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collateral benefits if rewiring
  • hi all
    I am now able to achieve calm seas orgasm states readily thanks to the good advice I have for here
    this has tremendously improved my self confidence-the knowledge that sexual satisfaction is something I can have control over without needing someone else to provide it.
    this in turn has improved the way I relate to people I interact with everyday.
    when I bought my peridise little did I know my life would be changed for the price of a good family dinner.
    am I just going overboard or has anyone else felt the same?
  • rumelrumel
    Posts: 2,460

    Congratulations on your ability to have consistent orgasms, I envy that ability. You have not gone “... overboard”, anyone who reads through the Testimonials Forum or the “Sticky: My First Super Orgasm…” thread or numerous other postings throughout the General Discussion Forum will find similar statements of the life altering effect of these little devices. Ain’t it Grand!