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Helpful website and wiki info.
  • This is information I’ve collected from the Aneros website and Aneros Wiki, this is NOT my writing; the credit goes out to those who have written it. I’ve just compiled a lot of the information I study and use in one place for your convenience. Refer to the site and the wiki for this is not all of the information available here and it is updated constantly. Here it is:

    Aneros Basics

    Male Multiple Orgasm (MMO)

    Most of us know that women can have "multiple orgasms." Sustained stimulation of the vagina or clitoris, either manual, oral, or through intercourse, can sometimes bring on successive orgasms, often of growing intensity.

    We also know that men can't really do this, because after ejaculation there is a "refractory" period when our erection subsides. Some guys can have a couple in a row, if they keep it up right through the refractory period. But, for the most part, we have to wait a while and start over. We'd be psyched if we had a handful of orgasms over a few hours.

    In fact, men can also have multiple successive orgasms. This is called Male Multiple Orgasm (MMO). The key is to have an orgasm without ejaculating. This seems like a crazy idea: orgasm and ejaculation are the same thing! But actually, they are not. Men can have "dry" or "non-ejaculatory" orgasms. These are not ejaculatory orgasms where in the last second the semen is halted. There is no ejaculatory reflex at all. Typically, your penis is left entirely unstimulated.

    Not only can men have successive non-ejaculatory orgasms, but those orgasms can be extremely intense — more intense than your good old ejaculation. Some men may remember (or look forward to) a time when they had "the most intense orgasm of my life." Exceptionally strong ejaculatory orgasms may involve loud involuntary vocalizations and an overwhelming feeling of pleasure. Non-ejaculatory orgasms commonly have an intensity in that range. What's more, you can have a massive chain reaction of them for a half-hour, hour, or more.

    Tantric training wheels

    MMO has its roots in ancient Eastern practices like tantra and tao (see Aneros History). The Aneros, though originally conceived to help men manage prostate health, turns out to be very effective in accelerating the process of learning this skill. For that reason, one of the Aneros forum's luminaries has coined the term "tantric training wheels" for the Aneros. There are other ways to learn and practice MMO (see Advanced Skills), but the Aneros is among the most effective. Once you have "crossed over" to dry orgasms, it is likely you will be able to have them even without the Aneros.

    You may be interested in checking out some very happy Aneros users "Testimonials".

    Anatomy of the Aneros

    The Aneros is molded from non-porous FDA approved plastic (acetal, except the Progasm which is ???). The materials are approved for both body and fluid contact. The shape is comprised of three primary parts:

    1. The Head and Stem - The Head and Stem of the Aneros are designed to nuzzle against the prostate. The curves of the stem provide stimulation up and down the anal canal, a surprisingly erogenous area. The head applies the proper amount of pressure on the prostate for an effective prostate massage. The force of this pressure is controlled only by the man's anal-sphincter and PC muscle contractions, never by his hands.

    2. The Perineum Tab - The P-tab provides an external prostate massage by pressing against the perineum, and acts as a pivot point to drive the massaging action of the Aneros inside the rectum. A man experiences both an internal and external prostate massage simultaneously. The continuous stimulation of the prostate and perineum leads to stronger orgasms and possibly the Super-O as well.

    3. The Kundalini Tab - The K-tab (Progasm only) massages the "kundalini" spot, an accupressure point between the buttocks.

    4. The Handle - The handle (all models but the Progasm) is used only to insert and remove the Aneros. It has no other purpose. Do not manipulate the Aneros with your hand - it is counter-productive and possibly dangerous or injurious to do so.

    How It Works

    The Aneros is a solid piece of high-tech plastic that is moved entirely by the muscles in your pelvic floor, primarily your anal sphincter. These muscles are naturally active during sexual stimulation and orgasm (their contractions are a necessary component of your experience of sexual pleasure). The Aneros exploits this automatic muscular activity to provide stimulation of many of your most sexually sensitive areas. The pulsing of the muscles causes the Aneros to press and pivot on your perineum and to rub your prostate, anus and rectum. When things really click, this rubbing and contracting become involuntary (they take off by themselves, as if your parts down there are intent on pleasuring themselves), and the pleasure mounts. As the "involuntaries" continue, the pleasure can lead to an orgasm or to an ongoing series of orgasms. The key to using the Aneros is in inducing involuntaries. While it happens spontaneously in some guys, for most it is a learned biofeedback skill and may take training.

    What It Does

    The Aneros gently stimulates your prostate, perineum, rectum and anus creating deep pleasure probably unlike what you have felt before. As you get more excited the Aneros responds by providing more stimulation (as a result of your muscles' activity). The motion of the Aneros ranges from very subtle, where you aren't sure it is moving, to perceptible small distance stroking to large bold strokes that feel like receptive intercourse. All have their own distinct flavor of pleasure.
    The Aneros also significantly improves partnered sex. Your erections will be stronger, your ability to control your orgasms will be significantly improved, and your general sensuousness will increase.

    What It Feels Like

    Aneros pleasure typically feels bigger, warmer, sweeter and more encompassing than that felt from penis stimulation. The sense of excitement you feel might remind you of "first sex" feelings. The pleasure can spread to large parts of the body, and can cause the large muscles of the abdomen and limbs to contract and shake. When the pleasure increases men often find themselves vocalizing involuntarily.

    The orgasm that results from this kind of stimulation is non-ejaculatory. This does not mean an ejaculation in which the semen is withheld in the last second. It means orgasm without the ejaculatory reflex, like a female orgasm. Because you don't ejaculate, you don't have a refractory period. Just like women, you can continue to have multiple orgasms. The orgasms might be felt in different parts of your body, such as your prostate ("prostate orgasm"), rectum and anus ("anal orgasm"), penis, buttocks, abdomen, legs, etc., or your whole body.

    Men find that their ability to get pleasure from the Aneros increases with use. The ultimate is the super-O in which the orgasms involve the whole body, last much longer than a typical orgasm, run into each other in succession and can put you in an altered state of consciousness.

    Why It Works

    The prostate, perineum, and anal sphincter hold important roles in sexual orgasms and may have further roles not yet fully known. The Aneros stimulates all three of these erogenous zones. The important nerves that control the sexual organs, including those controlling erection, orgasm, and ejaculation, converge at the prostate and the perineum area. For this reason, prostate and perineum massage have been effective means for healthier and enhanced sexual functions since ancient times. Classic sexual tomes such as the Kama Sutra expound upon the sexual potential hidden within this area. For most men, this area has never before been directly stimulated in a way to trigger orgasms. The nerves located here are deep within the body - an untapped source of sexual pleasure.

    The Aneros simultaneously massages the prostate, the juncture point of the left and right ampulla of vases and seminal vesicles, and the acupressure point of the perineum. The nerves at the seminal vesicle and the ampulla of vas lead to and through the testicles, and the perineum region is an innervation bridge to the nerves distributed to penis and the scrotum. Thus, the Aneros enables stimulation of all internal and external organs at the same time both directly and indirectly.
    Ordinarily when the brain is stimulated either physically (external sexual organ stimulation) or spiritually (emotionally or mentally) it sends trigger signals to the nerves responsible for orgasm. It is believed that the Aneros releases those nerves from control by the brain and directly stimulates them, eliminating the secondary pathway through the brain. Furthermore, when this new method is combined with spiritual stimulation, the orgasm is intensified.

    The anal sphincter also plays an important role in sexual orgasm. The anal sphincter contracts and relaxes repeatedly during orgasm. Without these anal contractions, orgasms would be diluted and less climactic. With stronger anal contractions, more intense orgasms can be achieved. This is because the nerves that branch out to the anal and the rectal area are also distributed throughout the external sex organs. Voluntary contraction and relaxation of the anal sphincter during use of the Aneros strengthens and tones the PC muscles. This is the basis of Kegel Exercises, established in aiding problems of the lower tracts such as urinary incontinence, impotence and premature ejaculation. Toning that results from use of the Aneros not only sensitizes and activates the nerves within this area, but also strengthens the muscles to increase the massage pressure applied to the prostate and perineum.

    Choosing a Model

    Despite differences in height, weight and other physical characteristics, the location of the prostate gland is the same in approximately 98% of all men, being 2 to 3 inches inside the anus. By having an insertion length of approximately four inches, the Aneros compensates for differences in physical dimensions. Unfortunately, there are no definitive rules for deciding upon which massager is best for any given individual. Ultimately, this has to be a personal decision. People of all sizes and shapes from all over the world have used the Aneros, and preferences vary. If a general trend can be identified, the SGX has become more popular in the Asian (primarily Japanese) market because of the shorter insertion length, 3.5 inches, while reviews are inconclusive among other populations. If you haven't already purchased an Aneros you can find some helpful guidance from the Aneros Selection Guide. You might also like to read what the forum members think in the polls "Which Aneros model is best for new users?" and "What is your favorite Aneros?" before making a purchase decision.

    A Journey (through the backdoor)

    The Aneros provides profound sexual gratification, but, alas, not instantaneously. You must train your body to produce pleasure internally. This involves fine-tuning the muscles and nerves in your pelvic region and using mental focus to amplify the resulting sensations. In traditional sexual activity, external stimulation from a partner or masturbation creates the conditions for pleasure. Your brain responds as a part of a cycle of arousal, causing your pelvic muscles to contract rhythmically, further enhancing your pleasure. In Aneros stimulation these muscles learn to spontaneously contract, allowing you to experience pure pleasure from the inside.

    Seasoned users of the Aneros regard this learning process to be a "journey." While it is true that some guys will be on a “fast track” and arrive at the Super-O in a small number of sessions, the majority will take more time. Ten years after the introduction of the Aneros and with more than twelve thousand posts on the Aneros forum, it is still unclear what accounts for this disparity.
    Accepting the process as a “journey” is the first step. No doubt, it is the destination that motivates us, but the path that gets you there is just as important and must be treasured as well. This path is full of delightful pleasures, eroticism, self-discovery, healthful benefits and feelings of well-being.

