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Testosterone depletion, Vitamin C & E
  • A while back I posted on hot flashes, which I had been experiencing at night and sometimes in the day after particularly intense Aneros sessions, especially those terminated by an ejaculatory orgasm. Largely due to the hot flash occurrences and a few less than stellar Super O sessions, I had backed off my frequency of use to every other day or longer and a week between conventional orgasms. Helped, but after a session where I couldn’t get an erection for a normal orgasm, I decided to do some more reading.

    In order to keep the post short I will just mention one of my findings. Vitamin C and E seem to be necessary for the production of Testosterone. Somewhere about a month into my Journey to the Super O, I had stopped taking a multi-vitamin because I ran out and just hadn’t gotten around to getting more. The night after reading about the production of Testosterone, I had some Vitamin C laying around and took 1000Mg. with dinner.

    The next morning I awoke with a nice large erection and the urge to do something about it. The frequency of morning erections had really fallen off lately as had their quality. The result was a nice long Aneros Super O session, resulting in a conventional orgasm.

    The next day was supposed to be a day or recovery. However, while doing some work on the computer I got a nice erection which just came out of nowhere. Took care of that one with the fleshlight, which I hadn’t used in several weeks.

    Of course I went back on multi-vitamins and things are very much back to normal.

    In addition to the disappearance of hot flashes, the intense ungrounded effects I used to get following intense Super O sessions, especially those terminated by ejaculatory orgasms, have been reduced to a very manageable level. Also I get more erections during Super O sessions, especially on the first orgasm. Testosterone depletion was probably the cause. For you older guys out there, watch out for the symptoms, or better still, stay on or start a regular vitamin regime.

  • calboycalboy
    Posts: 23
    I think your on to something Insearchof -

    Personally, I'd be screwed if I didn't take multiple vitamins each day. The levels of stress from work and just life are enough to burn you out, and I believe you're on to something regarding sexual functionality. Normal testosterone levels could be one of the keys to successfully achieving the Super-O.

    If you're like me and not into pills, then try All-One powder. Just mix a heaping spoon in juice each morning, and you have a potent mega-vitamin drink to start your day, (sorry didn't mean to promote a product - but this stuff is heaven sent.)

  • GrandTigerGrandTiger
    Posts: 325
    You don't say whether you are 18 or 80 !

    One good ejaculation has the equivalent nutritional value of two steaks plus 10 eggs plus 6 oranges plus two lemons. So whatever your age you should think twice before spending yourself. A good rule is, double your age in years, divide by 10 and the answer is the recommended number of days between ejaculations. So a 20 year old can ejaculate every 4 days, but an 80 year old only every 16 days.

    If you are not so young, tribulus and/or tongkat ali will naturally boost your testosterone production. Also enjoying yourself and experiencing multiple and prolonged orgasms without ejaculating will make you produce more testosterone and will boost your energy instead of depleting it.
  • BusterBuster
    Posts: 953
    Hey G.T.

    whatever your age you should think twice before spending yourself. A good rule is, double your age in years, divide by 10 and the answer is the recommended number of days between ejaculations.

    I have never heard that before. Very interesting. There seems to be so much to that sexual energy level and how depleted it becomes.

  • Hey Grand Tiger,

    I am 64 and I will certainly agree that having multiple orgasms without ejaculation boosts testosterone levels. I felt like I had rolled my sexual clock back 20 years when I first started using the Aneros. I got by with frequent ejaculations and multiple orgasms for almost a month before it caught up with me, but somewhere in there I also went off multi vitamins.

    However, I don't think the rule of thumb on ejaculation frequency stands up to what I have read about Andropause. Nor does it fit my experience. Generally testosterone levels drop much more rapidly after say 40 or 50 than they do earlier in life. But the rule of thumb you listed is a liner function suggesting that the fall off does not happen more rapidly at a later age.

    Also I think you would find a tremendous variation from individual to individual just as there is a tremendous variation in the Super O experience.

