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Lack of stimulation with MGX... Need an upgrade?
  • I've been using the MGX for several months now off and on. It's been great for masturbation; in tandem with the Fleshlight, getting to a traditional orgasm is easier, faster, and much stronger. I have a rather odd and so far unexplained sensitivity problem (I've never been able to even get pleasure with my hands alone, much less orgasm... It usually takes a bit of work even with a Fleshlight to get to that point, my doctor said there probably isn't anything really medically wrong with me that would cause it). So far, the MGX has been worth it just for that, though the setup and cleanup means I can't do it as often as I'd like. In solo sessions, I have had some varied sensations. While not very indicative of a prostate/anal orgasm, they're mildly pleasing and coupled with some precum leakage during 'use', it's obviously hitting the prostate... Just not enough, I think. Which is why I'm thinking of an upgrade.

    I can't really shake the feeling that the MGX is just not hitting 'deep' enough, that it isn't giving enough stimulation to the prostate. I can't really explain it in much detail, kind of like the head of the Aneros isn't angling 'down' (forward? bleh, perspective) far enough to really hit the prostate. Perhaps this is related to sensitivity problem? Anyway, I've been looking at the other models, and I'm thinking that maybe the Helix would be a better bet. It's a lot of money (for me, anyway) to be throwing down, so before I go ahead and buy something I'd like to find out if it'll even work. Anyone got yeas or nays or other helpful advice? If anyone knows something about the sensitivity problem, it'd be much appreciated. Thanks!

    P.S. Just FYI, I'm 19 and in fairly good physical/mental health, though I am somewhat out of shape. Figured I'd add that in case there were any questions in regards to the sensitivity thing.
  • Hi Draken14

    I had a similar thought some time ago; I have been using one of the very early MGX models on and off for some time 2 - 3 years.

    I live in the UK and whilst in London about 6 months ago I purchased a Nexus Excel prostate massage. This is big and really fills me up. Does it provide more sensation - not really. I found it to be painful and only give more sensation when I am lying on my back and after a session I feel a level of discomfort for up to 2 days!

    I purchased a Helix and have been playing with that for the past 3 months. The Helix is good but have come to the conclusion that size does not matter it is how you use it.

    After insertion I feel my insides wrapping themselves around the device, which feels as if my internal organs know where they want the device to press. Squeezing the anus muscles puts further pressure on the spot that my internals have selected.

    What I found the other day was by pushing down as if I am trying to have a bowl movement forces my prostate down onto the device and squeezing my anus muscles squeezes my prostate between the two thus increasing the sensation.


  • Red_ManRed_Man
    Posts: 36
    I have the MGX, Helix, and the Peridise and have had similar issues. For me, the Helix was of little difference to the MGX in the quality of sessions. With both, I seemed to have p-tab issues and never knew whether I was hitting the "sweet spot" adequately. When I purchased my Peridise Starters, I was amazed by the increased productivity of my sessions. Especially, the smaller of the two units in the starter kit. I would highly recommend looking into these units. As a cost consideration, I might even go to the High Island Health website and purchase a single Peridise (mine is the next to smallest of the four choices). Aneros only offers the Peridise in sets of two or a complete set of four.

    Besides the success that I've achieved, I don't have to deal with the p-tab issues and they can more easily be used in a reclined position for 'practicing' late at night at the tv. Of course, my best results have been from my back position with my feet flat. Since finding my success with Peridise, I've tried the other units with a bit more success, but so far, always get better results with the Peridise. Good luck!
  • Sounds like you have nothing to lose so I suggest cutting the handle off the MGX. I recently made the modification to mine and it made a world of difference.
  • [quote=Lunatic Fringe]Sounds like you have nothing to lose so I suggest cutting the handle off the MGX. I recently made the modification to mine and it made a world of difference.

    That's something I'm planning on doing soon here. Currently, I am playing with my new Peridise, it's giving some pretty nice sensations! Though it was a bit awkward during dinner, since I was trying to balance on a wooden chair and keep from either hurting myself or starting something with the family there. <.<