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First timer with Helix and HypnAerosession / Alana
  • I've often looked at the Aneros products online for a couple of years and wondered about buying one. In the end I bought a vibro prostate massager last year and found it utterly useless to the point I assumed I must have a prostate that isn’t sensitive or doesn’t respond to stimulation. How wrong can a man be??

    Friday morning I received my Helix in the post. The first thing that struck me was how small it looked (even though I knew it’s measurements from the website). Also, having read a few posts on this forum, I decided not to go it alone and downloaded HypnAerosession from CDBaby last night. Between them these add up to be one of the very best purchases I’ve many in a long time.

    Tonight I have just had my first experience of Aneros and it was a mind blowing revelation. I don’t know if my experience was a “super-o” but it sure felt that way to me. Having showered, douched and lubed I inserted the Helix, put the lights out and hit the play button. From the very first time Alana said to contract the Helix felt good but I needed to contract more than “gentle”. As we progressed the Helix seemed to take control of the situation and I became it’s slave. I would contract a few times then go into an almost violent involuntary, spasm like state, it was actually as though the Helix was thrusting me. These earth shattering tremors would sometimes be whole body and other time be legs only and twice my legs were literally flailing around in the air. I also found myself in a variety of positions from foetal to stretched straight on my side right through to being on my front, this thing literally took control. It became so intense that the second disc was a blur and I was just aware of the music and a voice but I have no idea what the words were.

    Further to this, I’m normally a silent person when it comes to sex noises and never let out so much as a grunt. Tonight I went through everything from calling Jesus to swearing, nearly crying to muttering strange sounds in an almost foreign tongue and from moaning to “grunting”.

    I truly can’t believe I had such an experience during my first ever session and seriously doubt I would have had it not been for Alana. I must admit I had some doubts about buying the CD but took a gamble for a few quid. My only prior experience with a Hypnotherapist failed when he couldn't hypnotise me and I wondered if I would follow Alana, no problem there, she led the way perfectly.

    I have two regrets though:

    I should have bought one years ago
    I wish I’d bought a Progasm as well as the Helix.

    Although I had this amazing experience, I just couldn’t help feeling I wished the Helix was just a fraction longer. I need to contract fully and find the perfect body position rather than contract gently, it was as though my prostate was almost out of reach.

    I fought with myself for years before buying the silicone vibro as I was convinced anal play wasn't the thing for a straight male to do. When the silcone vibro massager didn’t do anything for me I put it down to one of life’s experiences. However, I’m now a convert to Aneros as I’ve found a new state of mind as well as sexual pleasure.

    It’s 6am here in the UK and I just need to tell someone and thank Aneros, Rumel and Alana.
  • I thought I'd post an update:

    Today I've had some strange tingling that I would assume is the but buzz referred to in these forums. Certainly not chairgasms or cargasms but a nice muzzy feeling as though my prostate is glowing with happiness that it's being pampered.

    I've just had another session, again with Alana, and this was amazing. During the opening thunderstorm I was perfectly relaxed but the very second Alana spoke my sphincter started to quiver, it was involuntary but her voice started something in my subconcious as soon as she spoke.

    I didn't have the wild ride that I had last night but it wasn't a question of better or worse it was different and equally as enjoyable. I can only assume that I'm a lucky chap that 2 out of 2 my Helix has worked pure magic. Unfortunately it's going in a box now as the other half is back tomorrow :( .
  • Geezer,

    I can attest to what you are describing. I have been using a Helix for about 5 months now and it has been just wonderful. But I had gotten to the point where I would find myself so anxious to reach the Super O that I would actually find myself forcing the issue. This usually resulted in a less than satisfying session, still felt great but not quite to the same level. I downloaded Alana as well from CDbaby, (Thank you Rumel for doing the MP3!) Put it on my PMP and gave it a try 2 nights ago. WOW!!! Alana had me focused inside my mind right from the start! Before I even got to the squeeze track, I found myself completely relaxed and the Helix felt HUGE while it was thrusting oh so deep! There was also this sensation of being "six-packed" if you know what I mean! It felt like it was not only deep inside but also felt like my external prostate was being squeezed as well. I had to smile as this is where I had been before but lost my way.

    Thank you Rumel!!! I can't wait to hear your next productions! Oh, I haven't even gotten to the second CD yet. But I'm sure it will be absolutely brilliant! This was such an amazing session, I just had to post (first one too).
  • AlanaAlana
    Posts: 32
    Hi Geezer!!
    My, my, my! I am so happy you found the result you'd apparently been searching for, for years! You Did it!!!

    When Rumel approached me to 'voice' the HypnAerosession CD, I knew it was of great importance to him and All the Experts who collaborated, to make sure the 'user' would have the most exquisite experience... each time he chose to use it.

    With each and every word, I wanted the user to climb as high as he could to that deep level of pleasure, we are all capable just relaxing, sensing, feeling...allowing each person to 'travel'...
    as deeply as possible, to the core of his pleasure...and make it rise as HIGH as possible.

    From Hlaser to Buster, John Trevy, B Mayfield, Artform, AW, ichin2try and ALL the other users who have contributed and enjoy Rumel's great contribution to your level of 'Sexual Conciousness'...I Thank YOU, for allowing me the Pleasure....and it WAS...of taking you there.

    Enjoy your Journey!

  • I will be getting the HypnAerosession MP3 very soon! :D