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Full Penis Retraction for External Prostate Massage
  • artformartform
    Posts: 1,488
    I occasionally practice full retraction of my penis and fold the bunched up shaft skin at the surface to help restrain my penis from its natural tendency to be stimulated by this and return semi-erect. I lightly carress this folded, now very labial skin, applying a gentle pressure. The subtle movement is a fabulous massage of my prostate! Very slight engorgement of the penis in there just adds "fullness" and a bit more pressure at the prostate.

    Makes one reflect on a key fact of our genital anatomy; that our penises are semi-autonomous double-ender "flesh-dildoes" that are perpetually making love to their host.

    We are the only species with a non-retracting penis, which has produced myriad cultural responses as to what to do with the thing when not in use! But it still is an inheritance from our penis-retracting ancestors and it can be manually retracted and so used occasionally as yet another enhancement to this aneros practice.

    I just had a great session with my Helix and my "clit" massage technique enhancing the massage from the Helix! We had the prostate surrounded (gently!!) with very energetic (dry) results. I am also looking forward to any unique after-effects later today or tomorrow...

    clitboy's thread and our dialogue there raised my curiosity about whether anyone else might have found this delight too.

    Anybody else?

  • artformartform
    Posts: 1,488
    Here on the morning after, sitting and working in the office, the after-effect of yesterday's Clit Massage and Helix technique is an exceptional morning of Butt Buzz into the O-zone of constant mini-Os and Chairgasms, as Hlaser has long termed and celebrated them!

    My lower abdomen feels like a very active pinball machine with the energies bouncing around the key points, perineum, prostate, sacrum, testicles (especially!), anus, lower abdominal muscle points, penis root and other tissues. Ride'em as long as they last!!!

    Anybody else?
  • MornMorn
    Posts: 52
    I am not following this 100% can you explain some more?
  • MornMorn
    Posts: 52
    I am not following this 100% can you explain some more?
  • artformartform
    Posts: 1,488
    Hi Morn

    As with many others here, I have found that with any of my aneros models inserted and active in solo sessions particularly, my penis most times goes flaccid and shrinks smaller than even a normal flaccid state occasionally.

    In addition, I have experimented with external prostate massage as Darwin signalled some time ago and particularly the Abdominal Peripheral Prostate Massage as found here:

    I find that process very stimulating, with lasting effects in the vagus nerve too. I have also used some other techniques from William's site. It got me thinking; can I involve my flaccid penis as a direct conduit for external prostate massage/stimulation? Knowing that the erectile tissues of the penis and the clitoris are from the same original tissue in the early foetus (See: ), I thought that if I retract my flaccid penis completely inside its "sleeve" it might be firm enough to propel the prostate attached to the root section of the penis that does not leave the sleeve even during erections.

    I've tried that lazily occasionally over the years since it is curious that this gnomon of male consciousness and prowess can completely disappear! Now focused on exploring variations of external prostate massage, I much more methodically experimented. I'm cut so no foreskin, but as I gently push/squeeze the shaft inside I am left with a crumpled bunch of shaft skin, which I fold over the top of the sleeve opening, over the tip of the head of my penis. Morphologically, my retracted penis is close to mimicking a clitoris and the folded shaft skin is like inner labia skin in this state.

    So, when I gently massage that, it is NOT like penile stimulation at all and does not prompt an erection lunging out of the sleeve. There are ways to do that and it is fun but not the point here.

    The penis is lightly compressed and may engorge very slightly producing a fuller feeling inside the sleeve, but this is not traditional penile focus stimulation. I find that I can essentially push gently on the top of this flesh column with the prostate attached at one side near its base and slightly move the prostate against its surrounding tissues, generally rectal and bladder muscle walls and some blood vessels. On the other side of the rectal muscle wall, the Aneros (this time my Helix) is doing its rhythmic stimulation from the opposite side! Together these motions and the side-to-side that can occur set off delightful and uniquely enriched prostatic orgasmic sensations and energies that spread and transform very nicely.

    That is about it: a neat additional prostate stim variation that has my otherwise out-of-it penis involved in a non-penile orgasmic adventure by completely retracting the way our ancestors' penises did!

    clitboy's great alias brought the homologous tissue idea into focus again, so now I call this technique
    Clit Massage.

    Hope that clarifies what is going on. Please feel free to ask any questions. I would like to hear from anyone who tries this as to what sensations they had and whether it enhanced the aneros session. Thanks Morn for your interest. All the best.

  • LincolnLincoln
    Posts: 26
    WOW! This really works. I didn't trust it at first and held back a little because I felt like I was going to ejaculate. Didn't have a tissue and thought I was going to make a mess.

    Never ejaculated though. I dry-orgasmed probably four times in an hour.

    Can't wait to try it again.

    OH - took the helix out and couldn't seen to get the same effect. Want to explore that more and see if I was just tired or if I need the stimulation from that side of the prostate.

    Thanks for turning me onto this new venue, AF!

  • hlaser99hlaser99
    Posts: 785
    Hi ArtForm!

    This is a really great thread!

    I have used what you call the "clit message" for quite some time and
    have felt the penis base hitting home, as you describe! VERY NICE!

