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Worked right out of the box!
  • jkeyejkeye
    Posts: 1
    Got my helix today!
    Thanks for all the advice on the forums which I read up yesterday(I am a diligent student) Ihad the most midblowing 2 hours of multiple Os today!
    Man O Man.Felt great for 6 hours afterwards-must have been flooded with endorphins!
    Where was this all my life?
    Thanks aneros for delivering on the "hype".
    Best purchase I've made this year.
    And thanks you guys for the advice.
  • Congratulations! Would love to hear more about your Super O's.
  • skeeter_gskeeter_g
    Posts: 240
    Hi jkeye,
    Welcome to the forum!!

    Wow!! you are extremely luck to get super-O's with you first try, congrats!!

    Continue to have fun!! :D
  • hlaser99hlaser99
    Posts: 785
    Greetings jkeye and Welcome!


    I see you are one of the fortunate ones that popped the package open
    and "plugged-in and turned-on" immediately!!!

    Good for you!

    Enjoy your Journey . . .

    Later, Hlaser99