    One thing is pretty much for sure, hot flashes are a typical symptom of Andropause and testosterone deficiency. At first I did not recognize them for what they were, thinking that they were a typical after effect of the Super O process. From an earlier post on this forum, which elicited only one response, I decided that they weren't typical and started doing some research. This lead me to the Vitamin C & E discovery, which seemed to cure my symptoms almost overnight. Hopefully my experience will help someone else avoid the problem.

  • Interesting thread. I was actually planning on starting a thread on the subject of getting run down and exhausted from too much masturbation techniques including the Aneros. I've read on other sites that if masturbation is overdone it can actually be dangerous, because chemicals in the brain are depleted. Not sure I believe any of that.

    From my experience I'd definitely recommend a multivitamin. I'll try the extra C and E. What I typically take is Calcium, Magnesium, and Zinc as I believe these are component minerals associated with the fluid loss, and it seems to help also.

    Also if you want to improve your chances at a Super O and have better staying power with less fatigue try Ginko Biloba an hour or so before a Aneros session. It is amazing! It's also good for high altitude acclimitization and improved thinking.
  • Hey Guys!

    Interesting thread!

    I am on most of these vitamin and minerals, but does anyone have a recommendation for a good multiple vitamin for over 50???

    Oh, I am at about once or twice a week, on the ejaculation frequency . . . depending on how horny I am.

    Later, Hlaser
  • Excellent multi for mature men is

    "Doctor's Choice for 50-plus Men" from Enzymatic Therapies
  • Hi GrandTiger!

    Good to meet you!

    I will check out the "Doctor's Choice for 50-plus Men"...

    Later, Hlaser
  • Zaneblue, an infrequent female poster to these forums, has some interesting advice re nutrition and multiple orgasms. Her slant, obviously, is towards women's nutrition but she has some interesting advice for men, too.

    Have a look at her thread Orgasmic diet for improving aneros results which covers male and female orgasmic diet, but snippets of info recur throughout her posts, along with interesting stuff about female multiples etc.

    I couldn't fathom a way to post the link to the search results for her posts but those interested just put zaneblue in 'Search'.

    Have fun,

    Old Wolf

    Multivitamin prostate warning

    Taking lots of multivitamins may increase the risk of deadly prostate cancer, say US researchers.

    Sure or not?
  • thhnthhn
    Posts: 426
    I have tried all the supplements I could think of in order to boost my chances of a super O and so far I'm not sure any of it has helped. I do have Zaneblue's book "the orgasmic diet" and have been taking fish oil for some time. this is supposed to be very beneficial for more than just the libido, this plus dark chocolate.
    I feel I have had some success with iccarin but it's really hard to say that is what is making a difference, and could be the placebo effect.
    my latest supplement I'm taking is Shilajit. I read about this on another forumn and have only been taking it for a few days. way too soon to tell. I think a good diet and exercise is more important than any supplement you can take, but I'm trying them all
  • rookrook
    Posts: 1,833
    Neat additional effect from Fish Oil, (Ω3) -- it suppresses dry-eye even when the humidity is low. No need for eye drops. Quit Ω3 for a couple of days and the dry-eye returns. :wink:
  • BilldoBilldo
    Posts: 25

    One good ejaculation has the equivalent nutritional value of two steaks plus 10 eggs plus 6 oranges plus two lemons.

    Okay, this changes my approach a bit. Let's see how my new opening line to my wife sounds:
    "Hey, sweetie, I've prepared a two steak, 10 egg dinner with oranges and lemons on the side. I'll serve it to you in the bedroom, just kneel down at the edge of the bed."

    :lol: :lol:

    Or perhaps

    "Baby, what I'm gonna give you would require two trips to the steakhouse, a stop at IHOP, and cost more than $50...and you get it for free!"

    "Double steak and eggs for breakfast dear?"

    Oh, the angles I can play with this one. My wife will get a laugh out of it.