    The Keys to the backdoor

    There is no master key to the Super O. There are a series of keys to get you to and through the final Super O doorway. Your journey will be a process of exploration and discovery; these keys will be your guides.

    1. Clean the slate. Put out of your mind all of the thought processes by which you achieve a traditional penile orgasm.
    o Open yourself up to different forms of sensations that do not involve any direct penis stimulation whatsoever.
    o Remove the burden of expectation that plagues many men and leads to frustration.
    o Understand that one never forces this to happen, but encourages it by generating certain stimuli and responding to them naturally.
    o Make the conscious decision to enjoy each session for what it IS as opposed to what it isn't. There are many wonderful sensations on the path. Don't forget to smell the flowers along the way!
    o Learn about the Milestones and see the positive in the smallest achievements.
    2. Start your Aneros sessions aroused.
    3. Experiment with focused abdominal breathing. Inhaling into your lower belly creates a diaphragmatic expansion that can be useful in generating and sustaining sensation.
    4. Encourage involuntary anal twitching by paced gentle anal contractions.
    o If you experience twitching, lie back and enjoy it! The twitching by itself can often provide a kind of a high that should be savored.
    o Respond to twitching with gentle echo-like contractions, again you can't go back into the penile ejaculatory model for cues here. More, stronger, faster contractions are not necessarily better.
    o While twitching, make sure that the perineal abutment tab (P-tab) is centered on your “sweet spot”.
    5. Be observant and patient, work in subtle and gentle ways and allow things to develop.
    6. Focus on the sensations of arousal; arousal is itself arousing.
    7. Put it all together. It is involuntary anal twitching coupled with proper tab placement with an aroused user that starts the neural feedback loop that generates larger and larger pleasure waves that ultimately becomes the total body orgasm. Exploration and discovery is all about finding the harmony between contraction, breathing, focus and arousal. Play with it and enjoy!

    P-waves and rewiring

    Pleasure waves or P-waves are the waves of sensation that we feel as a result of stimulation and/or arousal on the non-ejaculatory pathway. The manners in which such waves are generated, manipulated and manifested vary from one individual to the next. Because of this it is often said that all Aneros users are “wired “differently. P-wave amplification is similar in principle to the concept of simple harmonic motion that is seen in the action of a playground swing. With a swing, when a small force is applied at a precise time, the swing is compelled to go higher and higher. The same can be said for the Aneros experience too as using stimulation that is responsive to (echoes) sensation can often increase the magnitude of P-waves. Many users regard this as the final key that unlocks the cascading effect to the Super-O that we all desire.

    The Aneros is a device that can generate, focus and amplify these “pleasure waves” to an even higher level still. When properly positioned the Aneros is put in direct contact with the anus, perineum and prostate. In short, it facilitates a sensory synergy as all pleasure centers are stimulated simultaneously. Once one has “crossed-over” there is very often little energy needed to create further Super O’s a contraction, a little bit of mental focus with the Aneros taking care of the rest. In time there is even a “learning” that takes place on neural level as ones body become accustomed to regenerating this effect. This is most commonly spoken of as “rewiring”. This can only be accomplished through experimentation and practice. The good news is that once you have discovered your own rhythm, generating a Super-O can become as easy as having a traditional (penile-centered) orgasm.

    Setting the Stage

    The setting for your Aneros sessions should be comfortable and suitably private as you will not wish to be disturbed for the period of time that you spend with your massager. Sessions will generally range from an 60 to 90 minutes or more for beginners. Intermediate and advanced users may require much longer.

    You should make sure you have all the accessories that you are likely to want or need readily at hand. Those items being: one or two towels (one covering the bed), some water (for refreshment), your lube and the Aneros cleaned and ready to go. If you plan on lying on your back, provide a covered pillow for purposes of support. If you are inclined to making loud moaning or groaning sounds it's often helpful to have a "silencer". This is optional of course, but some living situations may require it. An extra pillow or a rolled up washcloth or face towel works well.

    It is essential that this preparation be done beforehand as you want to avoid cooling down your arousal by having to bother with this once your session is underway.

    Feeling ready

    There are several different aspects to being open and ready for this new experience. The first of these involves setting aside some the traditional notions about how to achieve an orgasm. The second involves feeling sexual. There's no doubt about it that the Aneros is greatly enhanced by being aroused prior to its introduction.

    Recognize however, that there will be times when you are not ready for this experience such as when you are not appropriately aroused, feeling tired, feeling ill, or preoccupied with the cares of the day. None of these things in themselves would normally stand in the way of a traditional penile orgasm, but when it comes to the Super O, you really need to “feel 100%” in order to give it the space to develop. Likewise, when one is too aroused it can present a problem as well. It sounds like a contradiction, but being too aroused can lead to impatience, and impatience is a “deal breaker.” Why? Because it can cause you to ignore the subtle sensations that should be the focus of your attention. Ask yourself, “Am I up to this tonight?" or "Am I trying to hard?" In the end, making this simple determination will save you time and frustration.

    If it so happens that you're not ready for the Super O there's always the Super-T. Skip right to a traditional penile orgasm (with the Aneros inserted). The Aneros can turbocharge a traditional orgasm (ejaculation). Such orgasms are typically far more intense, produce a greater volume of ejaculate, are of longer duration and are much more satisfying! So if you are not up to a Super O, enjoy a Super T and have no guilt about it. After all, tomorrow is another day.


    Both physical and mental arousal are essential components for generating a Super-O. These forms are not exclusive of one another. In fact there is a great deal of interaction between physical and mental arousal in an Aneros session, with one type amplifying the other.


    Physical arousal involves direct and indirect stimulation of erogenous sensory nerves. A good starting place for physical arousal and a prelude to any Aneros session a good hot shower, (it's good place to get squeaky-clean too). Begin by pulling your butt cheeks apart and directing the shower stream at your anus. The water creates wonderful sensations. With a small, soft washcloth, begin some gentle anal and perineal massage (no penetration).

    Try experimenting with other forms of stimulation that do not involve direct penile stimulation:
    • external anal massage
    • anal contractions
    • nipples
    • abdomen
    • perineum
    • scrotal
    • thighs,butt cheeks, etc.

    The idea here is to ratchet up your arousal/ sexual tension anyway possible without direct penile stimulation. As you do these things, become aware of subtle feedback that your body gives you. Can you feel your prostate swell? Do you perhaps sense a tickling or tingling in your anus, scrotum, perineum, abdomen etc? Experiment with deep slow paced breathing using a lower abdominal expansion while you do so. Bear down rectally and as you do so, become aware of any sensations in your prostate and anus.

    Check out the membership poll - "What is your preferred area of physical stimulation?" - to read about what some other guys are doing.

    Note that as important as it is to generate and maintain physical arousal and as pleasant as the results can be, it is possible to over do it as well. Allowing yourself appropriate rest periods between sessions is a critical factor that is often overlooked. Temporary periods of abstinence from the Aneros and masturbation in general can actually produce heightened levels of physical arousal down the line.


    Mental arousal involves various methods for consciously generating sexual feelings. Viewing erotic images or pornography, reading erotic literature, listening to sensual music, practicing self hypnosis or simple focusing on your own sexual fantasies, will all facilitate the development of a Super-O.


    The three keys to easy insertion are lubrication, position and a relaxed anus.
    The best positions for insertion are:
    • lying on your side with lower leg straight and upper leg bent to your chest. Cock your hips so you butt opens up.
    • on a toilet
    • lying on your back with a pillow under your lower back, legs bent and drawn up to your chest.

    To orient the Aneros correctly, position the tip against your anus. If you are lying on your back, the curvy handle is towards the mattress and the p-tab is toward the ceiling. Another clue is that all Aneros models have a gentle curve. When the Aneros tip is positioned at your anus, the curve should be pointing towards your front. If the Aneros was a slightly bent finger, the nail side would be toward you back.

    As you begin insertion, push out with your rectum as though forcing on the toilet. This is a trick to open your anus.

    If your anus does not feel receptive to the intruder, gently massage it with the tip of the Aneros or your finger. Mix in slow relaxing breathes. Take it very slowly. As your anus releases and eases open, gently press the Aneros in. Do not shove or force. That would lead to pain, which can be a session-buster, and possibly to anal bleeding.

    About half way, the muscles of the anus and rectum draw the Aneros in by themselves. The Aneros will be positioned against the prostate with the perineum abutment pressing firmly against the perineum acupressure spot.

    Use the handle to position the p-tab against the perineum acupressure spot, (your "sweet spot").
    Keep the perineum area dry to ensure the p-tab won’t slip from the perineum acupressure spot.
    When the Aneros is fully inserted the tip should be in contact with your prostate, the upper end of the body with areas of your rectum, the lower end with your anus and the P-tab with your perineum simultaneously. For men under 40 this is often a new sensation. For those that are 40+, although they may have some familiarity with these feelings from their yearly digital exam from the doctor, the gentler but more consistent pressure of the Aneros will feel different.

    It is OK if you do not feel the Aneros contacting your prostate. That does not mean it isn't. It just means that you don't yet have the sensitivity to detect it.

    If you feel anal tension with insertion, do not engage in large-scale contractions. Generally the situation is improved by relaxation before, during and after insertion.

    Avoiding discomfort

    There may be some discomfort for men who have had little or no experience with anal play. It takes time to become accustomed to the sensation of anal penetration, even on this small scale. This may be only a matter of minutes or it may take several sessions.

    Prior to insertion a warm bath or shower that includes some gentle anal massage is a great way to release the stress of the day and prepare yourself this kind of activity. Anything that increases your arousal, erotica, or some small scale masturbation, is a great way to encourage anal receptivity.
    Once you begin introducing the Aneros, make sure that you do so slowly, stopping whenever you need to, allowing your sphincter an opportunity to accommodate. It is not uncommon to have anxiety at this point. Anxiety can cause anal tension, which can increase discomfort. A deep cleansing breath is often helpful. Inhale deeply and exhale slowly and deeply allowing this stress to leave your body. Try practicing some deep, slowly paced breathing. Generally after 15 to 20 minutes the sensations of discomfort will slowly dissipate. If they do not, try holding out for 5 to 10 minutes more, discontinuing the session thereafter.

    In some instances it will take repeated attempts over several weeks for your body to become accustomed to this kind of penetration. If after two weeks there is still a great amount of discomfort associated with inserting the Aneros, particularly of the urge to purge kind, you may want to experiment with a different form of lubrication. Be advised that some people have sensitivity to certain types of personal lubricants. (See lubrication)


    Relaxation is very important for a number of reasons:

    • You will need to relax your anal sphincter muscles to comfortably and easily insert your massager.
    • Relaxing the body's muscles and releasing tension will make it easier for you to focus your mental energy on responding to the subtle sensations from your prostate.
    • Relaxing the body aids in calming your mind, which in turn, aids in the ability to maintain mental focus.
    • A relaxed mind and body are more receptive to the small initial sensations you will amplify into the Super-O.
    • A relaxed body can more easily generate P-waves .
    • Relaxing your mind and body removes distracting elements that can be obstacles to reaching the Super-O.

    You should allow sufficient time, approximately 10-20 minutes, for your body to become accustomed to your massager in place. During this time you should employ meditative deep breathing exercises, by slowly inhaling for 4-8 seconds, hold this breath for a few seconds and then slowly exhaling for 4–8 seconds. As you are relaxing and breathing, release all tensions and expectations with each exhalation. As you continue to relax and before beginning any contractions, focus on the sensations in the anal area, around the anus itself, how the rectal walls feel, the slight pressure from the P-tab on the perineum and of course any feelings from your prostate itself. This initial relaxation period may also allow other areas of the body to speak to you in response to the presense of your massager. Practioners of Yoga, Qigong or self-hypnosis can effectively utilize those skills in accelerating the relaxation phase. Relaxing, meditative music or listening to recorded nature sounds may also help you get into a relaxed state of mind.


    One of the key elements to learn in the path to the Super-O lies in focused breathing coupled with the proper anal/rectal/abdominal contractions. It is the synergy of these stimuli that enables you to build larger and larger P-waves that create the Super-O. What is absolutely essential is learning your body's own unique rhythm for achieving that synergy. There are two types of breathing patterns often used to help generate physical arousal. Deep breathing, as explained in the relaxation section above, is used to relax the body initially. Soon after relaxation has been achieved a valley breathing technique may be employed to stimulate the abdominal and pelvic areas.

    This kind of exercise (valley breathing) takes the form of breathing into and expanding the lower abdomen, with a gentle "quivering-wave" like motion, almost as if one is sobbing. It’s important to stress that this is not about hyperventilation, but rather about getting yourself excited and in tune with sensations that are abdominal-rectal in origin. At some point you start to introduce gentle anal contractions as well, contracting and holding as you breathe in this way.

    Contraction exercises

    The contraction exercises are fundamental to effective use of your massager. How many and how long you hold will be determined by your own self-discovery. While you are experimenting with these contractions, engage in some rhythmic breathing. The important thing is to take your time and remember if it doesn't happen for you in this session it will in another.

    Once you are fully relaxed and building awareness of the sensations inside your rectum, you are ready to begin the contraction exercises. Continue to breath slowly and begin to contract the sphincter muscle in time with your breathing. Inhale deeply as you contract the muscles and exhale as you relax. Repeat this exercise 20 - 30 times. Start with the manufacturer’s instructions to begin with, but do so loosely, don’t get hung up on following them to the letter. But if these exercises don’t get the involuntaries happening, don’t sweat it. After the warm-up start by establishing a base level contraction. This will be a low level contraction that you maintain throughout the entire session. Stay with this contraction for several minutes before introducing any harder contractions, just so you can become accustomed to what it feels like, it may feel different later when you return to it from a higher magnitude contraction and you want to be able to recognize that. Also, as opposed to just alternating between anal and rectal contractions try also using them simultaneously. When doing them simultaneously be sure to use the rectal contraction in a more measured way. Why? Because a rectal contraction involves a larger muscle group which can over-power the anal contraction completely. So explore some fine-tuning with it. Again, the idea here is not really to get a workout per se as much as it is to generate sensation. Here’s the key; pleasurable sensations trump all. If you learn to generate pleasurable sensations through anal, rectal, and abdominal contractions and rhythmic breathing and learn to magnify and center these sensations through mental focus, you will find the Super-O. In this way, creating the Super-O is much less a mechanical process of thrusting or slamming yourself to an orgasm (penile centered mindset), as it is a dance between mind and body. Newbies are encouraged to explore and have fun with it, and be a little less directed in the beginning.

    Keep in mind that the excursion distance moved from in stroke to out is really very small. It is important to understand that large-scale movements do not necessarily trigger the Super-O response at all. If that were the case, dildos and such would have been used for this purpose long ago. No, instead it is the subtle yet precise movements of the Aneros, coupled with an open and adequately aroused subject that makes for success.

    Again it bears repeating; pleasurable sensations trump all. If you learn to generate pleasurable sensations through anal, rectal, and abdominal contractions and rhythmic breathing and learn to magnify and center these sensations through mental focus, you will find the Super-O.

    The following exercises are an illustration of how several techniques may be combined to encourage involuntaries and generate sensation. Start with a set of 16 moderate contractions holding for about 10-12 seconds each. Inhale slowly into the lower abdomen (vibrating your diaphragm) while contracting and exhaling with the release. When releasing these contractions be sure to come back to the base level contraction for about 4 seconds. Be observant of any sensations or twitching that may arise (this may occur during or after the moderate contraction. If any sensation is observed, allow yourself to enjoy it no matter how subtle it is. (Pleasure itself is don't ignore it). After this first set try adding another technique to the mix for the next set. While holding this contraction, introduce a rectal contraction as well (this is a bearing down – pushing out contraction). Anal and rectal contractions work antagonistically, one pushing in the other pushing out, very often interesting sensations can be developed by working these techniques simultaneously. Again, between contractions always come back to the base level (that is, so you're never letting go entirely) and when you do be observant of any sensations that may come your way. Alternatively you may exhale with contraction and inhale with release. Mixing up techniques like this is a great way to get acquainted with your body in new way and generate sensations at the same time.
    VERY IMPORTANT - If you feel something building don’t hammer it with a strong contraction. Instead approach it very gingerly with a slightly upgraded anal contraction for example. It’s almost like fishing; when you feel a nibble you don’t want to pull the hook out of the fish’s mouth before it’s really set. The same goes for the Super-O. When you feel encouraging sensations, think more in terms of supporting them or bolstering them with some supportive contractions and rhythmic breathing. Once the orgasm is imminent, you may employ stronger contractions to constructive ends. Try holding your breath slightly and bearing down (only hold for 10 seconds or so, anoxia is no the goal). OR bear down (rectal contraction) with a slight anal contraction while executing some short panting (quick inhalation and exhalation but with very little air exchanged so you are neither hyperventilating or becoming anoxic, while doing this expand your lower abdomen as if filling with air. You get a couple of things from this, lower abdominal expansion (which gives a nice full sensation in the pelvic region), vibration of the diaphragm, and anal/ rectal tension, which creates more sensory input at the same time.

    Note: This exercise strengthens the anal sphincter and increases the blood circulation to the region. Increased circulation results in fresh supplies of oxygen and constant purging of toxins. Thus, these exercises will not only tone the lower tracts but cleanse them as well. Sexual sensitivity will also increase. Now you can begin to touch your body wherever you feel sexually sensitive, these actions will add to your pleasure. However, avoid stimulating the penis at this time, as it may cause ejaculation.

    Concentrate your mind on your prostate. Slowly contract your anal sphincter to about one fourth to half of full contraction strength and maintain this level of contraction. Holding this level of contraction is difficult - anal muscles will quiver and may spasm causing a vibration that corresponds to the muscle’s involuntary movements. This dynamic interaction between the voluntary and involuntary muscular contractions is important in achieving hands-free ejaculation.

    Because the Aneros massager is suspended unstably within the anal canal, the slightest muscular action and even the pulsing of blood vessels infiltrating the anal canal and surrounding the prostate is detected by the Aneros and directly transmitted to the anal canal, prostate and the perineum acupressure point. These sensations are positively relayed back to the anus, and this chain reaction accelerates to a nearly explosive point. During this session, it is possible to adjust the location of the Aneros by slightly increasing or decreasing your contraction strength. In this manner, you may position the Aneros Massager to a point most preferable to you. In conjunction with the degree of pressure applied to the perineum acupressure point, all points along the front wall of the rectum from the anus to the ampulla of vas above the prostate will reflect different types and degrees of pleasurable sensations. This area is a treasure trove of erogenous stimuli.

    Note: At this time, lubricant plays an important role to keep your Aneros massager as slippery as possible so that the massager’s movement is easily effected by the anal sphincter’s actions.
    Make a strong contraction of your anal sphincter. As you increase the strength of the contraction, your massager will be drawn deeper toward the prostate as it moves in a stroking motion with increasing pressure. The perineum abutment accordingly increases the pressure on the perineum acupressure point. During this practice you can lie on your back and push your hips down against a surface if you like. This helps the Aneros add more pressure against the prostate and the perineum.
    Now your body is ready to achieve a new kind of orgasm.

    Body Positions

    Different positions are great for changing things up and adding variety to any sexual encounter, including those with the Aneros. Since the Aneros is a hands-free device, driven by your own anal-sphincter muscle contractions, no manual intervention is needed to use it. This means that the Aneros can be used in a variety of positions, with endless variations of those listed below to suit your comfort level. Have fun experimenting with them to discover what you like best. You can view the membership poll - "What has been your most effective-favorite position?"- to read what some of the other guys' are doing.


    Lie on your back with knees bent and feet flat on the bed.
    Lie on your back with knees bent and splayed outward while soles of feet nearly touch.
    Lie on your back with legs raised on pillows or cushions.
    Lie on your back with legs spread eagle.
    Any of the above with added cushion in the small of your back for elevation.


    Try using an oil based lube so it won't be effected by the water. Also try placing a towel on the bottom of the tub to comfort you and avoid slipping.


    Lie on your front, legs straight or spread eagle.
    Lie on your front with cushions to create elevation.


    Kneeling on all fours (doggie style)
    Kneeling on floor while torso is draped atop bed.
    • In this position more effort is needed to hold the Aneros in place during contractions due to the effects of gravity, this extra effort may induce involuntary contractions to occur sooner.
    • This position allows for a greater range of hip movement, side to side and front to back.


    The Aneros company believes the most effective position is a side position. Lie down on your right side (for some reason people seem to prefer right over left) and pull your left knee up towards your waist. Both legs should be bent, with the left more so. It’s a very easy and comfortable position to assume. The same position can be done while lying on the left side. However, some experimentation may be required in order to find what is most effective for you.


    Sitting on a well cushioned chair, sofa or bed.


    Standing with body straight and walking around can move your massager by the grinding action of your butt cheeks, sennding vibrations and gentle stroking action to your prostate.
    Standing 3-4 feet from the foot of your bed and let your hands fall to the edge of the bed while your feet stay in place. At this point your body is at an angle with the bed. Then lower yourself down almost as if you were doing a push-up and grind or bow downward with your pelvis at the same time, additional sensations may be generated by moving your pelvis in a circular motion.

    Suspended in a body harness

    This position is for the more adventurous of you out there.

    Things to avoid

    1. Don't touch your penis at anytime during these sessions. It will only redirect neural impulses away from the area you art trying to stimulate. (If you're finishing off afterwards or if you're discontinuing your session and want to finish with a penile orgasm, go for it!
    2. Don't use anything, such as alcohol to excess, that will dull your senses, you will need to be focused and alert to what comes your way.
    3. Vibrators will mask the sensations that you're looking for. You're dealing with specific focused neural impulses. Using a vibrator in search of this Super-O is like using a chain saw to cut butter. It obliterates everything. However, as a means of magnifying a traditional penile orgasm with ejaculation with the Aneros in place, go for it.
    4. Put a day or two between your sessions, your body will use this time to recharge, and you will find the accumulated arousal that comes from this is put to good purpose in your next session.

    Patience and frustration are obviously related, one being the flipside of the other. Being patient is about being open to new and perhaps very subtle sensations without expectation of outcome. Thoughts like, “I should be there by now…”, “why isn’t this working…”, and “I’ve got to make this happen…”, will all be counterproductive. Instead the thought process should be more like, “…this feels really nice, I wonder what happens if I add this or that…”, or “I don't think I feel anything with this maybe I'll try that...”. Look at it all as a sensual journey, one with several destinations, but don’t get hung up on going to any one place, just let the path unfold on it’s own as much as possible.
    When patience is exhausted the result is frustration. Frustration results in a loss of focus and with loss of focus one generally ignores the subtle sensations that you need to explore to reveal the Super-O.

    Of the two factors, discomfort is the showstopper, that is, you cannot nor should you work through it. Most times it is only effectively resolved by laying off for a while. Your level of patience and/or frustration however is really a state of mind and depending on your mental discipline, it can sometimes be worked with. But if you can’t get your attitude together, again stop and revisit this all another day.

    Length of sessions

    The journey to the Super-O can be very time consuming. If one is an advanced user, that is, an individual who is capable of having Super-O's at will, there are no time parameters, as he has already learned much about the Aneros experience and has worked through his time management issues. The manufacturer suggests 30 minute sessions, 2 to 3 times a week. However, for the newbie, who is still in search of this experience, 30 minutes may not be enough time to become sufficiently relaxed and establish good mental focus. It is suggested that newbies spend no more than 60 to 90 minutes in a session. In all cases though, the factors that will determine the duration of any given Aneros session will be one's level of comfort and one’s level of patience and/or frustration.

    For those who are passed the initial discomfort of introducing the device, it is important to note that pain or discomfort, particularly of the unremitting type, is a sure sign that it is time to terminate your session. So if you’ve been going at it for an hour or two and you find yourself getting sore, stop and resume your exploration another day. The truth is you will not find the Super-O if you are in any discomfort anyway; it’s a distraction, so stop and resume at another time.

