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Progasm, k-tab or no?
  • AshlenAshlen
    Posts: 149
    So I've gotten to the stage where the Progasm is comfortable, but the k-tab isn't the most pleasent feeling in the world. I'm wondering if it'll get better, or if I should simply remove the tab.

    Does anyone have any opinions on this?
  • rumelrumel
    Posts: 2,460

    I also found the K-tab to be a hindrance, so I modified it by carefully heating the curved portion and straightening it out to provide a long tail. this modification allows for some improved movement as well, and I still have the option to restore the K-tab in the future if I so desire it.

    good Vibes to You !
  • I love my Progasm, get some really awesome feelings! Having two problems.

    1) Keeping the tabs against me. The Progasm seems to work out about a 1?4" where both tabs do not touch.

    2) I don't think I like the K-tab, seems the only positions I can use are stomach, and sides. Standing is out of the question, Progasm becomes a missile! I'm! afraid to modify though since it would effect the P-tab. also afraid to mess with that.

    Any suggestions?

  • ZolaZola
    Posts: 10
    You mentioend Progasm becoming a missile. I'm having some trouble with the Progasm wanting to pop out of me if I really relax and lets things go when i'm really stimulated and having orgasm after orgasm. I don't have that with any of my other Aneros toys.
    Does anyone else have pop out issues?
  • ninonino
    Posts: 28
    Yes, it pops out of me too. However, I do find the k-tab stimulating. It does touch an important spot according to the accupuncture points and I find it stimulating. I have not found that I can get the movement of the toy going as much as with the others. Interested to hear any ways that people have gotten it to move better, etc.