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use during intercourse
  • i read the instructions, was hoping for a couples experience but it seemed to say use by the man only, he wouldn't get an erection. my bf & I tried it & he liked it on his own, he did not get an erection but was supremely satisfied. how can i have vaginal sex with him while he uses the aneros if his blood flow isn't reaching his penis? He is open to anything.
  • Stimulation of his penis would still most likely result in him obtaining an erection so give him a little head job or hand job first, and once his erect, hop on and enjoy the ride :)
  • MornMorn
    Posts: 52
    ^ What he said!!

    Is this flaccidity a normal problem or is it solely when using the aneros??
  • PanPan
    Posts: 249
    Hi terio,

    first, I just want to say the world needs more girlfriends like you! :wink:

    Second, I want to re-assure you that the Aneros does not prevent erections or inhibit blood flow to the penis. In fact, many of our Forum members have reported that the Aneros actually enhances their ability to achieve and maintain erections.

    However, for some of us (myself included), the Aneros does take some getting used to. And that initial period of adjustment may include some temporary difficulty achieving erections while using the Aneros. I don't know why exactly. Personally, I just found the sensations of the Aneros, while certainly pleasurable, incredibly distracting to a point where it was difficult to be aware of both my penis and the Aneros at the same time, which made erections seem almost impossible at the time.

    But over a period of weeks and months, as I grew more accustomed to the Aneros, I began to experience spontaneous erections (without any physical stimulation) more and more until they became commonplace during my sessions.

    The next step for me was learning to masturbate while using the Aneros, and enjoying multiple orgasms without ejaculating. It helped A LOT that I had already learned how enjoy multiple orgasms during regular sex and masturbation using techniques like KSMO ( and The Maxwell Multiple Climax Technique (

    The Aneros can be incredibly stimulating by itself. When combined with penile stimulation, I found the urge to ejaculate could be almost overwhelming at times. So it took a lot of time and practice before I felt confident that I could actually have intercourse with my wife while using the Aneros, for any amount of time.

    But finally, the day came when we decided to give it a try and the experience was simply beyond words. But suffice it to say, I had a firm erection for the whole 90 minutes, more orgasms than I can count, and I actually finished without ejaculating, deeply satisfied.

    For my wife's part, she relished the feeling of power in being able to make cum with the slightest movements of her body, hands, and mouth. I was like puddy in her hands and loved every minute of it! LOL!

    So yes, the Aneros can absolutely be a couple's experience. It just may take some time and practice to build up to full-blown intercourse.

    A couple recommendations:

    1. Try a few sessions with the goal of giving your boyfriend as much pleasure as possible while he uses the Aneros without either of you touching his penis. The more relaxed and aroused he is, the more likely he is to have spontaneous Super-O's from the Aneros alone.

    2. Once your boyfriend is enjoying Super-O's try anerosnewcummer's suggestion of giving your boyfriend passive penile stimulation like oral sex and hand massages while he is using the Aneros. This can be a great opportunity for both of you to learn how much stimulation he can enjoy without going over the edge.

    3. Personally, when it comes to Aneros models, I feel that "less is more," especially when it comes to use during intercourse. For me, the larger the model, the more pressure on the prostate, the more feeling of urgency to ejaculate. This can be great in solo sessions without penile stimulation, but for intercourse, my model of choice is the Peridise, more specifically, the smallest Peridise model from the Advanced Set.

    I find that the Peridise provides plenty of prostate stimulation without encouraging ejaculation. I also find that it enhances my erections more effectively than the larger models. But please keep in mind this is just my own personal preference, and others practitioners may feel differently.

    I hope this helps you and your boyfriend on your journey to new pleasures. And please feel free to keep those questions coming!

    Best of Luck!