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question about Aneros Classic for experts and others
  • Hello Again..
    I am somewhat intrigued by the Aneros Classic (also known as the PS-New on the HIH site, if I'm not mistaken). I'm shorter than the heights mentioned on the websites, but I'm still interested in at least giving it a try. What are the dimensions of the Classic? I may be missing them, but I haven't located them on either the Aneros or HIH websites. Also, I seem to recall having read that the "nub" at the tip of the Classic seems to put too much pressure on the rectal wall and the prostate. If this is the case, does it do this in a manner that those of you with vast experience with various Aneros models would deem dangerous to the rectum and/or prostate? Just seeking advice here....I'm still a novice, but I am enjoying the journey.
  • B MayfieldB Mayfield
    Posts: 2,092

    Speaking for myself, I have always enjoyed the MGX Classic (PS-New on HIH) tremendously. Yes, the raised nodules near the tip do seem to deliver a little extra stimulation...a bit more defined sensation to be precise. That said, it is indeed true that some users have found this feature irritating. Like so many things this is really a matter of personal preference.

    Some other things to be aware of. The overall dimensions of the Classic are fairly consistent with that of the newer style MGX, however the abutment tab on the older unit is different. Specifically, the abutment arm is longer such that the tab on the Classic engages the perineum closer to the scrotum. As my sweet spot (perineal acupressure point) is closer to my anus, I found this to be a drawback. Back in the days when the MGX-Classic was the only full sized model available, I made modifications to the unit that brought it more into line with my anatomy. I also made suggestions to the manufacturer which they later incorporated into the redesigned MGX such that the abutment tab engaged lower on the perineum.

    It should be said that there are those who enjoy stimulation higher on the perineum as well. If so, the MGX Classic is a good choice.

    One other factor to consider, all Aneros products are designed to be anally driven only (by ones own contractions). They are not to be powered or driven by ones hand. This is particularly the case with MGX-Classic (PS-New) as the raised nodules have been known to cause irritation and even draw blood in some instances when used incorrectly.

    No question, the MGX-Classic lives up to it's name in many respects, it's beautifully balanced, very responsive, and delivers a bit more focused sensation. But depending on one's needs, it may not perform optimally right out of the box.

    Given your application, with your stature and all, it is likely that the longer abutment arm could be a significant that would require modification. Not that I'm trying to discourage mind you, but just to let you know what you could be getting into.

    Hope this helps,

    BF Mayfield
    Posts: 70
    It was the MGX Classic that gave me my first involuntary contraction and my first dry orgasm. This began after I heated and bent the P-tab back about 1/2" allowing a little deeper penetration. As soon as I did this - BAM! Hello new world. Also, it is the only model that has a long enough reach on the P-Tab to get close to my "sweet spot". I am thinking about buying a second one to have just in case I break my first one. It's wonderful. This morning, I inserted the Classic while standing up and I had an immediate dry orgasm.
  • Thanks B.F. and JIH. I'm very careful to use my current Aneros models according to instructions. I certainly don't want any bleeding or other internal damage to any of my parts. I appreciate your views on the Classic. I'll probably give it a lot more thought before I buy one of those. This forum is a great place for sharing ideas and information.
    Thanks again.....