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Is a bigger stimulator the key?
  • I've enjoyed the MGX, and Helix now for a few months, and both have provided some nice rides. The problem for me is that I can't get over the top into Big-O country, and I don't think I'm getting the stimulation that I need.

    I'm an inquisitive chap, so I found some anatomy illustrations of the prostate, its size and locations to study. The organ is about the size of a walnut and sits underneath the bladder. It's interesting to note, that because of the intersection of the urethra and the ejeculatory duct, the prostate is heart like in shape.

    I imagine that the designers of both the MGX and Helix took into consideration the prostate size and shape when they suggest to pull and push the stimulator within the body. I just wondering if the Progasm is a better choice for me, as it has more direct contact on the prostate? I'm at the stage where I'm getting involuntary anal contraction and waves, but nothing more.

    This could be the answer for me. Ordered a Progasm yesterday. I'll post the results of my first session.


  • I'm no expert, but I'll weigh in. I had an MGX and never had a lot of luck with it. I now have a Helix and am much closer to acheiving a super O. Getting a different "tool" may be just what you need.
  • Yes, the Helix is the right for me, the tiny MGX was too short, but I had some succes using it anyway. So the progasm is a bit brutal but really efficient too.
  • BusterBuster
    Posts: 953
    Hey Guys,

    Once you become Super Orgasmic, they will all work. Keep them close by and you will really see how different they are. So dont feel like it is a waste adding these other models to your arsenal.

    Have some great times.

  • Nice to hear from you guys.

    Buster -

    I agree with your assessment on all the Aneros models. Each has it own quality and performance levels. For me though, (not having achieved the Super-O, or anything close), it's come down to the raw and nasty fact, that after 6 month, I need to be filled and fucked. I need something that will push me over the edge into orgasmic bliss - - - I need the Progasm, (which will be arriving this weekend.)

    Just looking at the Progasm gives me chills. There's something about its shape that get me excited - like my body is anticipating a great ride.

    I can't tell you have difficult is has been to been sexually worked up, (excited) only to achieve some pleasure waves and a few involuntaries. During my last session, I was undulating, pumping my pelvis, humping the bed and twisting into a pretzel all in the hopes of triggering an orgasm. I was hot and horny for most of the day because I couldn't get off. When I'm in that state, masturbation isn’t the answer - something deeper needs to be released. Once you begin the journey of prostate based orgasms, there no turning back. The sensations are heavenly, but the place between, good feelings and Super-O's is challenging.

    I hope to report a new level in sensations after this weekend.

  • Hi calboy,

    I think the Progasm will do it for you. I found that the Helix and MGX were not hitting my G spot. The ride has been much more intense with the Progasm, partially due to G spot but also due to the size. You will find it takes very little movement of the Progasm, to get the prostate going.

    Go luck this weekend, let us know how it turns out.