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Aneros Chat Event #5 Transcript
  • Hi Everyone,
    Here is the transcript for the Aneros Chat Event #5. Sorry for the gaps in between - see you all at the next one!
    Aneros Support

    [17:04:31] ArcticWolves: hey rumel
    [17:04:42] ArcticWolves: I guess everyone is watching the Olympics :D
    [17:04:46] ArcticWolves: :)
    [17:04:55] rumel: Go USA
    [17:05:14] ArcticWolves: !!!!
    [17:05:49] ArcticWolves: skeeter you enver answered my question :P
    [17:05:58] ArcticWolves: never*
    [17:06:15] skeeter_g: watched most of the olympics
    [17:06:16] [email][/email]: hello Everyone! sorry I'm am late - darn windows xp service pack 3
    [17:06:26] ArcticWolves: np support
    [17:06:37] ArcticWolves: i just have to say I am in love with the Eupho
    [17:06:54] [email][/email]: AW, that's great to hear
    [17:07:01] ArcticWolves: lol
    [17:07:03] skeeter_g: sorry AW what was the question.
    [17:07:06] [email][/email]: have you had some good success with it?
    [17:07:28] ArcticWolves: yes the sensations are much stronger and powerful so to speak
    [17:07:48] ArcticWolves: i guess because it's smaller and more maneuverable with the maneuverability being the key
    [17:08:20] ArcticWolves: Oh, hows things with you skeeter? lol
    [17:08:44] skeeter_g: Oh things are great.
    [17:09:04] skeeter_g: many in a day.
    [17:09:13] ArcticWolves: I will give support $300 FAKE if they can get ALANA in here <3<br />[17:09:19] skeeter_g: thanks for asking.
    [17:09:52] ArcticWolves: np, you been having some good sessions?
    [17:10:09] [email][/email]: haha we will have to ask Rumel or B Mayfield to arrange that one again
    [17:10:09] ArcticWolves: Mayfield is here!!! How you doing Mr. Mayfield?
    [17:10:16] [email][/email]: hey Brian!
    [17:10:29] B Mayfield: great! Hi All
    [17:10:29] rumel: Hi Brian
    [17:10:40] skeeter_g: man. I satart of a day with about a 45 minute Peridise session, then have to give it a break for about an hour.
    [17:11:09] skeeter_g: just get myself to worked up.
    [17:11:24] B Mayfield: Peridise....nice, nice, very nice...
    [17:11:30] skeeter_g: then 1 hour later go for it again.
    [17:11:53] ArcticWolves: Everyone, we have a new person in here... Please meet nPsion, he is new to the aneros and may have some questions??
    [17:11:54] B Mayfield: so many people with the same device...(Kurt Vonnegut)
    [17:11:58] ArcticWolves: Peridise??
    [17:12:04] ArcticWolves: which version?
    [17:12:12] [email][/email]: Hello nPsion, welcome to the chat event!
    [17:12:17] nPsion: hi all!
    [17:12:21] B Mayfield: welcome
    [17:12:30] [email][/email]: great to have you with us today
    [17:12:34] nPsion: though it was cool there was a chat event so soon after I got my first aneros
    [17:12:37] skeeter_g: hell of a day. usually do three Peerdise sessions in a day
    [17:12:48] ArcticWolves: wow
    [17:12:53] ArcticWolves: only peridise?
    [17:12:54] skeeter_g: I have the beginner set, and use the smaller of the 2
    [17:13:12] skeeter_g: Hi Brian.
    [17:13:14] ArcticWolves: ahh therefore it's larger than the advanced set
    [17:13:27] ArcticWolves: well that sounds awesome
    [17:13:30] B Mayfield: and how's it been going ?
    [17:13:33] B Mayfield: hi skeeter
    [17:13:47] ArcticWolves: Which aneros did you get nPsion?
    [17:14:03] skeeter_g: I think it is a bit larger... that the advanced set.
    [17:14:08] nPsion: the MXG (is that right?)
    [17:14:14] ArcticWolves: must have been hard to make a decision based on all the models that are out
    [17:14:28] ArcticWolves: ahh good choice... that was my first one actually
    [17:14:40] B Mayfield: MGX is a good choice!
    [17:14:50] skeeter_g: do you like it so far?
    [17:14:53] nPsion: yeah, it feels amazing, still working and getting used to it though
    [17:15:08] nPsion: I need to find some larger chunks of time that I can block out for it though
    [17:15:10] ArcticWolves: well if it feels amazing that's a great start!!!
    [17:15:11] B Mayfield: it was my first as well...but then there wasn't anything else out there at the time...
    [17:15:14] skeeter_g: give it time..
    [17:15:31] nPsion: I think I'm having some troulbe letting my body take over, it doesn't seem to want to, I think I still need to adjust
    [17:15:34] ArcticWolves: that's the amazing feeling you want :)
    [17:15:42] B Mayfield: give it time
    [17:16:23] skeeter_g: let it happen.
    [17:16:37] ArcticWolves: Don't force your body to take over... let it happen... relax
    [17:16:40] rumel: Just "LET GO"!
    [17:16:42] nPsion: yeah, I was reading on the forums and found some good topics, I tried lying on my stomach for the first time last night
    [17:17:03] nPsion: that seemed to feel a lot better, so I think I'll try from there for a bit
    [17:17:07] skeeter_g: I think the less I thought about it the faster everything happened.
