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Blue balls of death?
  • PromassPromass
    Posts: 84
    Ok this is not fun for me, i read how people say avoid masturbation after an aneros session that did not give me an orgy. Well i usually masterbate at the end of a session but decided to heed the advice of others and not masturbate that night. Well all was good no blue balls at all the next day i used the aneros no penile stimulation at all i was working the pc muscles and did not have a hard on or anything. Well after about 30 min i got a severe case of blue balls i could not sit or walk good.

    I could not do anything but "relieve" myself and the blue ball syndrom went away after awhile. So how do you guys do it and not ejaculate i seem to get blue balls every day after i don't masturbate after session and do another session next day blue balls? I dont stimulate my penis at all just light contractions of the pc muscles hardly no pre cum either yet blue balls on second session of not ejaculating :cry:

    Can my pc muscles be too strong i am an avid pc exerciser and with out the aneros in i can do pc muscle contractions and have pre cum pouring out in minutes. So i dont know how can i work on getting the -O- from the aneros if i cant do more than 2 sessions with out ejaculating and getting the ol blue balls of death /cry
  • BoPBoP
    Posts: 96
    Did you have this prior to reading about? weird question but can give you some insight. First is your body is unlike any other keep that in mind. Allot of problems with sex are in the mind not body. I say it to everyone : love yourself, love your body. I can not say anything, only that I never had any similar experience and I feel very positive about not ejaculating after aneros sessions, I often do not. I get feeling of energy if I skip ejaculation and I feel horny =).

    Experiment and pay attention to what is causing it.
  • PromassPromass
    Posts: 84
    Thanks for feedback i am not complaining just looking for anyone with similar issues. I am experimenting with my old toy and the progasm i am excited to announce i have a SGX, Helix, and Eupho due here tomorrow for a nice weekend to experiment got my paycheck with lots of overtime and i decided to treat myself for once with the extra change. :lol:

    Also no i did not get this prior to reading about it because i "always" finished with ejaculation just recently i started to not release and each time the second session is bad blue balls even with no single erection. I am trying for multiple daily sessions with no blue balls i wish i could go with not having to ejaculate.
  • BusterBuster
    Posts: 953
    Hi Promass,

    I have had this issue plenty of times. I try to ride it out. To be honest with you, the discomfort that I feel I just try to turn into sexual energy. I have on occasion gotten this same discomfort after a particularly strong ejaculation anyway. I would rather ride it out with a higher sexual energy then after I was spent. Either way, it goes away soon enough.

    Like BoP said, it is your body to explore and everyone is different. You will find a natural cycle of when you should ejaculate and when you shouldn't.