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The Ultimate Peridise
  • All you Peridise lovers, please visit the poll

    and let us know what you would think about the absolute ultimate Peridise in beautiful gleaming stainless steel. Ahhhhhhhhh ...
  • I'm in . . . GT!

    Later, Hlaser99
  • Many thanks Hlaser and all who have voted.

    Just now we have 12 ayes and 2 maybees.

    Come on guys, and gals too. Where are you Buttercup? Hope you and hubby are keeping well.

    Best wishes,

  • Hi GT,

    Maybe we could get a few proto's made by the Mfg, so they can get the weight and size correct, then we can try them out for them, and give them a big thumbs up :D

    Sure would love to have one in stainless for sure!!

    By the way, I'm in as an aye... :D
  • I have just posted great news on the poll:

    HIH are working on a stainless steel Peridise :D

    Thank you HIH - this will certainly be the ultimate device for health and pleasure.
  • Hi GT,
    Aneros support did mention they are working on a stainless Peridise on the chat this weekend.

    This is great news!! :D
  • It certainly is great news. I only started the pyrex poll since many people thought SS would be too heavy. Personally I would take a SS version over pyrex any day, it was just an option (but thanks to Skeeter_g we now know it's not strong enough at small diameters).

    I shall order Peridise in Stainless Steel as soon as Aneros get it to market.

    Fingers crossed support will keep us posted with progress reports.
  • Is the Peridise really all that?
    I was thinking of trying it at one time but I realy can't imagine anything more exilerating
    than my good buddy progasm: )
    Does it just make you orgasm faster ? Or does it feel MORE intense?!
  • Yes Skeeter, I’m all excited about it.

    I saw your poll Geezer and also thought that Pyrex would probably be too delicate for the job and therefore potentially dangerous. There are too many damned lawyers lurking around out there just hoping for such an accident to happen!

    Tiphereth, the Peridise really is all that! I don’t have a Progasm to compare. All I know is that I’m experiencing hourgasm after hourgasm intense beyond anything I ever believed I could endure and live to tell about it! Hours on end writhing in unspeakable pleasure and ecstasy from the crown of my head to the soles of my feet. Best position is flat on back, but it’s also nice to sit up now and then for a change, something one could not do comfortably with prostate massagers with handles and tabs. Try it and see, and you can guarantee you’ll never have hemorrhoids :D
  • Grand Tiger, Lol. Ok then I definitely will try it!!
    So is Aneros actually gonna make the stainless steel version of peridise?
    If so..I'll just wait for that.
    Hourgasm after hourgasm...sounds good man.
  • We only know that Aneros are "working on it." Presumably that means it is still in the design phase. They may wish to have one or two prototypes tested before down-selecting a model for production. From CAD to production is no small step, so I guess it could be a little while before they become available. If I were you I’d get a plastic one to enjoy in the meantime.
  • Hi Tiphereth,

    GrandTiger is absolutely correct, I don't think I would wait for these, it will not be over night for sure. it does take some time for Protos to be completed.

    IMO I would get yourself the starter plastic set and enjoy them in the mean time. :lol:
    I do have the Progasm, and the peridise is equally pleasurable. :roll:
  • Grand Tiger, Skeeter,

    Ok thanks guys...I have to admit though. Lately the Progasm has been getting me soo good!
    I think I'm a bit scared of MORE pleasure! I think I might scream so loud the police cumm too. )
    Sigh...who am I kidding....... I can't wait.
  • B MayfieldB Mayfield
    Posts: 2,140

    As far as the stainless Peridise goes, it certainly won't be this year. One thing to bear in mind, Aneros never releases anything until they feel like they really have it right. My sense of it is that it will be February before anything comes down the pike, with general release maybe a month or two later. (If we use the past as a guide here, they also seem to like the late winter - early spring time as a window for new product releases.)

    If I hear anything different I'll let ya know.

    BF Mayfield
  • Thanks Mayfield. If HIH release a steel Peridise by April or May, that will be fast work! I was expecting perhaps later next year at best. Getting from the drawing board to mass production is no small task. I'm very happy that HIH are working on it because I recommended it to them quite some time before I created the poll. Thank you HIH, and thanks again guys for your votes :D