    [17:17:12] ArcticWolves: and I highly suggest the new CD that rumel and friends created just for noobies such as yourself... you'll get in the ''zone'
    [17:17:19] B Mayfield: that's Arctic's specialty eh?
    [17:17:31] nPsion: oh, I did want to ask, what is a good lube to use? I needed some advice on that
    [17:17:32] ArcticWolves: Sliding, Deeper, Noww??
    [17:17:38] ArcticWolves: lmao
    [17:17:43] B Mayfield: lol
    [17:17:43] skeeter_g: hahaha AW know!! :smile:

    [17:21:16] ArcticWolves: I use liquid silk lube
    [17:21:20] B Mayfield: it's not just a pose with Alana
    [17:21:24] ArcticWolves: it's water based and does the job perfectly
    [17:21:28] B Mayfield: she's really into this...
    [17:21:31] ArcticWolves: no burning from the glycerin and it's great
    [17:21:40] ArcticWolves: but again, it's all personal preference
    [17:21:59] B Mayfield: gotta get something to eat....back in 15 mins
    [17:22:08] skeeter_g: I think the glycerin is the bad stuff.
    [17:22:15] [email][/email]: Brian, the end result is really awesome
    [17:22:25] skeeter_g: it is personal for sure
    [17:22:32] rumel: Alana is a very spiritual (not religious) person who wishes the most for us,
    [17:22:55] rumel: I am very thankful for her participation.
    [17:23:10] skeeter_g: does Alana have a Peridise?
    [17:23:14] nPsion: thanks for the tips everyone! I actually have to head out, but I'll read the rest of the log when it's posted to the forums!
    [17:23:18] skeeter_g: sorry if it affends.
    [17:23:19] ArcticWolves: Alana omg so much can be said about her
    [17:23:35] [email][/email]: it's been really cool to see her participating on the forum and having her join us for one of the previous chat events
    [17:23:36] [email][/email]: as well
    [17:23:37] skeeter_g: ciao nPsion
    [17:23:40] ArcticWolves: One thing for sure is she assists men to happy places in life :D
    [17:23:42] ArcticWolves: lol
    [17:24:05] rumel: Skeeter - I think she is on a level far above needing that!
    [17:24:10] skeeter_g: she does a great job on the CD for sure!!
    [17:24:11] ArcticWolves: glad you could be here nPsion, just give it time and relax are the main keys... don't force anything
    [17:24:45] skeeter_g: Oh.. OK.
    [17:24:48] ArcticWolves: Oh, and hat's of and so much thanks to the person that made the CD downloadable .mp3
    [17:25:00] ArcticWolves: I feel it's popularity and the aneros are going to get so much popularity now
    [17:25:10] ArcticWolves: hats off*
    [17:25:53] skeeter_g: So AW any new videos in the feature?
    [17:26:02] ArcticWolves: lol too bad there wasn't an Aneros commercial during the olympics
    [17:26:15] ArcticWolves: yeah I'm just trying to figure out a better way to capture sound lol
    [17:26:20] ArcticWolves: that pos mic on my camera sucks
    [17:26:34] rumel: I made it available so the guys overseas could avoid the exhorbitant shipping costs.
    [17:26:37] skeeter_g: I think I'm going to start calling you "Two Socks" :laugh:
    [17:26:48] ArcticWolves: it seems like people want to see me on my back for some reason... i think just to see my face
    [17:27:45] ArcticWolves: Heck I get some comments that they think I'm cumming bucket loads or something... Sadly they'll be disappointed lol
    [17:27:50] skeeter_g: Yeah I have noticed that in some of the posts.. but if the back is not good for you then oh well.
    [17:28:05] ArcticWolves: it sure feels like it though
    [17:28:15] ArcticWolves: My next video will be with the Eupho though
    [17:28:20] ArcticWolves: Gosh I love that thing
    [17:28:40] skeeter_g: I think it may have to do with so many folks using their Aneros on their backs and want to see the results.

    [17:38:57] skeeter_g: I thnk many guys still have the old fear of something that is kinda taboo to them.
    [17:39:06] skeeter_g: and that is too bad for sure.
    [17:39:29] [email][/email]: there is a good and bad element to do large scale marketing
    [17:39:58] skeeter_g: Advertising is also very expensive..
    [17:40:07] ArcticWolves: yes i was just going to say that
    [17:40:21] [email][/email]: we love what the aneros community has become and continues to be because our members are really positive
    [17:40:35] B Mayfield: when I had written my testimonial....many years ago, I had said that I felt that the Aneros deserved a place in drugstores..
    [17:40:42] skeeter_g: Yeah maybe the Web is the best way to go...
    [17:40:45] ArcticWolves: LOL
    [17:40:47] B Mayfield: ALL OVER THE LAND!!!
    [17:40:49] [email][/email]: and interested in exploring these new "sexual horizons."
    [17:40:58] rumel: That isbecause you have a great product.
    [17:41:06] skeeter_g: I'm with you Brian
    [17:41:06] B Mayfield: FROM COAST TO COAST!!!