    But, I never thought to try it during an Aneros session, with the device in!

    I guess I am used to the "no penis stim" in the persuit of the Super-O idea
    and just stayed away from the penis while doing an Aneros session???

    Can't wait to try them together and hope others will do so too!

    Let's keep this thread going with any results . . . good or bad???

    Later, Hlaser99
  • artformartform
    Posts: 1,488
    Hi Lincoln and Hlaser99!

    Good for you both! Hlaser, here is another response channel we share, like chairgasms/cargasms! Have you ever had Day-After Effects from this?

    In the last few days, I have twice had a session where I focused on this technique and variations without an aneros in. In the is first one I tried a simple gentle push down, moving my finger maybe quarter of an inch at most.

    Intuitively responding to the initial faint tingles radiating out from my prostate, the best timing seemed to be to give a downward pulse about every five seconds, just as the previous one felt like it was about to subside. Each pulse triggered slightly higher energy than the previous. An image, a memory from childhood flashed into mind.

    Anyone remember a five and dime toy from that mid-20thC "developing" country Japan; a pressed metal pinwheel, brightly painted, that had a hollow T grip handle for your first and middle fingers and a piston spring-loaded that you pumped with your thumb? Pumping that piston caused the pinwheel to spin and metal bits were rubbed by each other causing sparks to fly out all around from the pinwheel!

    That is exactly what I felt as each pulse hiked up the energies levels and spread out to full body energetic bliss orgasms. I hit the heights at about ten minutes in, stopping any pumping with the finger, and floated up there awhile... and then the energies dispersed into roving clusters of varying intensities that lasted for hours...

    The next session I tried mixing this with the other hand centred on lower abdomen with fingers ends resting on the public bone, tips just over the edge feeling where the abdominal muscles end at the penile sleeve. Here they can feel and massage gently around the ligament that ties and restrains the penis from erecting itself much more fully out of the sleeve than "normal". This has the opposite effect, and caused the retracted flaccid penis to jump back out of the sleeve suddenly semi-erect! This can quickly turn one to traditional penile/ejaculation focus stimulation; the no-no for the energies focus.

    Or not! There is another tradition of males and male genital behaviour that takes another path: the ascetic/austerities, mediation/ecstasies life of the Sadhus of India. Here is a book review: and here is the Wikipedia entry:

    If India gets the 2020 Olympics, perhaps we will see penis weight-lifting and others of their techniques (shared with some subsets of Taoist practices), as demonstration events, and I'm only partly joking. We here at Aneros (and KSMO, Tao, Tantra...) may be part of a revolution in the social models of maleness and male behaviour, and the healthy balancing of male power. Through rigourous exercises Sadhus can stretch the penis restraint ligament and greatly lengthen the percentage of the penis extended out of the sleeve, as well as greatly strengthening all the lower abdominal muscle systems, PC and all. But that is another story and potential...

    What I did find in the second session was that if I restricted that hand on the lower abdomen, fingers exploring into the top of the sleeve (to about the first knuckle of the middle finger) to a brief caress of the inner sleeve wall and the ligament to arouse their nerve systems, and stopped before this triggered any engorgement of the penis, it thrillingly enhanced the pumping action/results of the first session technique and pumped the energies up to Super-O-like levels, all while avoiding the penile focus shift, and producing strong flows of energies throughout and around my whole body as compared to the gentler radiating energies of the first session.

    Variations on the Male Clitoris Techniques (not traditional penile stimulation leading to erection and ejaculation!); not to push a point too far. Now I want to try some of this with various Aneros models inserted to see if more worthwhile double massage variations and differing Day-After Effects are triggered.

    All the best Lincoln and Hlaser. I look forward to your further reports.

    Hey Lincoln! Your post below arrived in the midst of editing this post. Going "hands-free" with this approach is great too with an aneros inserted. I'm off to buy some medical tape! Again I look forward to your next results; and any Day-After Effects?

    Anyone else experimenting or experienced in this form of external prostate massage?

    all the best to all

  • LincolnLincoln
    Posts: 26
    Hey guys,

    I may have misunderstood what you were describing AF, but either way, it's been fun. This morning, I decided to try something new to continue in the hands-free genre.

    My understanding was that you tucked your penis inside its sleeve. When I do that it retracts like a hose into my scrotum. I am left with that little bit of skin that held together between index finger and thumb easily contains the penis and keeps it confined.

    It was doing this that I had those orgasms the other night.

    Today, I got some medical tape and pushed my penis into the sleeve like before and taped the skin shut (helps to be clean-shaven here - OOOW!) The tape is holding, my penis is constrained yet I don't have to touch, and it looks damned erotic. I have this bulge, but no visible member.

    Getting ready to mount the progasm and see what develops.

    Will let you know.
  • marmotmarmot
    Posts: 80
    I remember that little toy that had wheel that went around and made stars. My experience with penis retraction was like a different toy. Here's what happened:

    First, after all these decades of playing with my gnomon (I love the term!), it never occurred to me to retract it. It was easy to do, and it seemed so strange to suddenly look and even feel like a woman. This site has no end of incredible discoveries!

