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Don't Stop
  • After nine months of use my body is very "tuned in" to the aneros ... involuntary contractions begin very quickly after insertion, followed by multiple dry-O(s), some of which can be quite intense. Yesterday in the morning I had a very pleasurable hour and a half session, with Helix and Prograsm, finishing off with a TO. Late afternoon I felt the urge for more enjoyment and this time my journey took yet another step. A sequence happened in which there was first a wave contraction from the prostate down to the end of the helix and back ... this would occur six or eight times, building in intensity, and then it would transition into involuntarily tensed abdominals and leg muscles, the Helix pulled deep inside, an increased awareness of the p-tab and tingling and a sense of orgasm ... then back to the wave contractions ... this sequence seemed to get "locked in", repeating itself over and over again. I was very surprised when the sequence first repeated: I've often experienced new pleasurable things that seemed elusive ... this just kept going, becoming increasingly delicious. After ten or fifteen minutes I had no sense that it was going to stop. I had to bring it to a halt, however, although every bit of me was saying "Don't stop". It was super.
  • I don't see why you had to bring it to a halt. Just letting it keep going as long as you have the time to do so.
  • I didn't have the time ... otherwise I might still be there.
  • Great story, thanks for sharing.
  • OH!!OH!!
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    bill3763 said:

    I didn't have the time ... otherwise I might still be there.

    Now you know what happens to me. I don't have the time...but I'm still there anyway. :twisted: