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A question not yet asked.
  • Greetings to all on the forum! This is my first post, and I have been a lurker for almost two years now. Finally thought it was time to contribute a bit. I am amazed at how friendly and open this forum is and how every new comer is welcomed with a "Welcome to the Forum" quote. What a great atmosphere. :P
    Anyway, I have a question that hasn't been asked here yet(at least I haven't seen it, and I have read all posts over the years). I hope to get some answers from the pro's out there too. I will ask the question and then give my experience so you can think about the question as you read. And no, my question is not "What is the meaning of life?" I already know the answer to that is: 42. Without further suspense here is my question:

    Can a Super-O be stopped? **Pauses as shock fills the audience** (Remember this is a question and not something you would want to do probably.) For me an Orgasm once it gets started is a series of events that is pretty much unstoppable once you have passed the Point of No Return and then it runs its course. However, does the Super-O fall into this category or not? Can you build yourself up, get a Super-O going, and then somehow stop the pleasure, contractions, whatever, in "Mid-Super-O"? (once again, not that you would want to, I just want to know if others have done it). I ask because I think I have reached Super-O level, however, I am able(and accidentally did) to stop the senstations once they begin. So maybe I am not there, and would like clarification. I would like to give advice and help for noobies on the forum, but don't like to give advice unless I know I am really there. Kind of like if you know nothing about how to fix an engine you shouldn't be telling others how to do it. Here is what I experience in the best details I can muster, lube, Aneros type, etc.. are not important factors, as I get this consistently with all models.

    Usually as soon as I put the Aneros in I get strong throbbing sensations in my stomach and abdominal area, almost like my heart is beating in my stomach, which is kind of strange. Lots of nice tingly sensations inside too. After about 10 minutes(usually mini contractions going the whole time) I feel a tingling in the perinium area. This tingling gets stronger and stronger, and almost unbearable sometimes in fact. Kind of like when someone tickles your foot and you just have to pull away after a certain amount of time. If I stick with it though, something strange happens. The tickling gets stronger and stronger, like a building up, and then nothing. I have about 2 seconds with no sensation at all, which feels like when you get to the point of no return. Then a soft vibrating sensation starts. This is different than the tickling and man, it feels so great!! It is like the Aneros, my Anus, Prostate, have all become a vibrator. It is very subtle though, and very soft. It is very intense!! The first time I got this sensation to start, it startled me and I did a strong contraction(automatic), pullling the Aneros deep inside, this made things go out of wack and the sensation went away. This strong vibrating sensation usually lasts about one to two minutes. I have never been able to keep it going indefinately. However, when it has gone the tickling sensations return, and I can build those up again to make the same sensation start again. For me it reminds me of the process of a regular Penile Orgasm without the ending. I don't experience a sensation of ejaculation like some people do, nor do I make loud noise, or see colors, etc. Maybe this is a Prostate thing only?

    I have been wanting to get one where I feel the same strong muscular pulses that you get through a regular Penile Orgasm, is that even possible? I have been hoping to get an Orgasm that was just uncontrollable, and runs its course no matter what I do, kind of like a traditional one. This strong vibrating sensation that occurs, I am able to stop by moving, loosing concentration, pulling on the Aneros, etc. It is kind of disappointing as I was hoping for a sensation that would just go and there was nothing I could do to stop it once it started, and it would run it's course. This sensation I can "accidentaly" halt, and knowing this makes my performance much worse, as I am afraid of loosing it once it begins. Is this a Super-O? Or are these the sensations you build on to make a Super-O? If in fact a Super-O can be stopped in the middle, then I think I am there. So, please give me some input. Can anyone else out there stop your Super-O? (Once again not that you would want to). What a tremendous feeling! Kudos to all. 8)

    Aperture Science Man.
  • I have never tried to stop one. In some ways I think you answered your own question. I believe you can stop a Super O a lot easier than a traditional penile ejaculatory orgasm (which you really cannot stop after the point of no return). It's easy sometimes for someone to loose where they are trying to get using the Aneros by simply thinking about something else or the wrong movement or intensity of anal contraction so I would assume we could stop Super O if we had the strong enough will power.

    I think you've definately had some type of Super O experience. Like you I have experienced tingling in the perineum (sweet spot p-tab accupressure area) to where it kept getting stronger and stronger while at the same time given off blissful waves throughout the body. In the Aneros/Super O sense think of the perineum as the penis getting a hotter and hotter feeling until climax. This is what happens when a penis is stimultated enough and then you ejaculate. But the perineum works the same way as the penis in this way except the perineum has no outlet to ejaculate so the pleasure just keeps getting better and better or dies down and starts back up again. That's sort of how I've experienced things with perineum stimulation. In some cases it would cause me to breathe loud or pant for several minutes. Think of the p-tab stimulating the perineum like the hand or finger stimulating the penis.

