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New experience-?Combined SuperT and SuperO
  • Guys
    Keep up all the great work.
    After a 4 1/2 hour session with the peridise and the hypnaerosession last night (absolute exstacy,every minute of the way) I had a series of 5 involuntary whole body convulsions each lasting about 2 minutes followed by a massive Super T and a SuperO combined as a conclusion.Has any one else had this happen?I think I was in orgasm in my sleep and till midday today!
    Alana says it so well!-every session is different and will be better,just trust it.
    I started off not being too relaxed,but as soon as i relaxed things flew off!

    Long live the peridise
    I am willing to whip out my plastic for any new aneros devices (totally "rewired" to do this :;