    [17:41:07] [email][/email]: as you all know the educational element is really important
    [17:41:13] B Mayfield: lol
    [17:41:29] ArcticWolves: yes the right attitude is very important
    [17:41:32] [email][/email]: and the people who find us are more willing to be patience, discuss, learn, and share
    [17:41:34] skeeter_g: they just are not mainstream enough yet
    [17:41:49] ArcticWolves: i guess that's why we don't see sex toy advertisements that much because of the cost involved and the mindset
    [17:42:08] ArcticWolves: people have towards it of being private and therefore censored but I was thinking of something
    [17:42:09] B Mayfield: don't know if you remember, but there was a time when you could find vibrators in drugstores...."personal massage device"
    [17:42:11] [email][/email]: for many men the idea of "letting it happen" is still tough to fully digest
    [17:42:21] ArcticWolves: really quick on Porno Tube, or X Tube or w/e other tubes are out there
    [17:42:27] B Mayfield: the packaging showed some lady using it on her face!
    [17:42:31] ArcticWolves: after all we know how many users go to those places in a given day
    [17:42:50] skeeter_g: I dont know why the west has always had such a hangup with sexual things.
    [17:42:54] B Mayfield: yeah that'd be cool
    [17:42:55] ArcticWolves: but I understand that you have to be cautious about the way you do the commercial and what is said
    [17:43:12] [email][/email]: right
    [17:43:16] rumel: Puritanical Hangover.
    [17:43:19] B Mayfield: that's for sure....gotten worse over the last seveal decades
    [17:43:27] ArcticWolves: and it's really something only the end-user can do... what you say isn't going to give him anything
    [17:43:28] skeeter_g: My wife is Italian and they are way more open to sexual things.
    [17:43:32] B Mayfield: hoping we're at the end of that
    [17:43:35] ArcticWolves: and that's where the WIKI falls in <3 :)<br />[17:43:47] B Mayfield: it's my mission to do serious damage to that in some way!
    [17:44:20] rumel: I'll help you Brian.
    [17:44:38] ArcticWolves: LOL
    [17:44:41] [email][/email]: well I can tell you guys that we are going to be in an informerical in the near future
    [17:44:43] skeeter_g: Yeah you are correct Brian, I was brought up in the 60's and all that free love was more of a joke.
    [17:44:59] ArcticWolves: i really don't see what the big idea is with nudity i mean they are embarassed to be human
    [17:45:00] [email][/email]: i'm not sure where it's going to be shown

    [17:49:08] ArcticWolves: all these g-spot women's sex toys
    [17:49:19] ArcticWolves: i was going wtf there is no men toys :P
    [17:49:24] skeeter_g: Hell, and I'm actually making the internet faster!!!
    [17:49:26] skeeter_g: hahaha
    [17:49:56] ArcticWolves: the guy who created/designed these is a genious beyond this world
    [17:50:09] ArcticWolves: more famous than the guy who discovered the g-spot for women
    [17:50:13] ArcticWolves: and I'm not saying his name
    [17:50:20] [email][/email]: thanks AW, I will pass on the kind words
    [17:50:42] ArcticWolves: i mean a true genious
    [17:50:42] skeeter_g: I design equipment now for a very large company...
    [17:51:02] ArcticWolves: lol ''large company''?
    [17:51:03] skeeter_g: I want it fast so videos even look better!!
    [17:51:10] ArcticWolves: lmao my mind is thinking several things LOL
    [17:51:12] ArcticWolves: lol
    [17:51:39] skeeter_g: yeah Cisco Systems.
    [17:51:49] [email][/email]: cool
    [17:51:49] skeeter_g: probably should not say but what the hell.
    [17:52:05] [email][/email]: ha it's a gigantic company
    [17:52:16] skeeter_g: how about 40 gigs a second!!
    [17:52:18] skeeter_g: hahaha
    [17:52:28] [email][/email]: WOW
    [17:52:50] ArcticWolves: nice
    [17:52:58] skeeter_g: I have been in the industry almost at the beginning.
    [17:53:07] ArcticWolves: aww Brian left I must have missed that
    [17:53:10] skeeter_g: but it was not soon enough..
    [17:53:17] [email][/email]: i think he'll be abck
    [17:53:26] skeeter_g: Hmm did not see Brian go.
    [17:53:59] [email][/email]: maybe technical difficulties - I need to make a note that firefox is the browser to use
    [17:54:17] skeeter_g: Your great AW.. so funny...
    [17:54:31] ArcticWolves: lol
    [17:54:36] [email][/email]: skeeter, what is your favorite model and which ones do you have?
    [17:54:44] ArcticWolves: my nick name in real-life is smiley lol
    [17:54:54] ArcticWolves: i'm always smiling lol
    [17:54:54] skeeter_g: hey support.. Im using Safari, and it works great.
    [17:55:02] [email][/email]: oh that's good
    [17:55:13] ArcticWolves: wow is that a new model?
    [17:55:15] skeeter_g: dont know how well it works on the windows side.
    [17:55:28] ArcticWolves: it has windows too?
    [17:55:34] ArcticWolves: boy they really made it good
    [17:55:43] ArcticWolves: LMAO j/k
    [17:55:53] skeeter_g: good for you AW a smile is a great thing!!
    [17:56:16] skeeter_g: they have Safari for windows.
    [17:56:25] skeeter_g: should work well.
    [17:56:27] ArcticWolves: Skeeter we're curious to hear you answer supports question :)

    [17:59:47] skeeter_g: so I need to get the pro Peridise set and the Maximus.
