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Full Circle to MGX?
  • I have been using the Aneros for about 2 years now. I have not achieved a Super-O, but get some nice mini-O's here and there.

    As with many people, I got frustrated along the way. Enough in fact to throw away my original MGX AND my Progasm. I regret it now as think I have progressed enough to have a better chance of success.

    Most of my succes has been with the Helix or Maximus.

    My question is...How many of you have gone through the range of Aneros and ended up having success with MGX?
  • thhnthhn
    Posts: 426
    I started with the mgx and since then bought the helix then the progasm then the peridise. although I like them all, it is the mgx that does the most for me. It is without a doubt my favorite
  • Hey Guys!

    The MGX is one of my favorites also!

    I find that I will often come back to one of my models after a while and
    it is suddenly my new favorite again!

    Never throw anything away . . . just get a larger toy box and store them all!

    Later, Hlaser99
  • OH!!OH!!
    Posts: 260
    I originally started with the MGX, Helix and then bought the Peridise and Progasm. They all bring different qualities / sensations and are all great devices.

    I initially learned after starting with the MGX that the Helix was much easier to naturally prime and get me started on p-waves, mini O's during a session - particularly when I was a newbie. The MGX on initial insertion would take more active contractions in order to start having orgasms. The Progasm being so large and not moving as easily was even harder to 'prime' within me and enjoy initially cold turkey. Peridise is another animal and I use it separately when I want a different type of session.

    Nowadays I start typically with the Helix, when I put it in I really don't have to think about it or act I just start reacting to it. These sensations 'ramp up' in intensity and eventually seem to somewhat plateau in low Super O type range for me. As it has leveled I then insert the MGX immediately which then no longer requires active contractions to react to. I am already 'primed'. The MGX is marvelous and can take me to some serious Super O's. It seems to dig in just a bit deeper than the helix and hits that special spot in a great way. Eventually the MGX will level to some degree as well. At that point I put in the Progasm. I'm pretty wild orgasmically at this point and the Progasm then fills me up more (more surface area of contact) and also has the additionall kundalini tab stimulation. That typically drives me crazy all over.

    Peridise I often use when I go to bed and just lie still on my back. My body knows what to do with it, and it quickly drives me to some excellent O's for long periods of time until I am worn out.

    So point is....'yes', your impression is correct. Every Aneros tool has a different 'flavor' and it's own special orgasmic experience to contribute. I couldn't really pick a favorite, because even while some seem to be better after being primed, there are other occasions when (for example) the Helix which I use to get started keeps me quite happy alone. A lot of it seems to depend on your mood, and what type of stimulation your body is craving.