    I don't believe a Super O can cause much feeling in the penis or an ejaculatory response without semen as in the case like before you enter puberty you have no refractory period therefore can have as many penile orgasms (semen free) that you want. This is the case for me though I'd love to experience those type of traditional penile non-ejaculatory (dry) orgasms. I don't think this applies to the Aneros. I know from experience you can experience a Super T or a handsfree Super T (which can sometimes happen accidently or by contracting to hard and fast or getting too excited) which all results in an ejaculation therefore ending your session for the moment.

    I like your sense of humor and politeness. I also share your interests in the science of orgasms. Hope I was helpful.
  • What I meant to say in my second to last paragraph is that I haven't had any dry penile orgasms throughout any of my session. I don't even think this is possible, at least not for me. I certainly hope it is possible and would love to experience those type of orgasms again. But it's hard to say what is possible and what is not anymore. I never would have thought a Super O was possible until a few years ago.
  • I have not tried to stop mine. Once I start I do not want them to stop.

  • artformartform
    Posts: 1,488
    Welcome Aperture Science Man!

    Because of chronic pain from old injuries and other health conditions, and the fact that I do convulse during Super-Os, I cannot enjoy prolonged sessions, and have had to learn how to control them.

    Super-Os are a concentrated form of dry orgasmic energies and have nothing to do with ejaculation or its wet biomechanics. At KSMO, a member there defined the difference as instead of the ejaculatory Point of No Return (PONR), rather the dry Point of All Return (POAR) to the breakthrough to powerful orgasmic energies (not limited to various Super-O definitions).

    At KSMO, we also have the metaphor of meeting a fawn in the forest for our first tentative encounter with these orgasmic energies. As we gently and carefully allow them to develop as they will, they multiply, we can befriend them, and they become responsive to us even as they keep multiplying! Rather than thinking of this as "stopping" a Super-O concentration of energy, the Super-O can be controlled by diffusing, redirecting or transforming those energies.

    I have just discussed this in huendin's thread "How many times did it take for you?" at:

    This takes time and evolution of the particular learning curve of your unique practice. See also Old Wolf's post at:

    Your description of your sessions makes me think that you are beginning to experience these discrete orgasmic energies, your fawn(s), and you are trying to have them fit preconceptions. The best way to enable them to grow and multiply is to forget about anything penile, let it go flaccid, and relax without any expectations and let those energies come and go as they please and move about your body as they please. Be patient, it does take time and many sessions with at least a day off between sessions usually for the best development path...

    It sounds like your body is on its way and beginning to experiment with early rewiring.

    Hope these help with consideration of your question, it is a pivotal point.

    I too am interested in the science behind these phenomena. The potential of the story behind your alias is intriguing... Do tell.

    All the best with your journey

  • Hi Guys,
    Thanks for the responses! Like I said, I have been doing this for about two years now, so consider myself fairly good at it. It just made me feel strange to know I could stop the sensations, and then it put doubt into my mind if they really were Super-O sensations or not. Nice to hear from everyone though. I hope I was able to stimulate some new thoughts as relating to the Super-O. I think being able to stop it, or start it adds to the mystery of the feelings it produces for us all. Quite the amazing time and age we live in. I am glad to have discovered this when I did, and I would love to tell my friends about it, but I am sure they would think me crazy.

    My Alias: ApertureMan, is just a reference to Aperture Science, and I am pretending to be an employee there. hehehe. Aperture Science is just a fictional company made famous in the PC game called "Portal". I don't mean to advertise, but look it up on the internet sometime, it is a very fun game, full of humor and a great atmosphere. A friend of mine made some Aperture Science Parking Permit decals for my car. Not that I could find the Aperture Science parking lot, since it doesn't exist, just for fun for those who know what it is and see me driving. I can now park in a fictional parking lot. :lol:

    Just to be clear, I definately don't want the sensations to stop, just like luvinaneros said. It just seems fastinating that you have this much control over your body and the pleasure it can give you. This big difference in how the pleasure comes and how our bodies respond is where all the confusion comes from. I can relate to those having a really hard time finding these sensations. I feel sorry for those who give up on it too, they are really missing out!! Kudos to all, and I hope to contribute to the forum when I can.

  • OH!!OH!!
    Posts: 260
    Yes, I can definitely stop my super o's - though I obviously don't like it. I can stop traditional penile / ejaculation orgasms too and that sucks equally well. I'll never forget the time when my girl friend had been giving me extended oral sex by just licking the very end and not the whole penis. Took a long time of teasing, but finally I started coming (ejaculating) and just as I did she took her mouth off!! It all wound down in a sense of crap!! It was about to be great but she killed it. Actually I think she did that on purpose, but that's a different story for another time.