    [17:59:50] [email][/email]: that's great
    [18:00:00] skeeter_g: then i'm done.
    [18:00:19] ArcticWolves: HOLY COWS FALLING FROM THE CLOUDS!!! that's a great collection
    [18:00:24] skeeter_g: by the way... anybody have the Maximus, and how doyou like it?
    [18:00:55] ArcticWolves: doesn't the maximus have the tab like the mgx?
    [18:01:04] [email][/email]: yes
    [18:01:13] skeeter_g: I really like my anal toys!! :laugh:
    [18:01:21] [email][/email]: the maximus as the larger tab like the MGX and SGX
    [18:01:47] [email][/email]: how do you like the progasm?
    [18:01:52] ArcticWolves: BRIAN IS BACK!!! w00h000 party time!!!
    [18:02:06] B Mayfield: I'm back! Technical difficultes
    [18:02:08] skeeter_g: Fir a while I just did not like using the Progasm.
    [18:02:15] B Mayfield: LOL
    [18:02:24] skeeter_g: thay is why I was thinging of the Maximus.
    [18:02:26] ArcticWolves: is the tab like the Eupho on the MGX? because I'm curious if I have and old version of the mgx
    [18:02:48] skeeter_g: but recently I started to get back into the Progasm, and it is fine.
    [18:03:01] B Mayfield: Eupho has a new style tab
    [18:03:03] skeeter_g: cool Brian.
    [18:03:04] ArcticWolves: yes the progasm is amazing for it's k-tab
    [18:03:09] ArcticWolves: that hits the tailbone
    [18:03:17] [email][/email]: yes, it depends on the sensations you are going for
    [18:03:27] ArcticWolves: sends shivers up my spine every time
    [18:03:45] [email][/email]: movement is more limited with the maximus and progasm
    [18:03:48] ArcticWolves: shivers = electrice charge feelings
    [18:03:53] [email][/email]: but there is still movement, which is they key
    [18:03:55] skeeter_g: you know that is funny AW, I cut off the k-tab it just did not fit my body and actually kinda hurt.
    [18:04:07] ArcticWolves: awwww
    [18:04:08] [email][/email]: the eupho just dances all over the place
    [18:04:12] ArcticWolves: that was the best part :(
    [18:04:14] B Mayfield: I find more movement with the Progasm myself
    [18:04:28] B Mayfield: DIRTY DANCIN'
    [18:04:32] skeeter_g: The Eupho sure does dance!!
    [18:04:33] ArcticWolves: yes the eupho sure dances alright :) it danced all night long ;)
    [18:04:39] skeeter_g: hahaha
    [18:04:44] [email][/email]: yep Brian the design of the progasm is really awesome
    [18:04:46] B Mayfield: lol
    [18:04:47] ArcticWolves: lmao
    [18:04:53] skeeter_g: :laugh:
    [18:04:59] [email][/email]: the size with the ability to move
    [18:05:06] B Mayfield: something that large and still's amazing!
    [18:05:09] ArcticWolves: i find my contractions are much stronger though with the progasm
    [18:05:14] B Mayfield: yes indeed

    [18:05:06] B Mayfield: something that large and still's amazing!
    [18:05:09] ArcticWolves: i find my contractions are much stronger though with the progasm
    [18:05:14] B Mayfield: yes indeed
    [18:05:24] ArcticWolves: but the feeling is really incredible with the eupho
    [18:05:37] skeeter_g: I sometime use the Eupho and then change to the Peridise.
    [18:05:41] B Mayfield: it's one of my faves
    [18:05:48] ArcticWolves: it's like it's on my spot every time and it just massages the h*** out of me
    [18:06:08] skeeter_g: very cool AW
    [18:06:20] skeeter_g: thats what it is all about!!
    [18:06:37] ArcticWolves: I have been trying so hard to change positions
    [18:06:58] B Mayfield: on to your back you mean?
    [18:06:59] skeeter_g: AW do you still only use your stomach?
    [18:07:20] ArcticWolves: I tried on my back twice with the CD and got amazing results
    [18:07:25] ArcticWolves: once the CD goes off notta
    [18:07:39] skeeter_g: wow.
    [18:07:41] B Mayfield: there will come a time
    [18:07:44] ArcticWolves: so it's back to the stomach :(
    [18:07:52] B Mayfield: when technique is "background"
    [18:08:19] rumel: That's interesting AW.
    [18:08:21] ArcticWolves: it seems like the CD charged me up more for it while i was on my back
    [18:08:27] B Mayfield: when you become so familiar with it ....that technque is not as much of a consideration
    [18:08:50] ArcticWolves: but once I shut it off and had another go at it another night I didn't really get that much pleasurable feelings
    [18:08:58] ArcticWolves: on my stomach was awesome though...
    [18:09:09] ArcticWolves: it's weird i guess
    [18:09:24] B Mayfield: no it's's totally normal
    [18:09:40] ArcticWolves: it was very interesting on my back when the CD had me convulsing all over the place... it was comical actually
    [18:09:44] ArcticWolves: you should have seen the bed after it
    [18:09:45] B Mayfield: it's a evolution....the rewiring...
    [18:10:02] ArcticWolves: a tractor or tornado had visited my bed
    [18:10:03] skeeter_g: I have mentioned this before, but it is usually back for me with the traditional Aneros, and almost a "must" on the stomach
    [18:10:03] B Mayfield: were you wearing your socks at the time?
    [18:10:13] ArcticWolves: LMFAO my socks
    [18:10:13] skeeter_g: with the Peridise.
    [18:10:21] ArcticWolves: lol lol lol
    [18:10:25] B Mayfield: LMAO
    [18:10:34] ArcticWolves: you guys and my socks lol lol lol lol lol

    [18:11:12] B Mayfield: :)
    [18:11:13] [email][/email]: :laugh:
    [18:11:13] ArcticWolves: i'll wearm em just for my next video ;)
    [18:11:17] B Mayfield: hysterical!!!!
    [18:11:24] ArcticWolves: I will wear them especially for my next video
    [18:11:34] ArcticWolves: I thought you would like to see my toes curl and all that stuff so I took them off
    [18:11:38] B Mayfield: you've got's your "civic duty" lol
    [18:11:47] ArcticWolves: LOL alright
    [18:11:50] skeeter_g: cool... it will be your trade mark!!
    [18:12:00] ArcticWolves: two socks lol
    [18:12:03] B Mayfield: it is is
    [18:12:07] B Mayfield: two socks
    [18:12:11] B Mayfield: yessiree!
    [18:12:15] skeeter_g: :laugh: :laugh: :laugh:
    [18:12:16] ArcticWolves: LOL
    [18:12:29] B Mayfield: you know what would be funny?
    [18:12:37] B Mayfield: if someone else did a video
    [18:12:42] B Mayfield: with no socks
    [18:12:53] B Mayfield: and his feet were filthy lol
    [18:12:54] ArcticWolves: :(
    [18:12:57] B Mayfield: LMAO
    [18:13:06] ArcticWolves: that could be you Brian lol :)
    [18:13:24] ArcticWolves: yes we'd be laughing alright
    [18:13:28] ArcticWolves: Brian and his filthy feet
    [18:13:30] B Mayfield: no you...someone else...just trying to make a name for himself!!! LOL
    [18:13:31] ArcticWolves: LMAO
    [18:13:42] rumel: How about a Sasquatch with Aneros?
    [18:13:44] B Mayfield: lol
    [18:13:49] B Mayfield: LMAO
    [18:13:55] ArcticWolves: don't be so advanced rumel
    [18:14:01] ArcticWolves: explain what that word means
    [18:14:03] ArcticWolves: LOL
    [18:14:04] B Mayfield: I dyin here...;)
    [18:14:13] skeeter_g: hey rumel who is that??
    [18:14:21] rumel: Bigfoot
    [18:14:24] B Mayfield: but seriously folks
    [18:14:29] skeeter_g: hahaha
    [18:14:32] ArcticWolves: oh lord
    [18:14:38] ArcticWolves: I just looked it up on google
    [18:14:48] B Mayfield: this is really a hoot today!
    [18:14:48] ArcticWolves: rofl rumel
    [18:15:00] ArcticWolves: I am slow ;)
    [18:15:09] B Mayfield: too much
    [18:15:19] skeeter_g: like that jacklink jurky one on the tv
    [18:15:25] ArcticWolves: ?
    [18:15:34] ArcticWolves: crappy commericial imho
    [18:15:42] ArcticWolves: commercial* OMG can't type
    [18:15:55] skeeter_g: yeah, true...
    [18:16:14] B Mayfield: seriously...AW
    [18:16:28] ArcticWolves: I get so tired of seeing these caveman apes for commercials it's rediculous but w/e floats your boat
    [18:16:43] B Mayfield: there will come a tiime when you can have this experience in almost any position...
    [18:16:57] ArcticWolves: look what you started rummel now we're off on apes lol
    [18:17:03] skeeter_g: Most comercials are not that good.
    [18:17:13] B Mayfield: sasquatch..
    [18:17:18] B Mayfield: not apes
    [18:17:27] ArcticWolves: sasquatches and aneros
    [18:17:28] ArcticWolves: ok
    [18:17:30] ArcticWolves: :)
    [18:17:45] skeeter_g: but it is a marketing thing.. make folks remember even if it is really dumb.
    [18:18:01] ArcticWolves: I look forward to that day Brian I really do.. but it will just come
    [18:18:19] B Mayfield: yes.. it will
    [18:18:34] B Mayfield: and again, like anything else you can't force it
    [18:18:43] B Mayfield: but don't stop exploring
    [18:18:45] skeeter_g: here is hoping...
    [18:18:54] ArcticWolves: does anyone else get that really electric warm sking feeling of electricity flowing through your body??? that is so amazing
    [18:19:12] B Mayfield: and I mean exploring things that you've done in the past that DIDN'T work
    [18:19:16] ArcticWolves: sking should be skin feeling sorry typo
    [18:19:30] B Mayfield: all of sudden it's like, it's a new day...
    [18:19:55] B Mayfield: warm beet
    [18:19:57] B Mayfield: bet
    [18:20:17] B Mayfield: I'll you guys something...
    [18:20:25] B Mayfield: last 4th of July
    [18:20:30] ArcticWolves: lol?
    [18:20:35] skeeter_g: yes I do AW... and talk about energy after!! the O stops.
    [18:20:37] ArcticWolves: I will you guys something?
    [18:20:38] B Mayfield: I went to a fireworks display
    [18:20:59] ArcticWolves: I'll tell you guys something?? * :P lol :)
    [18:21:19] B Mayfield: I was looking up in the sky and getting all this intense visual stimulation
    [18:21:32] [email][/email]: coool
    [18:21:40] B Mayfield: and I realized suddenly that if I wanted to I could have an orgasm
    [18:21:49] B Mayfield: I know this sounds strange
    [18:21:52] ArcticWolves: ok stop it right now brian I have to go get my aneros!!! omg wow
    [18:22:19] ArcticWolves: wow
    [18:22:23] B Mayfield:'s alll the same currency, you know
    [18:22:34] B Mayfield: it's about channeling energy
    [18:22:40] ArcticWolves: I am breathless
    [18:22:44] skeeter_g: I sure could have a chairgasm as we write!!
    [18:22:54] B Mayfield: and allowing your body to respond to it in a certain way
    [18:23:05] ArcticWolves: uhm skeeter those started when mayfield said warm electric lol
    [18:23:14] skeeter_g: I totally understand Brian what you mean.
    [18:23:27] B Mayfield: I was having all sorts of Pwaves just sitting there looking into the sky..
    [18:23:39] [email][/email]: brian do you mean you felt you could have one without even need to do some contractions/
    [18:23:40] [email][/email]: ?
    [18:23:50] [email][/email]: needing to do some
    [18:23:53] skeeter_g: wow AW.. very cool.
    [18:24:07] ArcticWolves: lol skeeter
    [18:24:08] B Mayfield: (particularly like the deep violet ones, lol)
    [18:24:14] rumel: Brian, I understand what you are saying, I just am not that wired yet.
    [18:24:30] ArcticWolves: Brian that is amazing
    [18:24:33] B Mayfield:'s something to look forward to ...
    [18:24:34] ArcticWolves: and wow
    [18:24:46] skeeter_g: stop it AW... now you are starting me... boy!!
    [18:24:59] ArcticWolves: I guess there is some meaning to the humans are complex machines
    [18:25:06] ArcticWolves: lol
    [18:25:31] ArcticWolves: oops complex creations*
    [18:25:34] B Mayfield: I mention this only in keeping with the thought....that it's not about position or technique ultimately
    [18:25:35] skeeter_g: Yes, correct.
    [18:25:41] rumel: AW we are amazing machines!
    [18:26:09] B Mayfield: granted, in the earlier days of this...we need to observe a more defined get us there
    [18:26:19] ArcticWolves: Our bodies and mind are capable of things we perceive to be unrealistic
    [18:26:31] ArcticWolves: you know what that's what we are doing
    [18:26:34] B Mayfield: but there will come a day when you have many paths before you...
    [18:26:41] skeeter_g: As I continue to progress Brian, I always go to a new level of my mind.
    [18:26:43] ArcticWolves: we are rewiring our whole body but most importantly our perceptions
    [18:26:49] skeeter_g: it is amazing.
    [18:26:54] B Mayfield: yes
    [18:27:00] B Mayfield: yes indeed
    [18:27:10] ArcticWolves: our perceptions of what we thought was incapable and it's hard for some because they don't want to let it go
    [18:27:14] ArcticWolves: I get it now woohoo
    [18:27:18] B Mayfield: This is the essence of Tantra
    [18:27:26] B Mayfield: and Dao
    [18:27:29] ArcticWolves: I'm buying a book
    [18:27:44] ArcticWolves: it just cliked in my head all of a sudden just now...

    [18:36:53] cet: Skeeter -- 41 now, and not looking forward to increased insurance premiums. :(
    [18:37:00] B Mayfield: yes that's totally normal
    [18:37:06] ArcticWolves: might be sore because you just had a 5 hour session
    [18:37:08] skeeter_g: did the my seld a couple days ago... almost had the whole day with the Peridise and multiple sessions.
    [18:37:16] rumel: jk - as far as I know there will be no adverse effects from reasonable usage.
    [18:37:38] jkeye: will i be ok to use it again today?
    [18:37:48] B Mayfield: definitely...abdominal contractions deep...
    [18:37:59] skeeter_g: jusy enjoy and happy birthday!!!
    [18:38:04] B Mayfield: what ever floats your boat!
    [18:38:05] cet: JK -- Your body will tell you ... if you're comfortable with it, go ahead ... if it causes pain or otherwise, stop.
    [18:38:20] jkeye: thanks guys!!
    [18:38:23] skeeter_g: 41 is a great year... ell all of the 40's were.
    [18:38:28] B Mayfield: cet has it right
    [18:38:29] ArcticWolves: great advice cet I couldn't have said it any better myself
    [18:38:40] ArcticWolves: I turn 23 in 2 weeks
    [18:38:49] skeeter_g: spelling yuk, sorry
    [18:39:12] cet: Thanks Skeeter. Although I was thinking of joining the Jack Benny club and turn 39 for the 3rd time! ;)
    [18:39:15] B Mayfield: Oh my.....I really envy being having this experince at your age!
    [18:39:23] ArcticWolves: lol cet
    [18:39:44] skeeter_g: AW enjoy all life has to offer!!
    [18:39:45] ArcticWolves: yes I am definitely loving life Brian I am one happy 22 year old
    [18:39:57] ArcticWolves: because I got a secret up my sleeve not all 22 year olds know about ;)
    [18:40:03] B Mayfield: So cool!
    [18:40:15] skeeter_g: I still think i'm 26 does that count!!! ?? :laugh: :laugh:
    [18:40:21] ArcticWolves: LOL
    [18:40:27] ArcticWolves: yes that's excellent
    [18:40:34] skeeter_g: you are so correct AW
    [18:40:37] B Mayfield: it's wierd isn't it....I've often told people that I feel like Clark Kent....ya know?
    [18:40:40] ArcticWolves: it's great to see younger guys get involved in this experience
    [18:40:40] cet: AW -- Think of the money you'll save ... every 22-year-old I remember from my day was spending everything they had for the ->
    [18:41:01] skeeter_g: and what a very cool secret you have!!
    [18:41:02] ArcticWolves: -> what is ->?
    [18:41:02] cet: smallest possibility of sexual gratification. You've got it in a package and a bottle! :)
    [18:41:14] ArcticWolves: lol
    [18:41:18] B Mayfield: to get laid you mean?
    [18:41:22] B Mayfield: lol
    [18:41:28] ArcticWolves: yeah that's what I thought it was a symbol
    [18:41:42] cet: Meant continued on next line!
    [18:41:55] ArcticWolves: lol
    [18:42:09] skeeter_g: It is funny guys but I truly dont feel as old as I'm, and I dont think I ever will..
    [18:42:26] rumel: I think the Aneros may free men to think with their minds instead of their Johnson's.
    [18:42:33] B Mayfield: that IS as it should be!
    [18:42:34] cet: Brian -- Got it in one. Work 2 jobs, to pay for the car, to impress the chicks, to get the date, to spend the money on ->
    [18:42:47] skeeter_g: I always have had a fresh young mind
    [18:43:01] skeeter_g: Rumel you are totally correct.

    [18:49:02] skeeter_g: I'm glad support is keeping these chat going for us!!
    [18:49:02] ArcticWolves: so jkeye which model do you own? just the peridise?
    [18:49:26] jkeye: i have the helix and peridise advanced
    [18:49:41] rumel: We are discussing some pretty intimate topics, but we have a level of anonymity to protect us.
    [18:50:05] jkeye: used the helix twice and bit the bug and got the peridise last week
    [18:50:22] cet: Which is giving you more of a ride JK?
    [18:50:25] jkeye: also bought the alana download
    [18:50:36] jkeye: the peridise!!!!!!!!
    [18:50:42] skeeter_g: yeah you are correct rumel. this is really a great forum and chat.
    [18:50:51] cet: Interesting ...
    [18:51:14] skeeter_g: intersting jk
    [18:51:27] jkeye: my credit card had a super O,and its the best purchase of my life!!
    [18:51:35] ArcticWolves: rumel i think if we made it legal to talk about this stuff the world would be a different place
    [18:51:37] cet: biggest or smallest of the peridise set?
    [18:51:40] skeeter_g: hahaha
    [18:52:02] cet: AW -- Nothing illegal or illicit about it ... some folks just don't have open minds.
    [18:52:03] jkeye: samllest-i find the helix leaves me a bit sorer
    [18:52:20] rumel: It is legal just awkward with the wrong people.
    [18:52:21] jkeye: sorry smallest!
    [18:52:22] ArcticWolves: imho there wouldn't be such a negative view on it in the first place... it just doesn't make sense to me but oh well
    [18:52:28] cet: sore inside or on the perenium?
    [18:52:36] ArcticWolves: rofl jkeye
    [18:52:44] ArcticWolves: that was the best thing I have ever read
    [18:52:46] jkeye: afterwards-tummy
    [18:52:50] ArcticWolves: you need to make that a signature comment
    [18:53:01] ArcticWolves: that should be your signature
    [18:53:08] ArcticWolves: it's perfect
    [18:53:19] cet: Sounds like muscle cramping.
    [18:53:26] jkeye: yeah-maybe itll change after tonights new limits!
    [18:54:15] skeeter_g: I have been trying to figure out if a newby should use both when they are trying to "Rewire"?
    [18:54:21] ArcticWolves: that's the spirit JK
    [18:54:22] cet: So, what time does this party hit last call?
    [18:54:23] skeeter_g: do you think it matters?
    [18:54:41] jkeye: how often do u guys use the aneros if its ok to ask
    [18:54:42] skeeter_g: a few minutes...
    [18:54:42] ArcticWolves: i give us about 4 minutes left
    [18:55:09] cet: Did Support say goodbye before I arrived?
    [18:55:30] skeeter_g: jk. personally I cannot seem to use the Peridise, and then Aneros in the same session.
    [18:55:32] ArcticWolves: well it's been a lot of fun everyone and I hope everyone keeps enjoying their love toys and stays safe so we can talk again!!
    [18:55:45] [email][/email]: hi Cet, I am here, had to step away for a few minutes
    [18:55:46] rumel: 3-4 times a week.
    [18:55:56] skeeter_g: They do feel differently when used my be the reason.
    [18:55:58] ArcticWolves: I'm not leaving until this room shuts down but there's my goodbye
    [18:56:01] [email][/email]: glad you could make it!
