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Been trying a new method - all I can say is WOW!
  • Firstly I'd like to point out that the following should only be tried by experienced users/anal vets for reasons that will become clear.

    Accepted wisdom here is that lubrication is King, slather it all over 1) the Aneros, 2) your ring and 3) for good measure, pump a teaspoonful 'up there' too. One night, prior to a session, I was thinking that once the Aneros is in situ, lubrication as in 1) and 2) is redundant and, possibly, counter productive. Action is largely dependent on grip between your ring and the Aneros, ergo, loads of lube=less grip.

    So grabbing the bull by the horns, or rather my Progasm, and after squirting the requisite teaspoonful where the sun don't shine, I smeared a very slight trace of shea butter on it and smoothed it over just the two bumps, leaving the neck dry. I also put a little dollop on the K-tab. By parting my buttocks so that there was no drag from my inner cheeks the Progasm slowly and gently slid into place. I have polished my Progasm well so it slid in really easily by pushing gently but firmly after I spent a minute consciously relaxing. Note that it is important, for comfort and ease of insertion, that the Aneros makes direct contact with the moist mucous membrane of the anus without having to make its way past dry 'butt-cheek' skin.

    One or two minutes after that was when it all took off. My ring seemed to like the stimulation of the relatively dry insertion and dry-ish contact and started 'purring' straight away. Moderately fast, firm and rhythmic contractions followed in short order and I was in heaven before I could say WTF?!!

    Just thought you'd like to know :D

    Have fun,

    Old Wolf