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How does the Super O from Peridise differ from Aneros?
  • Tell me from your experiences. How does the Super O from a Peridise differ from a regular Aneros? I just got the Peridise and haven't had a whole lot of luck with it.
  • Hi equalityboy81,

    The difference to me is that the Aneros Super O (on my back is the best) is more of a frontal orgasm. all around the front of my body, and can be centered around the penis and my whole center of my body, but can extend throughout the whole body, and encompass my very being.... very intense, I can make it even better, just by a touch with 1 finger to just below the head of my penis, at the front. Man, oh man, incredible!

    The Peridise Super O (on my stomach works the best) for me is more centered around the anus, and everything around the center of the body, but more towards the rear. It does extend to all parts of the body and can encompass everything. My legs often shake with spasms, and I'm sure I look like a dog humping the bed. I feel like i'm getting fucked by the Peridise, very, very, intense. I yell into a pillow as I get very loud when using the Peridise, and often loose my voice for a few hours after sessions, which I usually will have 3 in a row. I just find I cannot do 1 straight session as I get so out of breath and need the short break between.

    Hope it helps,
  • Hi there equalityboy
    I've only had superos with the peridise for various reasons.
    I find that once I'm past the stage of involuntaries leading to dry ejaculation there is a state of obliviousness to time and a heightened sense of awareness of all sensory inputs which are actually interprted in a distorted way like in a dream followed by a feeling of return to relaity and emotional release
    Can't really put it in words!
  • OH!!OH!!
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    I definitely have 'luck' with the Peridise as well as the traditional Aneros massagers - hours of pleasure and O's. Man, these are very different and hard to describe experiences. I tend to forget the exact sensations even right after (few hours) being in a session. I'll try and remember and explain for you.

    For one thing with the Peridise upon insertion I immediately notice a 'pulse' which could be my heart or the peristalic contractions in the anal canal. It starts centered in the anal canal but very quickly I began twitching all over in different parts of my body. Sometimes I tend to have parts of my body 'jump' somewhat violently / briefly at times. Much of my body tenses, toes curl, back arches, neck bends backward. Later I always have a neck ache that lasts for days if not a week or more. I begin feeling euphoria in addition to just orgasmic pleasure and spasms. It seems that impulses or something seem to be emanating from the back of my head / brain and down my spinal cord to react all over. I often continue these sessions until I am completely worn out and aren't reacting orgasmically anymore and that can take a few hours of just continuous orgasms. I'd have to say though while the Peridise is great, or even incredible in some ways for me it isn't as complex an orgasm as the traditional Aneros massagers.

    The traditional Aneros massagers take a bit longer for me to get 'started' into intense orgasm when compared to the Peridise, but they seem to capture / involve my brain / body in more ways. So far I believe my super orgasms with the traditional models are overall more intense and rewarding. That said, I'm not counting the Peridise out. It is still one of my newer models to try and I continue to grow more adept and reactive to it. However if you think about it the traditional Aneros models should stimulate more because they also touch upon the periniem and the kundalini spot.

    In summary the sensations between the two are different, but both really really great. Peridise is a bit more convenient, easier to use and react to IMO, and is more comfortable to wear in different positions and even while walking about.

    Perhaps what HIH needs to invent next is a model that combines the peristaltic wave action in the anal canal with traditional Aneros prostate stimulation, while also pressing the p-spot and k-spot nerve centers. Would such a tool drive us over the edge? :shock:
  • If it had p=tabs like the progasm seems like that could really rock.