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I think I am in love
  • logi17logi17
    Posts: 2
    Holy smokes. Just got my helix. I thought I wanted the smaller one, but I think I am glad i got the helix to start out with. I can't stop thinking about using this thing. My first time was yesterday. I got all prepared and relaxed and stayed on my side for the first 15 minutes. then I got impatient and laid on my back. Wow...i had a ton of small waves and I got greedy and jerked off. but before that, all the pre-cum was awesome and playing with my nipples was even more intense. now i get hard thinking about using it.
    I tried again this morning and well I think I was overthinking because I only had a few waves, and was interrupted so I didn't get a chance to continue.
    But I think I will love this and I think I will introduce it to my wife. I haven't told her about it yet and afraid she is going to think it's gay.
  • hlaser99hlaser99
    Posts: 785
    Hi logi17!

    Welcome aboard! (a fellow Floridian, I see!)

    It sounds as tho you are having a great time with your Helix!

    All you need to do at this point is relax and enjoy . . . and you'll get into the
    groove and be able to resist the quick pay-off of the traditional Orgasm!

    Good luck with your mate on introducing her to this area of sexuality! As has
    been said many times here; enjoying ALL the joys your body has to offer
    has nothing to do being Straight, Bi, or Gay! It's just Good!

    As Janis Joplin used to sing . . . "get it while you can"! I try my best to do just that!

    Enjoy your Journey, Logi!

    Later, Hlaser99
  • artformartform
    Posts: 1,488
    Welcome logi17!

    Great advice from hlaser99 as usual!

    My wife was with me when I bought my first aneros, my MGX. We were launching our mutual prostate (G-spots) adventure, bringing my formerly solo prostate massage practice and her interest in exploring her ejaculatory orgasm potential into our love-making. Our adventure has been an enormous and expanding success. You can see this in my blog here:

    There are other partners in couples who post here too, including wives with shy husbands who don't post. There is also the "wife's perspective" sticky thread:

    These can help your wife find her way into your practice too if they appeal to her. There is a great potential here for her too through these resources; and now with the unisex Peridise sets for her direct training and triggering for her own multiple orgasms:

    All the best to you and to you both together!