    Today for instance I had a long Super O with the Progasm. I was shaking all over pretty hard, but in particular my abs, lower addomen, belly button, rear end, thighs, prostate, etc. Arms, head and everything else shook but not as often. It was very intense and I thought I was going to ejaculate. I love it when I do that, but it's hard to do. Anyway that was continuous for about 25 to 30 mins. It was continuing on and I may have ejaculated but I had to stop to go pick up my daughter from school. This happens all the time, and the best is always occuring right when I need to be leaving. I had gotten to somewhat of a lower lull in the orgasm when I quit but I know it was about to cycle again. These will wear you out quickly once you start having big continuous ones. Let's say the doorbell had rung and it was important, or the house was on fire. I could have stopped and gotten up during the intense part. Likely my body would have been shaking still and I would be tearing myself away and getting mad about it but as I stopped and pull out the Aneros and began standing up it would stop. I would still have after tremors as I do after sessions.

    What happens to me all the time (including today earlier) is when I am ramping up and starting to orgasms the phone rings. The constant ring and waiting for the next, really distracts, and the orgasm begins to cool. Course if I was right in the middle of the big one I would just ignore the phone.

    So the answer is kind of yes and no. They can be stopped, but you don't want that, and yes to some degree they won't immediatly stop if you are right in the middle of a big orgasm. Stuff scaring you and making you jump will stop you right away. Like a lightning bolt that apparently barely misses your house. Minor orgs stop easier. Big and really super O's don't stop so well. I was having a long one of those today and it was very nice. :D

    PS: Let me add that regular penile ejaculation orgasms can be stopped. Some think they can't but I used to do it all the time when I was 'edging'. You start to come, and as you are doing you clamp down on your pc muscles. A bit may still come out, but you stop it and it won't last nearly as long or be as fulfilling as if you hadn't done it. So basically I believe all orgs can be stopped female / male - whatever, but some of the more intense ones are tougher to stop, and complete stoppage may be delayed as you apply some technique or remove stimulation.
  • WOW Thanks for the comments OH!! and your input on the topic. I appreciate it very much! I know what you mean by many distracting things. I have been interrupted multiple times as well. Time to disconnect that nasty phone from the wall. :evil:

    Good to hear someone else confirming some of the experiences I have had. Seeing all these unique differences in the Super-O really shows that you can't look at the Penile Orgasm Pattern (POP for short) for clues. Those that focus too much on that, or expect something identical are only ruining their own sessions. Knowing that I am at least getting something close to a Super-O I guess I can try helping others on their journey. (Like it or not, here comes another random tip from a user) Here is something I have found that works really well for me, and I am sure for everyone else if you haven't tried it yet:

    There is way too much talk and tips on Lube and such in the forum. I don't want to be left out, so will give my trick as well, hehehe. Since lube is a rather important part of the process it is good to do it right for improved success. What I do is put a little bit of Vaseline on the Anus and just a little inside the opening area with a finger.(No Vaseline deep inside really). Then I put a bit of water based lube(Maximus or KY work great) on the same place. I have found this combination makes the opening really slick, since the lube doesn't mix with the Vaseline and the Vaseline doesn't dry up so it keeps things slicker for a longer period of time. Then do the usual, with putting the same water based lube on the Aneros and some into the rectum with a syringe(don't need much). This way those that are nervous about Vaseline in the rectum have no problems, since you are not putting any deep inside yourself really, just mostly externally. The area of most resistance is the anus, so keeping it slick is important. I have also found this keeps me slick for a very long period of time. I feel asleep with the Aneros once for 6 hours and when I pulled it out it slipped out just like I had recently lubbed up.

    There are my two cents on the lube issue, and I think it works out really nicely. A bit of Vaseline and lube together is really quite slippery and long lasting. I hope someone tries it out and finds this helpful. Thanks again for your comments OH!! Have fun everyone! 8)


    P.S. This tip was brought to you by the Aperture Science Enrichment Center. If you found this tip helpful please donate some cash to all our staff members. (Just kidding, don't ban me) :lol:
  • BoPBoP
    Posts: 96
    Hey ApertureMan.

    Happy to hear you enjoy aneros 8) . I practice having orgasms in different areas with different stimulation types and techniques. I have few very effective ones but I continue to hit the same wall when I teach them to others. The wall is I am there and person I am teaching is not and I can only explain things from my being there not always hitting the key points of how I came to this result.
    This is also about sexuality, people have fears and blocks about this topic. I can offer you a technique I use to produce orgasm very very similar to ejaculatory orgasm without ejaculation but it is tricky to describe it. I will do my best see below.

    Orgasm STOP! Any orgasm will stop if you distract yourself, something bad enough to completely erase your desire for pleasure. You make up anything and try it but you have to really get the feeling of distraction. Something along the lines of what if someone is watching you right now, or there is a snake in your bed. Hehe sound bad but all you need is a turn off that will cool you down, and it is a good idea to have one since you never know what situation you will be in, sometimes I see a young lady in my college at the right moment and angle and world goes spinning. When you become orgasmic you easily step in to it sometimes without your will and I feel I need to be able to get out.
    I once had experience with a girl from college we started talking about sex and I found that she was practicing "Key" sound, we were in a library and decided to experiment in a pair and we sat there for some 2 hours both orgasming and could not stop. So at that time I first realized it is a good skill to stop orgasms at will.

    Now in regards to being helpless during an orgasm, this is very very very joyful experience and I feel it is not always possible you have to be mentally ready for it. I usually link it to females since when female orgasms from her partner during sex she would feel and orgasm and little control over it since it is her partner that is giving her joy. So when you want to have no control over your pleasure it would feel as if someone will control you and you must surrender. reason I use females as an example is because you are likely to feel as if you are sexually taken by something, same feeling ladies have every time during sex. Not an easy feeling to have if you never did, but you will notice what is stopping you from having it.
    I practiced this kind of orgasm without any stimulation, maybe some to get you exited and then just lay down and explore, do little contractions if you feel like it and you will . Important part is to smile to yourself and feel sexy about your body, this is very important. Nothing more I can add to it, try ask questions, post results =).

    Now to that technique I promised, this one gives you similar to ejaculatory orgasm, I had this orgasm for maximum of about 5minutes in length and it needs decent amount of stimulation it also does allot of contractions and you will feel exhausted in penile area. Contractions are almost the same as when you ejaculate.

    Most of it is similar to my first technique someone called "BoP's BOP" this exersise stimulates pubic hair area above penis going up towards the belly button but we are talking about from base of the penis including inch up. there is no specific spot it's an area allot of blood is there and lots of pleasure =). If you place your palm on the belly button and point your fingers down towards pubic area they should hit the spot. I described this in this topic Someone also mentioned this has roots in deer exercise. I found this technique of stimulation on my own and it works very well. In any position stimulation will bring belly and penice are orgasms but certain positions bring ejaculation orgasm like feeling.
    Here is how: if you get on your knees and sit down on your feet, then without moving your knees or feet put your left elbow on the floor. This will cause you to get off your feet put your left hip on the floor, there should be no tension of any kind. Your left hip should be on the floor and left leg completely bent under your right leg, you can move your right leg as you wish at this point. Try to push your right hip towards left knee. You can keep your left arm stretched elbow is mentioned only to get you in to right position. I did my best to describe this position hope you can understand it idea is that you are sitting on your hip with left leg bent and right leg slightly bent on top. Your body will be leaning to the side so you use your left arm to support it. Your right arm is what you use to stimulate same way I described in my old post, linked one. I found that stimulation to pubic area in this position causes very similar sensations as when orgasming with ejaculation but you do not ejaculate. Note: fast stimulation causes very fast results in this case, if you are starting to feel pleasurable sensations try doing some fast stimulation, feel extremely good.

    Tanks for reading. I would love to hear if this works for others as well as it does for me, please post results, if any.
  • Hiya BoP,
    Hey, great to hear from you, and thanks for the long description. Like I said I have read almost everything in the forum over the past two years and I remember reading about your technique as well. It is always lots of fun to read about a new trick as it makes me excited to try it out. The one you described in your post sounds a bit different than your first one, so will be trying it out for sure, woohoo. Will give you some feedback when I get a chance.

    Quite interesting to think about practicing "stopping" this sensation instead of what most are trying to do and get it going. I know what you mean though, it can almost be "dangerous" if you can't get your body under control. I can recall one instance (don't laugh) where I was teaching a class of Computer Science students. I was at the front and suddenly had one of those strong P-waves pass over me and down my legs. Completely random, and out of the blue too. It felt great, however I started to stumble and my feet felt really weak. I had to lean on the desk to keep from falling over. Students were a bit worried, but thought maybe I had drank too much that morning or something.(I don't drink at all though) Glad the School Principle didn't see me. He might have called me aside and wondered what sort of drugs I have been taking. :P After that I decided I needed some control, since these sudden random waves are not always a good thing. But they sure are great eh!? :D

    I am very serious about being in control of my body, so that is probably something I need to lighten up on as you suggested. I did try the technique you talked about that is similair to Male Deer Exercise, however I found I could only do it for a short time because my pubic hair being pressed down by my hand there started to feel uncomfortable, I wasn't pressing hard at all, but just the constant rubbing made it kind of unpleasant. I am a hairy guy, so maybe I should shave it all off. :P

    At any rate thanks for the response, and I hope others try out my lube trick I mentioned above, will let you know the results of your technique when I get some free time. Back to work next week. Summer vacation is just too short.(sigh) I hope everyone has a Wonder-Full day! :wink:

    Aperture Science Man.