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crystal wand hits the spot
  • darwindarwin
    Posts: 1,312

    equalityboy81 has been mentioning the Crystal Wand in some of his posts.

    the Crystal Wand is a lucite g-spot stimulator that comes in two models, original and deluxe. it seems the original was developed for women and the deluxe for men. it is intended to be used manually, not hands-free.

    here they are on amazon:

    i have the deluxe. i have used it in the past mostly for pain therapy, to massage the pelvic floor muscles to relieve chronic pelvic pain (as described in the Headache in the Pelvic book).

    but, based on equalityboy81's mention, i tried it erotically. it has a pointy end and a bumpy end. the bumpy end is supposed to be the handle.

    i lubed up the handle side and inserted it, using it hands-free.

    i was really fantastic. it performed much like an aneros or peridise, hitting my spots really well, and moving on its own. i found it had a very excellent flavor distinct from the aneros products.

    i had a fantastic ride, and i recommend you try it.

    (i have the original on order, and will see how that one works).

    For beginners, the Crystal Wand might have pros and cons.

    - it's configuration is designed so that you can easily touch your g-spot with the wand. this would be a good way for beginners to manually discover and "make a map" of their internal hot spots. do so gently!

    - used hands free, it slips around very well and hits at least my spot well.

    - also, used hands free, you can adjust its position internally

    - it is not designed scientifically as is the aneros, so i don't know if it will be a good way to train your body to do what it has to do, if it doesn't already know how.

    - as with any manual prostate stimulator, there is the very real risk of manually pressing too hard and hurting things down there. (that is the beauty of the aneros hands-free design.)

  • rumelrumel
    Posts: 2,443

    Thank you for mentioning “…as with any manual prostate stimulator, there is the very real risk of manually pressing too hard and hurting things down there. (that is the beauty of the aneros hands-free design.)” I would like to reinforce that statement to potential users of other devices since I have personally experienced injury from a too vigorous manual prostate massage. I certainly do not want any men to also experience this type of pain.
    It is very important to be very gentle when employing a manually manipulated device such as the 'Crystal Wand'.
  • You just have to do it gently when it comes to things other than the Aneros. Use common sense and back off immediately if you feel any pain or discomfort. Thank you Darwin and Rumel for bringing up the crystal wand and reminding people to be safe. That's why I mentioned in an earlier thread wishing for a new type of Aneros that can massage the internal tailbone area safely and handsfree like an Aneros does. I find this device a good warm up before insert the Aneros, especially if you are trying to build arousal in the prostate because if you are not sexually aroused the Aneros session is usually a dud session.

    Here is another place you can get the Crystal Wand and read up on it, I believe this is its original website:
  • You should watch these two DVDs. One of them is called Uranus and it shows how to use the original Crystal Wand and what position to put it in to stimulate the coccyx and tailbone. The other video is called Maximum Orgasm. These are must watch videos for Aneros users to watch.


    Maximum Orgasm: The Man's Guide to Tantric Pleasure
  • darwindarwin
    Posts: 1,312

    first, here is a link to a website describing how to use the Crystal Wand to explore your interior pelvic region for healing purposes:

    second, the Uranus DVD you suggest got a pretty bad review on Amazon (see below). can you elaborate on what you liked about it. (and maybe you should post it as a review on amazon)

    First of all, I have never written a review on a DVD that I have purchased up until now. But I think I should save others from wasting their money on this piece of GARBAGE! I don't know who this Joseph PhD. Kramer is, but someone probably should tell him that the body part is an "Anus", not an "AS* HOLE", as he very professionally refers to it constantly! I bought it thinking that it would be a genuine instructional DVD on the art of erotic massage in the anal area and prostrate gland. What I received is a very poor joke of a moderator explaining in unprofessional terms how to "finger F*&% your as* hole, as he states it! After wasting my money on this DVD, I'm defiantly going to think twice before buying another one from Amazon! If you are thinking of buying this DVD, just take your money and throw it in the garbage, because that's what you'll get with this DVD.

  • rumelrumel
    Posts: 2,443

    Thanks for sharing the link to "Crystal in Uranus", that’s an excellent article, which we all should read. Information like that can serve us all well as we continue our journeys using these marvelous little pleasure tools.
  • Darwin:

    Rumel is right that is an excellent article. I was already aware of its existence but forgot the web address. Thank you for bringing this to our attention. This is definately a better article when it comes to using the Crystal Wand. The video Uranus was okay from my perspective. It mentioned certain anal massage techniques, teaches a guy to feel good and comfortable about stimulating his anus, and it shows a brief scene about using the Crystal Wand where it states is used to stimulate the prostate but can be turned the opposite direction to stimulate the tailbone (they also show it turned around in the opposite). This therefore shows that using the Crystal Wand in the opposite method is an acceptable use of it. They talk about the prostate in the film too and state an important fact: you won't feel much from stimulating the prostate unless you are already sexually aroused.
  • Another Crystal Wand website:
  • I watched that DVD Uranus tonight and had a blissful session with my Crystal Wand. I found the DVD to be quite educational. I think this DVD would be great for all people considering anal play or using or considering the Aneros. Even those experienced with anal play should watch it. It has some good tips and talks about breathing and anal breathing. You can read up more on this DVD and series of DVDs on This DVD and the use of the Crystal Wand are a good warm up for an Aneros session. I transitioned from this to using the MGX tonight. It felt wonderful and I watched some porn on (vids from user name Net Pics) while I had the Aneros in. I felt mild waves of pleasure tonight but had to end my session early because I have to get up early for work in the morning. I used the original Crystal Wand tonight. I find I like it better than the smaller deluxe version. I had also spent a small amount of time using it to massage the internal tailbone area in my pelvic bowl (inside the anus). When done the right way this can feel equivalent to the pleasure of the prostate. I certainly recommend using the Crystal Wands and watching Uranus and another DVD called Maximum Orgasm (which you can get off too).
  • artformartform
    Posts: 1,488
    darwin thanks also for the Crystal-in-Uranus article at The TaoBums!

    As someone, like you, with extensive injuries/health-issues/chronic pain, I have had to develop a practice employing the techniques of physiotherapy and "touch for health" into a self-administered muscle spasm treatment over most of my torso front and back. Keeps the arms and fingers agile! :lol:

    For other purposes too! :shock:

    You have opened possibility that I can further address and treat some of my spasms/pain problems with an internal massage or muscle unlocking. Thanks very much. When I get started, I look forward to comparing notes further.

    And then there are these other benefits! 8)

    all the best darwin, rumel and equalityboy81.