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First Session, with little pleasure but lot of questions
  • I am a straight person, but since I was a little child, I played with my anal sometimes(I have forgotten when and how I started), usually inserted something. I feel some pleasure, but I believe most of that is out of curiosity. And I haven't done that for years. However, the other day, when I was masturbating, I put a small vibrator in my anal, and I felt really strong pleasure when I cum. That brought me interest in prostate massage, and of course Aneros.

    After read through all the material provided by official pages, I read a lot of articals written by the users, and I became more and more interested that I bought my first Aneros, Helix online. It took a whole week to arrive, and I really could wait to start my session. But after that, I felt little pleasure but lot of questions. I think it is just like many others said, it would be a long journey to explore how it's gonna be used.

    First, it took me quite a long time for prep. I bought an bottle of enema, but one bottle seems not enough that still a lot of stuff came out after that. What would be a good way for enema?

    Secondly, I used KY wawming and lubricating 2 in 1 lubricant, which made me feel burn inside when I insert Helix in, and when I moved it. Is there any recommendation for lubricant?

    Thirdly, I could see a few drops of liquid came out from prostate, but I didn't really feel my prostate when I was trying to constrain my anal, and my cock is always soft during that process. I kept doing the constrain for half an hour because of the busy schedule. I breathed very strong, and in rhythm. Felt nothing, but Helix moving inside me, and sometimes, the lubricant made me feel that I would pop. So, how long would be before I can feel something?

    Due to the busy daily life, it would be a long time before I can use Helix again, and I hope someone could help me a little!
  • 1st You will notice with time of using the aneros you will no longer need an enema i never do it. I just make a bowel movement about 2 hours before session and shower or wash rectum. So don't worry about needing a lot of prep time eventually you should be able to prep in less than 5 minutes.

    2nd please for the sake of your bum never use any warming lubes they burn like hell in the anus. This burning will inhibit your ability to concentrate on the other sensations you are trying to wake up. The lube i have had great luck with is the ky jelly type. Walmart has their store brand equate personal lubricant jelly it works awesomely for me. Look for it at walmart in the condom area and if you have self check out like me you don't have to let workers see it.

    3rd you will see pre cum during sessions but dont focus on that just avoid penile stimulation and focus on relaxing and enjoying what sensations come for now. Eventually you will get more and more nerves awakening and it will be better. I myself never had erections during aneros use untill i began having the very first involuntary contractions/twitches of anal/pc muscles. Now i get very erect often when these twitches occur i get really hard.

    It took me about a month use 4-5 times a week to go from where you are with little sensations i was about to give up. Then i stuck with it now i am very glad i have not orgasm hands free yet but i feel i am very very close. I hope you get more time to use it because in my opinion the more often you use it the faster results.

    Lastly try just letting the aneros sit there and do not manually work the muscles. Let the aneros make your muscles move on their own i hardly ever manually contracted the muscles.