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I've tried it a few times dice
  • ChonenChonen
    Posts: 2
    So I have read what I can about it and have even watched some videos. So I guess I'll post my aproach and see if I'm doing anytihng wrong with my Aneros.
    So whenever I have a decent bubble of time I'm sure I won't be disturbed in I go upt o my room and lay on my bed. I lay on my back with my knees bent and my feet flat. It doesn't take long to become accustomed to its presence as I am familiar with bigger objects. I breathe deeply for a bit, sometimes I play some orchestral/instrrumental music. Then I begin my contractions. I start slow and at times I will feel this slight tingling feeling where the head is. I would say it feels good but it is so faint that it is hard to really call it anything.
    At one point I make the contractions faster, but then I am still not experiencing anything. So after about 20-45 mins of time nothing really happened. On some of the videos I notice the Aneros visibly pulling itself in and out to a reasonable degree. I don't detect a whole lot of movement when I do it.

    Any suggestions/speculations would be appreciated.

    -Chonen ^_^
  • Hi Chonen,

    If you are getting a tingling feeling at the head of the Aneros that is good.

    Try to get involuntary anal contractions going. This is hard when you don't know exactly what you are looking for. B. Mayfield describes these as a flutter, which is a really good choice of words. They do not occur at a regular rate, ie. fixed frequency and the initial amplitude or depth of contraction is quite small. That is why you want to try and induce them when the Aneros is partially contracted so it is pressing the rectal wall against the prostate or nearly so. At this point the involuntary contractions can work their magic.

    When you get fully relaxed with the Aneros in you, do a single, slow contraction and try to feel when you get some initial sensation. You want to hold the Aneros at this point, and try to induce involuntary contractions.

    What I do, is to try to make my voluntary contractions match in frequency and amplitude what the involuntary contractions will be like. Hard to do when you have never experienced them. Start out with some very rapid but very light contractions, maybe only 4-5 in a set. Try to squeeze in several sets as you exhale during a deep breathing cycle.

    The contractions you see on a video may or may not look like the ones you are trying to get going. After you are in Super O territory, you can get away with much stronger and deeper contractions and still get to a Super O. The stronger and deeper you make your contractions before you cross over, the more difficult it will be to get the release from the first orgasm that will get you there. Light and fluttery contractions are what you are looking for.

    Good luck in your journey.

  • rumelrumel
    Posts: 2,492

    Your statement, “…I will feel this slight tingling feeling where the head is. I would say it feels good but it is so faint that it is hard to really call it anything.” is a pretty good description of early Aneros usage sensations/feelings. I like to call them “whisperings”; these sensations are really very subtle in the beginning of a session but will grow in intensity as you focus upon them and as arousal increases.

    I suggest you read the Sticky "B's Keys to the Backdoor" by ‘B. Mayfield’ if you haven’t already done so. In that sticky he mentions use of a “base level” contraction which is to be maintained throughout a session, never fully relaxing the anal sphincter muscles. I have found this method helps induce the “involuntaries” that you are looking for. There probably won’t be much Aneros movement from the “involuntaries”, this is normal and not a concern. Don’t worry about it, the Aneros will be “doing its thing”. Most of the videos that I’ve seen to date show users employing rather strong voluntary contractions, more as a “milking” technique rather than a super-O inducing prostate massage, in any event, these videos can be misleading as to what YOU might expect for results.

    You might also consider trying body positions other than on your back for a session, such as lying on your side, on your stomach or the kneeling position. Its possible one of these positions may be more stimulating for you. I hope this helps.
  • sydsgsydsg
    Posts: 8
    Hey guys,!!

    ?Need Help. Tried using the aneros for a week o two. Did get a feeling of rythem, and nothing more than that. No whole body super O or anything. Can anyone suggest ? anything I amdoing wrong?