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new position: self-sling
  • darwindarwin
    Posts: 1,357
    i haven't tried this with the aneros, as i am in an au natural phase, but it would probably work.

    sit on edge of bed with legs hanging over.

    put hands on knees, with palms on top of thighs and fingers pointing towards feet.

    roll back so your back is on bed and legs are in the air, held up there by your hands.

    you are now in a position something like you'd be in if you were in a sex sling.

    you can adjust the position of your legs by changing the bend in your arms.

    if you straighten your arms, you are in a stable, easy-to-maintain position.

    you can bend and unbend your arms in a slow rhythm, which causes you to rock, and changes the pressure on your prostate area, causing a feeling something like a slow fuck, particularly if you are already in or near the O-zone.

  • Sounds interesting, gonna try it :)
  • Well I did a variation of this, because I didn't find it comfortable -- my lower back muscles are not strong enough to hold this position. So instead I lay flat on the bed with my knees folded, foot soles flat on the bed as close as possible to my ass as they'll go, and I'm moving my hips like women do during fucking. It's fucking awesome -- the Aneros moves around and tickles my prostate, causing a series of really strong contractions. And I had an ejaculation orgasm w/o any penis stimulation... AWESOME!