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Are 30 minutes long enough?
    Posts: 70
    Ever since I began having dry orgasms during my sessions I have stopped my sessions about 30 minutes after initial insertion. This is because I usually begin having orgasms within about 5 minutes. My heart rate and breathing rate go way up just prior to the onset of the orgasms. After about 30 minutes and a lot of precum, I calm down as if my body has had enough so I have been ending the session. Now, if time permits, I might have 4, 5, or 6 of these 30 minute sessions in a day. Before the onset of dry orgasms my sessions might last 4 to 6 hours or until I got too sore. I no longer get sore with the 30 minute sessions. I have reached a plateau. (But it's a damn nice plateau to be on.)

    The question to the experts is: To obtain higher levels of pleasure should I just relax for as long as it takes, leave the massager in place and just wait? I would think I would have to relube. It's all about building the intensity of the orgasms, isn't it?
  • thhnthhn
    Posts: 426
    I'm no expert but I feel sort of the same way you do. I get p waves almost immediatly upon insertion, and even though I am trying to just relax and do nothing, the aneros want to do its thing. after 30 min of so, it sort of dies down, and regardless if I give it an hour or two, I get no more. I often will remove the device, wait a minute or two and reinsert it to try to restart the process.
  • GrandTigerGrandTiger
    Posts: 325
    I also, since using the Peridise, am experiencing orgasms within minutes of insertion and will go on for about half an hour. It's hard to say whether it's one continuous super orgasm because the sustained level is more intense than my orgasms ever were before, and during this half hour I experience several phases in which my whole being is pulsating as if I'm passing into another dimension. After half an hour I'm quite breathless and will rest for ten minutes or so and then start all over again! If I get an early night, or wake up very early and I'm not too tired then I can experience three or even four of these half-hourgasms in a row. The pleasure seems to be centered somewhere deep in the base of my back and propagates down my legs to the soles of my feet and up into my abdomen and chest and down my arms into the palms of my hands, not to mention the tip of my tongue, and of course my penis. During the peaks, which can last a couple of minutes, I find myself clenching my hands and feet and digging my elbows back into the bed (I'm on my back), the pleasure is so intensely excruciating, or excruciatingly intense!

    So now, for me, I'm enjoying my half-hour cycles. So is half an hour enough? For one cycle, yes! But as to the number of cycles? I'll put it this way: if I were retired I'd be cycling all day!