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A pain in the ass
  • HelixerHelixer
    Posts: 566
    Hi I'm new to the asstoys thing, but I have been interested in the mmo phenomena for a long time.

    Today I tried the Helix since it was mentioned as the best for a beginner to try. I read the instructions on the box, I tried it 3 times without much result. The first time I actually experienced the most sensations, not actually during the session but after I'd taken the Helix out, felt a tingling sensation in my feet and stomach.

    I followed instructions, but I'm not sure if id inserted right. I use Vaseline and breath deeply and try and observe any different sensations, and then after 15 minutes I start to use my pcmuscle.....but that's when the pleasure stops and the pain in the ass comes in.

    Also they advise to lie on your side, but some of the videos I've watched, they lie on their stomach.....and their orgasm seems to hit them as soon as they insert it.

    How best to start off?
    I feel I'm breathing deeply and fairly relaxed only, apart from a pain in the ass, I'm not feeling anything pleasant.Also the perineumpoint keeps moving when I squeeze my pc, is that ok>? does it matter if it doesn't stay in one place?

    How should you practise to get the hang of it? Many times a day, every day? or is there a limit?how long should a session last at least?

    I hope someone can give me a few good pointers coz I'm really curious and really determined to succeed especially after reading some of those testomonials.

  • Hi Helixer,
    Welcome to the Forum!!
    Some discomfort is normal when you are new to using the Aneros, or any other anal toy for that matter. You will get use to it, but don't over do it, and take it slow.

    I would suggest you check the information in the Aneros wiki.
  • Welcome Helixer!

    Skeeter is right!

    There is a learning curve and it can take some time and experience
    to awaken your body to its new and very different set of feelings! Also
    referred to as "the re-wiring process" . . .

    Learn to relax and notice even the smallest of good feelings, as these
    will eventually grow into something that you recognize as dry orgasms!

    Enjoy your Journey!

    Later, Hlaser99