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Can someone explain this?!
  • Alright, so tonight my girlfriend wasn't feeling so well so I decided to use the aneros, and tonight proved to be different than all of the other times I have tried it.

    It started off like any normal session I have. Which is feeling the aneros on my prostate when I contract and breathe, when normally I would finish up after half an hour and stimulate my penis I instead did one long contraction and held it as long as I could. Here is what happened:

    After about 1.5 minutes of holding the contraction, my abdomen got pretty tired but I held anyway. After a little bit I started to shake and my breathing went out of rhythm. My whole body started shaking and all of a sudden (I dont know if this was in my head, my body was too exausted from holding the contraction, or that I was having a mini-o) I felt really warm in my lower abdomen and pelvic region and it almost felt like that feeling you get before you have an orgasm. Than all of a sudden my stupid leg got a cramp in it and i had to let go =(

    But from what you guys have read, what do you think of this? From this session I have come up with a few questions:

    Was this really a warmup to an orgasm through the aneros? or was my body just really tired and shaky from holding in the 2-3 minute contraction?

    Is this how you are supposed to do it? Hold in the contraction till your body gets tired and starts to shake and quiver?

    Thanks again for the help! Im really trying to interpret what is going on here
  • rumelrumel
    Posts: 2,443

    IMHO, from your description of events, you experienced a strong mini-O. If you had not also gotten the leg cramp this could very well have led you into a Super-O. Your question, “Was this really a warmup to an orgasm through the aneros?” I think it was an orgasm that is a precursor to a Super-O.

    I believe it was 'B Mayfield' who first suggested holding anal contractions as a means to induce muscle fatigue which then would lead to involuntary contractions (spasms). These continuing contractions then set up neural feedback loop of stimulation to the prostate, anus and perineum, which may then lead into multiple orgasms and a Super-O.
    “Is this how you are supposed to do it? Hold in the contraction till your body gets tired and starts to shake and quiver?” I wouldn’t use the term “supposed” but the method you employed is certainly one which has been successfully employed by others to get to the Super-O. I think you are making very good progress in your rewiring journey. Keep at it and before long you too will be posting into the “Sticky: My First Super Orgasm…
  • Alright thank you very much for your help Rumel :)
  • OH!!OH!!
    Posts: 260
    I agree with Rumel on what you experienced. It's true contractions will help you and start you. Initially it seemed the only way for me to get started was by holding contractions; however as I have become acclimated to these types of orgasms and I remember what they feel like and where I know can just insert the Aneros and begin meditating on the feel and my body just starts automatically 'making love' to the Aneros. It's kind of like sucking on a sucker. You stick it in your mouth and you move it around and your tongue moves across it. That's basically what my prostate and anus do auto with the Aneros now. Yours likely will too as you become accustomed.

    Also I'd say you probably don't have to hold such hard contractions. Try more milder moderate ones, and work on your breathing techniques. Relax and take the time for your body to respond to the stimulation. I sometimes (well actually usually) tense parts of my body, but you can adjust that and move a bit to a better position. Also the more you use the Aneros and the more you orgasm and tense body parts the more tone you develop and muscle strength so that it tolerates those types of actions better.

    Best of luck - OH!!