    I didn't have any surgical tape available, and I'm not shaved, but two well-placed pieces of Scotch Tape held the hole shut and kept the dragon in the cave.

    I started rubbing, and it was exactly like rubbing the hood over a clitoris. Incredible! It started to feel very good, and in a few minutes I was aware that my hidden gnomon was inflating my scrotum. I began to feel like I was about to cum when suddenly the Scotch tape ripped off - along with several curly black hairs - and my very turgid penis popped out of the hole, just like that old game box with the crank on the side that played the song, before it went Pop Goes the Weasel.

    The suddenness of it all, along with the hair rip, was a deflating experience, so I didn't cum.

    I think I misunderstood how to do this and was too vigorous in my rubbing. It was pretty much like traditional masturbation, mostly limited to my glans. In fact, I knew I wasn't doing it correctly, but it just felt so good, it was difficult to slow down and gently stimulate my prostate. It illustrates why we have the hand's-off rule, as once the penis gets into the act, all delicious prostate feelings get drowned out.

    Clitboy, thanks for posting on this. I'll work on technique more. What suggestions do you have for keeping the dragon under control?

  • When you guys say full penile retraction, does that mean it fully retreats into your body, or it just is fully enveloped by skin. I can almost push my entire penis into my body, but it feels quite uncomfortable. I've tried partially retracting my penis (about 1 in. is left outside), and then I tied the rest of my foreskin together with some string to keep the penis down. Playing with the skin is actually very pleasurable, but it eventually makes me ejaculate. How are you guys able to get dry orgasms since it seems like this technique is very focused on the penis?
  • marmotmarmot
    Posts: 80

    Since my comical experience, I went back to the drawing board and figured out what I did wrong. Yes, the penis fully retracts, mostly into the top part of the scrotum. All that is left on the outside is a fold of skin which looks like it is a part of the scrotum. This has to be held together or taped to prevent the penis from coming back out. The glans can be moved aside in any direction in this upper scrotal space. By doing this and avoiding rubbing on the glans itself one can prevent a full erection and ejaculation.

    I found the easiest way to retract the penis is to hold the flacid shaft in my left hand with the base of my hand pressed just below the center of the pubic bone and the glans above my fist. With my right fingers I compress the glans and almost invert it as I gently push it down the tube of skin held by my left hand. I direct it into the empty space below the pubic bone. Once it is in there, I can arrange the position of the glans so it is not directly below the empty tube of skin.

    I discovered that there is tissue on the under side of the center of the pubic bone which is a ligament which supports the penis. It is in about the same position where one would expect to find a clitoris. When I rub that area and press a bit deeper towards the prostate, I get very pleasurable feelings, much the same as from direct stimulation of the prostate with the Aneros. Initially I did this without the Aneros and was able to enjoy numerous P-waves. Later I did it with the Aneros and found it enhanced the feelings from the Aneros somewhat but not enough that I'd incorporate this into my usual routine. The same is true of the penis retraction. It is an interesting novelty, but I don't find myself doing it, though I couldn't resist doing it once recently to freak-out a friend.
  • Uh.... someone draw me a picture?

    So once you have everything retracted and restrained, you're rubbing the skin that is closed up over the shaft tube? What exactly are you doing?

    Is there a particular angle or pressure you're going for once the penis is retracted? I see descriptions that the base of the penis is pressing on the prostate but exactly how?
  • LincolnLincoln
    Posts: 26
    Hi Guys,

    Have tried this again and have one sage tip! Make sure you use new medical tape. This last time, I grabbed the first tape I saw in the first aid box, and it was older - not the same I used the first time. Describing the lengths, no pun intended, to which I went to get the adhesive off my member is not necessary - will leave you to use your imagination!

    There seems to be a question about how this whole scenario works. Very simply, I make sure I am flaccid, and gently poke my glans down into the skin my penis slides around in. When fully out of sight, I am left with a little skin which can be easily taped with two 2 1/2-inch to 3-inch pieces of NEW medical tape. The penis almost feels like it has retreated into my scrotum. Externally, it appears that I have a scrotum and a bump where my penis used to be with two little pieces of tape holding the "flap" shut. It's no more complicated than that.

    As to where to stimulate - I find that it feels good to touch in different places and in different ways. I just follow what feels good.

    What seems to happen inside my scrotum is that when I begin to get hard, somehow being constricted as I am short-circuits the erection. It can only go so far. But the sensations seem to build as a result - eventually reaching that dry orgasm I described in my earlier post.

    I didn't have the patience this time around to try for the dry orgasm I felt the first time, but think I could have had I been so inclined.

    The helix seems to play a crucial role in moving things along.

    Hope this helps clear things up for you, MoSub!


  • how on earth do you guys stay flacid while retracting!!! I get hard very quickly after touching my penis so can never retract in time lol
  • Love_isLove_is
    Posts: 1,782
    Hi eternaltraveler,

    That's the same problem I had the last time I attempted this technique. But I'm thinking that once you get to that point within the session where your penis no longer gets erect and is not as sensitive as in the beginning. It should be possible. Although, I haven't tried it yet. I have a few different techniques I need to try. So many Aneros... so little time... :lol:

    Love is Peace