    [18:56:28] ArcticWolves: so we getting 10% off on something LOL :P
    [18:56:31] cet: Oh, hey! No worries! Wouldn't have been the same without you saying HELLO! :)
    [18:56:34] ArcticWolves: oh I'm just kidding
    [18:56:45] [email][/email]: :smile:
    [18:56:58] rumel: AW - glad you are here, as well as all you other fellows.
    [18:57:02] jkeye: see u later guys-was great talking-great minds and all that
    [18:57:08] [email][/email]: the chat room will close by itself 10 minutes after the hour
    [18:57:08] cet: Yeah, FREE peridise for the Birthday boy! MUWAHAHAHA! :)
    [18:57:21] ArcticWolves: ROFL
    [18:57:28] ArcticWolves: My birthday is right around the corner
    [18:57:30] skeeter_g: Ciao all!
    [18:57:40] skeeter_g: another wonderful chat!!
    [18:57:41] ArcticWolves: later skeeter
    [18:57:45] ArcticWolves: yes it was
    [18:58:00] ArcticWolves: I want a Helix for my Birthday :P
    [18:58:04] skeeter_g: AW Happy B Day!! when it comes.
    [18:58:05] ArcticWolves: lmfao
    [18:58:06] cet: Happy B-day if I don't hear from you before next chat AW.
    [18:58:11] ArcticWolves: thanks
    [18:58:20] [email][/email]: look for the next chat event to be scheduled soon
    [18:58:34] [email][/email]: instead of a general event we may mix it up with a theme
    [18:58:46] ArcticWolves: mmmmm nice
    [18:58:54] [email][/email]: maybe a newbies event or whatever you guys suggest
    [18:58:57] ArcticWolves: keyword 'may' :) lol
    [18:58:58] skeeter_g: OK sounds good support.
    [18:59:07] [email][/email]: i'll post something on the Chat Center forum looking for suggestions
    [18:59:14] jkeye: bye guys
    [18:59:19] ArcticWolves: bye
    [18:59:25] skeeter_g: OK
    [18:59:33] cet: Lube Cocktails -- Is one just enough? Are there better results with lube-Mixology?
    [18:59:49] rumel: Bye, jk
    [18:59:59] jkeye: is cocoa butter any good?
    [19:00:05] skeeter_g: Ciao rumel talk to you soon.
    [19:00:26] ArcticWolves: sure
    [19:00:34] ArcticWolves: cocoa butter is all natural
    [19:00:38] ArcticWolves: should be great
    [19:00:41] rumel: I really like the Natural Jelly concotion.
    [19:00:55] ArcticWolves: Naturual Jelly?
    [19:00:56] jkeye: whats that?
    [19:01:04] ArcticWolves: do explain
    [19:01:08] rumel: Bye skeeter
    [19:01:09] skeeter_g: use some shea butter also.
    [19:01:17] skeeter_g: very natural
    [19:01:28] ArcticWolves: mmmmmm
    [19:01:55] jkeye: ha ha
    [19:01:57] skeeter_g: if you want to go natural, there are few threads.
    [19:02:08] rumel: You can find the Natural Jelly recipe on the Forum just use the seach function to find the thread.
    [19:02:19] jkeye: thanks
    [19:02:19] ArcticWolves: lol
    [19:02:35] skeeter_g: yeah.. it may have been a thread started by BoP
    [19:02:45] cet: I'm having some chat applet issues, so apologies all ...
    [19:02:58] jkeye: do u need to relube inbetween a session?
    [19:03:42] rumel: I haven't found that necessary with the Natural Jelly.
    [19:03:48] cet: I do recall seeing some organic coconut oil in the grocery ... it was about $10 for a small jar, which seems pricey, but ->
    [19:03:56] cet: perhaps not so much for a lube.
    [19:04:13] skeeter_g: some of the natural lubes are not totally water based, but natural items you eat as well.
    [19:04:31] rumel: Well you can always cook with it too!
    [19:04:38] skeeter_g: hahaha
    [19:04:47] jkeye: see u later
    [19:04:48] cet: I'll stick with EVOO for cooking.
    [19:04:48] skeeter_g: yes you can!!
    [19:05:06] skeeter_g: cocunut oil, you can
    [19:05:08] rumel: Bye jk
    [19:05:17] skeeter_g: :laugh:
    [19:05:39] skeeter_g: see ya jk
    [19:05:50] cet: Well folks, I'm glad I could drop by ... I'll wait for the transcript to see what I missed!
    [19:06:11] rumel: Bye cet
    [19:06:26] skeeter_g: see ya cet
    [19:06:35] cet: Cheers all!
    [19:06:50] ArcticWolves: you'll love the transcript
    [19:06:59] ArcticWolves: it's Brian talking about his rewiring
    [19:08:20] ArcticWolves: As Always, thanks everyone for taking your precious time out of the day to be with us it has been a pleasure to talk...
    [19:08:47] ArcticWolves: Thanks Rumel and skeeter for all your wonderful advice/comments
    [19:08:56] skeeter_g: We are such a great group !! :smile:
    [19:09:00] rumel: Yeah it has been fun.
    [00:00:00] Administrator: This chat event is ending soon. See you at the next one!
    [19:09:08] [email][/email]: Guys I'd like to thank you guys for joining again! Skeeter, you are definitely right!
    [19:09:58] [email][/email]: thanks and take care until the next event! bye!!!