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Long Read found the one for me.
  • I have been using my progasm for the last 2 months and a half with no results i mean nothing lol. I jumped and ordered some more and i am glad long read but i think someone might like my story.

    Well i received my next order about 3 weeks ago it was a helix, sgx, and eupho. Well i tried them all initially i was disappointed not because they did not work but because the sgx seemed to have the most potential it made me feel the best but it was hardly anything special i thought. I felt nothing really from the helix and i "thought" the eupho was a joke.

    Well after using the sgx and helix for the past 3 weeks with no results i one day decided hell i never even used the eupho but once in the 3 weeks. This saturday after work i was alone in the home around 2pm i showered relaxed and took on the eupho. Expecting the same ol results i just relaxed and not much more than 10 min later i was startled but a warming sensation down there around my crotch it began to tingle. I thought wtf it felt like when your leg falls asleep but this was not numb.

    Then soon as i had a thought about what was going on i felt the first involuntary pc muscle thrust that made my penis erect as can be. Then about 35 seconds later another one. They were coming about every 30 seconds lasted about 3-4 minutes not many contractions like 6-8 in that time. Well it stopped i was like ok continue relaxing and about 5 minutes later again it happened.

    This time though i had a feeling like all my hair on my body stood erect and tingly. Also i had a feeling like i my mind was leaving my body and i could see the back of my head and ears lol. It was like my mind and vision was falling backwards in 6" increments every few seconds and my body stood in place i know it sounds like i am exaggerating but this is how it felt. Now keep in mind all these sensations felt great and poured out the pre cum like crazy but i did not orgasm from this.

    I was breathing rapidly at this time too about 4 times the normal rate in relaxed state. I actually might have messed up the sensation because i started gagging a bit because i actually ran out of breath. Now i need to work on my breathing technique so it doesn't happen again after i lost my breath and my breathing slowed down i tried to relax again but after another hour i got nothing and decided to masturbate and take another shower.

    I don't know if anyone will read this but i hope someone will get something out of this, and that is bigger is not always better my newbie mind when i started the aneros was progasm looks best to me as i was experienced with anal play not homosexual though just toys. The eupho blew my mind and is now the my favorite aneros.

    I would say the eupho surpassed my last anal toys 10 fold already. For those none believers you just need to find the one your body likes i found mine. More to come soon as i get the time.
  • Hello Promass, and Welcome!

    Great post here; I enjoyed reading it!

    I love all my models and the Eupho has actually given me more Super-O's than
    any of the others!

    However, my favorite changes over time and I don't overlook the potential of the others . . .
    I choose one or more for each session, on the way to the bed or chair!

    Definitely, ride the Eupho wave as long as it lasts, but your other models in your stable
    get lonely in that drawer all alone! LOL! (multiple models during a session is a good way
    to mix it up, too . . .)

    Have fun and above all" "Enjoy your Journey!"

    Later, Hlaser99
  • BusterBuster
    Posts: 953
    Laser hit it right on the head with his reply.

    These small models can rock your world.

    Have fun.