction.
    This makes perfect sense to me to.  I started aneros use for health and fun of my prostate, this was done by massaging it or using it so why on earth would I stop using my penis and balls? They need to be used too. If not they might go stagnant and cause problem too. They need massaging to!  :D
  • jjajja
    Posts: 49
    Some might say that by not ejaculating it leads to peacefulness.  I must disagree at least where I am concerned.  Although after some of my aneros sessions I feel "some" release, if I have gone near a week without ejaculation I find that I get more easily agitated, and find I get angry more easily and it's only after an ejaculation that I feel my mood improve.  Maybe it's cause I'm in my 30's, I don't know.