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Anal / Rectal Health
  • I wanted to start this thread to discuss anal / rectal health with use of an Aneros. I typically douche using the Higgenson rectal syringe and then use various water based lubes with the Aneros. It occured to me that using regular tap water introduces chlorine into the rectum which I doubt is good for it long term. And what about all those lubes? Seems the chemicals may also not be so good long term. In particular I am concerned about such practices causing cancer. As I understand the bowels are the bodies primary immune system and mucous and friendly bacteria help guard against eventually developing cancer. I am concerned about disturbing the bodies natural environment. Do any of you have knowledge in this regard and some common sense good practices for the rest of us? Thanks.
  • Distraught, You are not alone with your questions regarding these long term concerns. Virg has been on a quest to get anwers regarding lube. If you do a search on lube in the forum you will find considerable discussion among the users, but you won't find anything from Aneros support. Aneros is now selling a lube packaged specifically for injecting into the rectum which suggests that they are willing to enter into liability for that use. I haven't seen the question of chemical additives to our water supply and their impact before. I sent a PM to Support asking about lube safety and asking if any study had been done regarding which body chemiclas are involved in the sensations users are experiencing and appropriate replenishment considerations and it remains in my outbox. We seem to be blazing trail with the long term negative effects, if any, to be discovered by those on the journey. The lack of discussion generated by your post points to how much of an issue these questions are to most of us. There are a good number of extremely thoughtful and intelligent posters here, but questions of this type have yet to be fully explored. grateful
  • VirgVirg
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    Hi Distraught and thanks Grateful for the recognition!

    If you read my thread - "The REAL question about the Aneros world" - you will find a lots of information and thoughtful questions, and challenges to my "crying wolf" about lubes. I just think that Aneros users are in a unique situation... relativily large amounts of lube, introduced into an area that absorbs liquids directly into the blood stream, engaging in an activity that goes on for hours. The combination of these aspects creates a situation unlike any other sexual activity.

    Granted, the vagina is an "open" system but not near as much as the liquid absorbing aspects of the colon and rectum.

    Currently, I am sticking to olive and coconut oil. I figure that if I can not eat it, I should not put it in my body but even there I have concerns. When eaten these oils go through an digestive process and as a lube, they do not. Does that mean they can cause damage...? Unknown, at this point.

    Amazingly, the Net is lacking in info in this specific area that concerns us, so I am attempting to track down a medicial professional that will have some answers. Many phone calls have gotten me closer but no brass ring. I am more convinced than ever that this is a very, very unique activity.

    Stay tuned...
  • Wow Virg, I didn't really think of the aspect you mention. I was mainly thinking of the fact that we may be flushing out good flora, and chlorine in water messing with our inner rectal environment. I completely forgot about the fact that the rectum greatly absorbs stuff from that location. For instance I've heard you can really get drunk fast (straight to your bloodstream I believe) if you do an alcohol beverage enema. BTW I heard of a death / possible murder / manslaughter the other day this way. Supposedly a man / woman were having sex and giving each other brandy enemas. The guys alcohol limit was 4x greater than that needed to kill him.

    But yeah, I need to check out this aspect. I've tried Olive oil and it just doesn't work - it doesn't provide enough slippery lubrication. Not sure about Coconut Oil. I know most sources are down on use of Coconut Oil because it is saturated, but there are sources such as that support it and say it doesn't matter that it is saturated, what matters is the fact that it contains no trans fats and isn't hydrogenated.

    Definitely keep us posted on anything you find out, and I'll be sure and read your thread.