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Aneros: Good for Your Partner Too?
  • Hello all,

    I'm new here. I'm really interested in trying the Aneros, for several different reasons. But I gotta admit, some of the testimonials sound so mind-blowing that it's all a bit overwhelming for a fairly conventional guy like me!

    My story is rather long, so I think what I'll do is save it for later and cut straight to my question, which is this:

    Besides the obvious benefits for sexual arousal and orgasmic intensity, a few commenters and testimonials describe experiencing improvements in their sexual performance -- longer-lasting, harder erections, stronger ejaculations, better control over their orgasm -- as a result of using the Aneros over time. It seems the Aneros has helped them to do better in bed with their partner, even if they're not using any anal stimulation. Has anyone else noticed these effects?

    I have my reasons for asking but I'll save them for later. I'll just say that I'm a happily married 46-y.o. man and I enjoy a good sexual relationship with my wife, but some things have been happening "down there" as I've gotten older. The "plumbing" doesn't work as well as it used to. Of course this is common in guys my age, but I'm in pretty good shape and it's nonetheless disconcerting, and I'd like to know if the Aneros can help. I've gotten a clean bill of health from my doctor, and aside from some possible slight enlargement of the prostate, he puts it all down to aging. Well, sure, I'm no spring chicken, but I still have some good mileage left on me! :wink:

    Thanks for your input!
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    Welcome, and I can identify with where you're coming from. It did sound that way at first but believe me there is much to be said for the aneros "training wheels."

    It might be more helpful if you were a bit more specific about the plumbing issues. Don't worry about judgements because this is a VERY supportive community. Are the issues with getting an erection, maintaining an erection or the quality of the erection? Or are the issues more surrounding urination frequency, quality etc. I think it's important because I believe the product has the ability to assist in some areas and not as much in others. Personally, I know it even helped with hemorrhoid issues - not something we talk about every day either but hey - it's a part of life!
  • ohmy06 said:

    It might be more helpful if you were a bit more specific about the plumbing issues. Don't worry about judgements because this is a VERY supportive community. Are the issues with getting an erection, maintaining an erection or the quality of the erection? Or are the issues more surrounding urination frequency, quality etc.

    Yeah, I figured I'd probably need to explain a bit more. It gets complicated, but I'll try!

    Okay, I'm 46-y.o., married, in good general health But I do have a few issues that probably do impinge on this issue of the "plumbing."

    1) I have both hypothyroidism (low thyroid function) and hypogonadism (low testosterone). The standard treatment is hormone replacement therapy...levothyroxine for the thyroid, Androgel for the testosterone. It took a few years of tinkering with the dosages, but I finally got everything balanced out where it's supposed to be.

    2) I struggle with depression. It can be a symptom of BOTH the hormonal imbalances, but it did not go away once I got the hormone things worked out. So I'm also on a couple of antidepressants (Wellbutrin and Cymbalta). It took two, and a lot of experimenting with dosages, to get me to where I felt normal again, and now I feel really good.

    Wellbutrin generally has no effect on sexual function, and I did not notice any when I was on Wellbutrin alone. Cymbalta CAN affect sexual function but I'm on a fairly low dose. And the changes in urogenital function are things that really started BEFORE I started on the psychoactive drugs.

    So that's the story on my meds. Here's what's going on down below:

    As I've gotten older, but even before all the meds, I began noticing changes in the way my "plumbing" was working. The onset of these symptoms has been very slow, over the course of about 5-6 years. When I urinated, the stream was slowly becoming less steady and forceful. I can still pee, but it takes me longer to get started and quite a bit longer to finish the job than it used to. During sex, I no longer "spurted" when I ejaculated...instead, it just sort of oozed. It seemed like everything down there was sort of slowing down. I've also experienced an increasing difficulty in maintaining an erection and achieving orgasm. Cymbalta can cause this, and I suspect it may be partly responsible, but not entirely. I think it simply made an existing problem a little worse.

    I have discussed all this with my doctor and he has examined my prostate; he says there might be some slight swelling but not enough to justify any concern. I've been through the full-battery physical exam, blood work-up, etc. and there doesn't appear to be anything else going on, so we put it down to normal effects of aging. My psychiatrist prescribed Viagra for the sexual problems, and let me tell you, that stuff REALLY works! But I'd really rather not have to rely on any more meds. I've also tried dropping my dosage of the antidepressants, but that inevitably leads to its own set of problems.

    My wife and I enjoy a very satisfying and intimate life together, both sexually and in all other respects. Recently we've both opened up to a new sense of experimentation and playfulness in our lovemaking...which has led to a few discussions about anal play, and a little anal stimulation, but no penetration. I think she's still a bit reluctant, but I'm very open to it.

