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dry orgasms: key sound method
  • First post here so hello. I own a Helix but this post is not about Aneros, it's about dry orgasms. I've been long interested in orgasms without ejaculation and quite recently learned about Jack Johnston's "key sound multiple orgasms". The promise is huge and I would like to know how much is marketing hype and how much is actually reality.

    HowToLastLongerInBed forums are read-only for guests and to register you need to buy the product, so I turn to you as I understand that many Aneros users have also practiced KSMO. Please write about your experiences with this method.
  • Jack Johnston's techniques are excellent. It works for me. It is what finally sent me over the top into multiple orgasms. His stuff is the real deal. In fact I had already owned an aneros for a couple of years before I found KSMO and was not having very much success. KSMO has been the key for me. It's unlocked the door and now my aneros sessions are mind blowing as well.
  • BusterBuster
    Posts: 953
    Hi Foxtrot and welcome to the forum.

    I have been working with KSMO for the last couple of months. I had heard about it on this forum almost since day one. I have been part of this Aneros forum since March 2005. There are some people here that I have come to respect felt that it was a great program. Without their recommondation, I probably would not have gotten involved with it. I can assure you that the Key Sound is legitimate. Like Aneros, it is not a pocket orgasm right out of the box for most guys. It can take some practice. I was lucky enough to have experienced a Super O before I started, so I have been able to cut some corners. I still have not utilized it to its full potential. I truly believe that it is helping me in my quest for higher territory. Jack Johnston is a great guy who cares very much about helping others. I think it is a natural compliment to the Aneros.

    I hope this helps. Good luck with whatever you decide is going to help you along.

  • Hi Foxtrot!

    I second what Buster and Collin have said about KSMO!

    It IS the "real deal" and well worth the time and money. I have been using the Key Sound protocol for over a year now and experience many wonderful MMOs using Jack's methods!

    I went into KSMO after being "re-wired" using the Aneros and experiencing Super O's as Buster has. IMHO, they are both "basically" the same dry orgasms, but the KSMO comes from a more cerebral place and the Aneros is more physical in nature.

    Hope this helped!

    Later, Hlaser