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what next?
  • Alright, this might sound interesting to you guys here. I am a 25 year old heterosexual virgin. I have a helix. I guess I could just get the obvious questions out of the way first. How did I get turned onto anal play? This'll sound weird, but as a kid, I found pleasure in holding it in when I had to go. The contraction and release of the muscles felt good. Fast forward a while: I was looking for tips on masturbation when I saw a tip about fingering the prostate (during masturbation, no prostate orgasm). I tried it and was hooked. Somewhere in my search for viewing material, I stumbled across the aneros. I'm not even sure when I found it, but I bought one at the end of last may.

    I never really got anywhere. Recently, I changed lubes to ky and vaseline and i've gotten much better results, but not much to speak of. I can pull the aneros inside me and find other muscles to press it forward as well and my body begins to quiver. It doesn't happen for long and there hasn't been any orgasmic pleasure. I still find what I have experienced to be pleasureful. Where do I go now? I can play with it for hours, but I hit a barrier when I have to go the bathroom and take the aneros out.
  • rumelrumel
    Posts: 2,435

    Welcome to the Forum,

    “Where do I go now?” , after our initial encounter with our toyfriend Aneros, I think most of us ask similar questions. The simple answer is : follow the pleasant feelings. Of course the whole journey is more complex than that, as you will find by reading the posts on this Forum.

    Can you further explain “…but I hit a barrier when I have to go the bathroom and take the aneros out.” ? In order to provide any meaningful advice, I think Forum members will need a little more information to understand your concerns.

    Good Vibes to You !
  • gravelgravel
    Posts: 53
    I first got turned on to anal play when I was in high school. I had heard or read somewhere that some people liked to insert a finger while masturbating, so I decided to try it. It did feel kind of good, but it was also uncomfortable (I had no clue about lube, and hadn't gotten over thinking it was gay). I'd try it again from time to time when I was feeling adventurous, and the more I learned about how to do it right, the more I enjoyed it.
  • newguy8762newguy8762
    Posts: 198
    I can relate...I've actually had the Helix for about a month. Although it was somewhat pleasurable at first, I didn't have any big fireworks until several weeks in. The first time it was bordering on orgasmic, I was on a road trip and had it in for about 2.5 hours. I had very intense feelings, leaked a lot of pre-cum and had a continually buzzing feeling centered in my prostate and radiating throughout my body for days.

    I've been able to repeat this a couple times since.

    I think it takes a while to condition the muscles of your anus and your prostate to get activated to the aneros. Once it'll know. Look for that buzzing feeling.