    I hope this paints a better picture. There are so many things that could be affecting this.
  • rumelrumel
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    Hi Sloan,

    Welcome to the Forum,

    First, let me say this about the “...mind-blowing...” testimonials you’ve read here or elsewhere. While these men have expressed genuine intense experiences, it should be understood that these sessions are not typical for all men nor are they probably typical for those who have experienced them. That is not said to detract from the intensely blissful feelings you may experience but to just let you know it is rare that one can consistently achieve those levels. In many cases it has taken a long period of learning and many sessions to achieve those levels of intensity.
    Second, it is wonderful that you and your wife can embark on this sensual journey together with a “...sense of experimentation and playfulness”, this is probably the best possible attitude for successful advancement in your learning. I think a great way to start for both of you would be with His & Hers sets of Peridise massagers.
    Third, let me say I sympathize with your condition, I suffer from E.D. due to hypertensive medications. I have found the E.D. drugs (Viagra, Cialis) side effects strong enough to kill my libido as well. I wish I could tell you that an Aneros will give you the erection of an 18 year old but for me that simply isn’t true. In fact, many men who do not have E.D. issues, have found use of their Aneros kept them flaccid while some have reported improvements, I think it is the luck of your genetic makeup and age how you may respond, thus the odds of the Aneros improving your erectile functioning are only so-so but there can be some other substantial benefits. Regular use of the Aneros may significantly improve your urinary flow and control, I know it has for me, see the sister site - for the health aspects of these devices.
    Prostate based orgasms can be every bit, even more so, as intense as a traditional penile based orgasm. The beauty of them is the potential for multi-orgasmic sessions and no erections are needed. This gives rise to the opportunity to make love to your wife, using techniques other than intercourse, for extended periods of time and giving her multiple orgasms while you are also having multiples. Be imaginative and I bet your relationship will intensify magnificently. I believe the Aneros can help you get in touch with deeper and wider aspects of your own psyche.

    I’ve sent you a PM with a few other tips and notes.
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    Sounds like some tough times but obviously you just need to find the right combination of what can truly help you. As rumel states some have found benefits but I wouldn't count on them from the aneros only. I can tell you that the aneros and high island products have opened new avenues for my wife and I - we wish we had discovered them long ago. She is extremely supportive of my usage and sometimes even suggests it because she's seen benefits as well but in different ways. The products opened us up to Jack Johnson's KSMO and also a bit of tantra work which is a great journey! I think you could benefit from the products but it may just be in ways you don't expect, Multiple orgasms are now commonplace in our lives and bring a new energy to other areas of our lives as well. While we enjoy intercourse immensely it is not the end all act that it once was.......and that's a REALLY good thing!
  • OH!!OH!!
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    I recommend you take large doses of highly concentrated / highly pure fish oil, get lots of regular aerobic exercise, and lose weight if you are over weight. The fish oil is known to help depression in large enough doses. It also is good for cardio vascular health and may over time help reduce plaque build up. It increases arterial flexibility and also can lower blood pressure - not to mention triglycerides. It also thins the blood so it may improve circulation. Exercise will also help your blood pressure, and I believe I recently read it can help with erections. Being over weight is definitely a 'bug a boo' and something that will contribute to many of your issues.

    I recently read that nitric oxide is the new super heart health solution. I forget what you take to get it into your system (you can Google it), but of course the nitric oxide is also what causes erections so you should research that. I should too.

    I recommend you check out

    The Aneros could help you a little. Perhaps it will make your prostate happier and that will help erections and ejaculations some. You should try it. I believe it has helped me some. You might also want to practice semen retention a bit a see if that helps. Too much sex / masturbation as you get older and with hypogonadism will cause your testosterone level to drop and you may be more flaccid. I have read from Life Extension Foundation ( that men with testosterone replacement therapy do better on the upper third of the normal range. You want to make sure that your SHBG (sex hormone binding globulin) isn't too high as then your active testosterone will be too low. You also want to make sure your estrogen levels aren't too high. They offer a supplement called Super Miraforte that is supposed to help do just that while taking Testosterone replacement therapy. Of course check your PSA and have digital rectal exams (DRE's) regularly.

    If it was me, I would want to get off the anti-depressant meds. I just don't like taking meds. Of course being depressed is serious sucks and shouldn't be tinkered with lightly. But I and many others have found that proper diet which balances blood sugar / insulin well, exercise and fish oil can help eliminate depression.