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Cool Lube Tool
  • As a newbie with a Helix I've looked for several ways to inject lube into my anus. What I found at a local Walmart was a medicine syringe (not the medicine dropper) for $1.68 in the pharmacy. The tip fits nicely into the hole of my tube of Astroglide Gel and I'm able to draw out 5ml of lube easily and mess free. Next I lube the anus and the syringe with alittle gel, relax and insert. Then the rest is easy just inject ! I found the very instant I inserted my pre-lubed Helix I had instant pre-cum... Man what a feeling. As you know from the pro's lube is very important. My sessions are now gettting better and better.
  • hlaser99hlaser99
    Posts: 785
    Hi Phelix wit a Helix!

    Sounds like ALL is well on the lube front!

    Your "instant pre-cum" is a good sign that you are hitting the
    prostate nicely upon insertion!

    Enjoy your Journey!

    Later, Hlaser99