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Will Aneros work with Impotence?
  • This is my first post.

    I have had no success with Viagara or Cialis. I get very excited and am not able to stay hard for long enough to satisfy my wife.

    She has orgasm with oral stimulation however I know she wants penis insertion.

    Once in a while I am able to ejaculate with masturbation, again my penis does not stay hard for long.

    I have been taking Flomax for years for an enlarged prostate and now my PSA level has risen considerably.

    My desire for sex is high, but I am depressed with my poor performance.

    Will Aneros help?

    If it will, which model should I start with?

    Thank you in advance

  • Hello Hal777 and welcome to the Aneros forum.

    I'm not an MD, but if your PSA is already elevated it may not be wise to massage your prostate, but the Peridise may possibly stimulate you enough to improve and sustain your erection. The Peridise does not stimulate the prostate but can be extremely pleasurable.

    I would strongly recommend you see a naturopath if possible because there are alternative treatments that are very effective for enlarged prostate and even for prostate cancer, more effective than drugs that often have bad side effects. And there are also many natural supplements such as horny goat weed that work wonders for impotence. I've heard that drugs like Viagra and Cialis actually make the situation worse in the long run. So I would definitely get away from drugs and seek alternative treatments. Once you have got your PSA down to normal levels then it will be safe to do prostate massage to keep it healthy.

    I understand your depression and I'm sure that as your health improves and you can better enjoy yourself then your depression will lift. I should let you know that I purchased the Peridise a few weeks ago because I got an hemorrhoid, and I was also depressed at the time for reasons more than the hemorrhoid alone. But I've enjoyed the Peridise treatments so much that it not only completely healed my hemorrhoid, but my depression too.

    You may see my experience on the HIH forum at:

    Orgasms are the best treatment for depression, so I think the Peridise would be a good choice for you.

    Best wishes for your health,

  • Grand Tiger

    Many, many thanks for your informative reply.


  • OH!!OH!!
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    A while back (year or so ago) I was starting to go soft. They say ED can be a sign of arterial disease and blockage. I began taking fish oil in large doses. I get mine at GNC. I use only the highly pure / highly concentrated version - otherwise you have to worry about heavy metals, pcb's and other bad stuff. Anyway lately it's like I've never had a problem. It's reversed it. Of course I've also lost weight and started exercising more. I'd recommend that as well. They say fish oil can slowly open up your arteries again with time. It's a bit like Drain O for the blood vessels. It also helps lower blood pressure, increased arterial flexibility, reduces triglycerides and oh.... increases orgasms. As a matter of fact Marrena has a book called 'The Orgasmic Diet' which talks about that topic.

    I think the fish oil can help you. I'm actually a bit of a fanatic. Fish oil helps pretty much everything. Go over to and look around. The Zone and high dose fish oil is his diet and he seems to know more about good health then anyone I've found. Search on ED there. Ok, I checked some for you. Here is a good blurb from someone about all this:

    Do the Zone likely it will change...if not save your life and improve the quality of your life. Take the fish oil. I recommend The Omega Rx Zone

    Best wishes....
  • Oh!!! That is great advice for Hal.

    I'm also taking three Omega-Rx/day, and two squares of Lindt Excellence chocolate too! Your are absolutely right about blocked arteries. A few years ago I had chelation therapy (Magnesium EDTA IVs by my naturopath) to unclog my arteries because I was having angina pains. I never realized that my erections were not all they could be until I got my arteries cleaned out. It was like going through puberty again but carrying on from where I left off nearly half a century ago. My erections grew another 1.5 inches and I've never enjoyed myself so much in all my life :D

    Best wishes,

  • OH!!OH!!
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    That's pretty cool GrandTiger. I've never heard of this chelation therapy. Sounds like it works pretty well. How safe and effective is it? You'd think everyone would be doing it if it's effective but perhaps there is no money in curing people. :cry:
  • Oh!!, chelation is perfectly safe and very effective. It's all very simple chemistry. The magnesium-reacted EDTA grabs the calcium in the arteries and we pee it out. It also grabs heavy metals. So it is important to abstain from mineral supplements from the night before and then take extra on the day after the treatment.

    A heart scan showed I had severe calcification in my arteries and I felt like an old man. Then I had 40 sessions of chelation, two/week for the first 20, and then the remaining 20 at 1/week. Recommended number of IV's is age minus 20. Then I had another heart scan and calcification was minimal and I felt like I was 16 again. For maintenance I continue with 10 sessions every year, 1/week, and I'm due to start soon. I actually look forward to them and enjoy good conversation with my naturopath. The IV takes about 2 to 2 1/2 hours.

    The cost is $850 for 10. You are right, there's tons of money promoting sickness and death, but very little money in actually healing people.

    It is very important to use magnesium EDTA. Some quacks use calcium EDTA which is cheaper but does no good whatever, in fact it makes the problem worse. And this gets chelation a bad name.

    I told the guys at work about the awesome side effects but no one believes me. At least I don't have to worry about supplies of EDTA running out :lol:
  • OH!!OH!!
    Posts: 260
    That's pretty cool! I'll have to keep that in mind as an option if I ever need it.

    There needs to be reform in medicine IMO. Unfortunately it seems all the money is all based around the pharmaceutical companies selling drugs. If anyone cures disease then nobody gets rich. All the high tech is good and fine, but we still need to go back to basics of health, proper eating, exercise, use of herbs. Most of todays illnesses seem to be caused by modern living. The drugs don't cure they only help symptoms typically. Just seems to me everyone in this country could be so much healthier if medicine had a different orientation and approach.