    In summary, the duration of an Aneros session should be established by one’s physical and mental state. If you are feeling good and enjoying the ride, stay with it as long as you wish. If however, you are experiencing discomfort or becoming frustrated consider instead discontinuing the session and revisiting it on another day with fresh body and spirit.

    Putting it all together

    It is important to remember that the journey from the penile centered approach to the non-ejaculatory orgasm or Super-O is really an evolution of sorts. Turning away from the powerful sensations that are the precursors of an ejaculation to the relatively subtle sensations that characterize the beginnings of a Super-O is not easy, particularly if you're not familiar with what these non-ejaculatory precursors feel like in the first place. Where do you feel them? What do they feel like? They may be felt in the anus, rectum, perineum, pelvis and abdomen (think of a midpoint between ones navel and the pubic bone, then deep within the body cavity). The sensations themselves may be described as tickling or tingling at times and as they follow through to Super-O a deep and intense surging. A very subtle form of these sensations may be perceived once in a while when one is yawning or perhaps stretching. Both of these activities involve contraction of the abdomen and diaphragm and may even have some deeper pelvic interaction as well.

    The manufacturer has emphasized an approach that seeks to encourage involuntary contractions through systematic exercise and the consequent fatigue of the anal musculature. Ostensibly it's a means of kick-starting the non-ejaculatory response. The idea is that once started these involuntary contractions initiate a positive feedback loop with the aid of the Aneros' abutment tab at the perineal acupressure point, the "sweet spot", which propagates a Super-O. The fact is however, that it’s not necessarily so, even a good salvo of involuntaries may be insufficient to take the positive feedback loop to a truly self-propagating level and thus generate a Super-O. More is required to initiate and sustain the non-ejaculatory response. This is where playing with your various tools or techniques come into play. What are the tools? Anal contractions, at low, moderate and hard levels, rectal contractions, lower abdominal contractions, breathing (valley and vibratory breathing) and last, but most importantly mental focus. Mental focus is without a doubt the passport to the Super-O. With mental focus you can coalesce the many disparate pleasure sensations created with the techniques outlined above into one wave and ride that wave into a Super-O. To a certain extent it’s about directing your attention to the proper places, while at the same time increasing your level of arousal. You want a specific formula, but experience has shown that users are far better off when they explore on their own with the techniques suggested rather than with any kind of rigid formula. Why? In part because there are subtle differences in how we are all wired; position and degree of sensitivity of the perineal acupressure point and the prostate are both factors that can have influence on how much of what works when. But just as importantly it’s because people end up getting too hung up on following instructions. If one becomes too cognitively engaged, he ends up ignoring what’s happening on a sensory level and then all of a sudden, he is lost. This all involves time, patience and self-discovery and most of all having a solid commitment to creating an orgasm in a totally new way.


    Milestones are progress indicators in ones journey with the Aneros. It is important to note that each journey is a unique and personal experience. All of these milestones may not apply to everyone. Some men may whip right through them without realizing what they are, while others will skip many of them altogether. Every man’s pace with this is different; some will accelerate and then plateau, while others will move slowly through them savoring each achievement. Regardless, the journey is well worth it. Again, everyone’s experience is unique, so the order presented here is an approximation. Where you land is the luck of the draw.

    • First insertion
    • No P-tab discomfort when relaxed
    • No internal discomfort when relaxed
    • No P-tab discomfort when contracted
    • No internal discomfort when contracted
    • Generally comfortable when inserted and relaxed
    • Observation of slight good feelings
    • Slight sense of leaking
    • Slight sense of needing to urinate (contact with prostate)
    • Identifiable contact with prostate
    • Doing a set of contractions comfortably
    • Holding light sphincter contractions
    • Integrating deep breathing
    • Definite leaking produced by contracting
    • Definite pleasure produced by contracting
    • Definite feeling of contact on prostate
    • Identification of "sweet spot"
    • Pleasure at "sweet spot"
    • No longer believing that "...this model doesn't fit me..."
    • Arousal amplification by vocalization, breathing, manual stim of secondary erogenous zones or held contractions.
    • Observation of slight involuntary contractions
    • General pleasure throughout session
    • P-wave
    • Successive P-waves
    • Rock hard erection
    • Twitching
    • Pleasure at voluntary pelvic thrusting
    • Integrating pelvic thrusting and contracting
    • Large muscle quaking (no pleasure)
    • Continuous internal pleasure
    • Definite sense of ongoing subtle involuntary contraction
    • Sense of pleasure caused by blood pulse internally
    • Significant large muscle quaking with pleasure
    • Real excitement at thought of next session
    • Sustained pleasure during sessions
    • Pleasurable tingling in pelvic regions outside of sessions
    • Ability to grow pleasure outside of sessions
    • Ability to leak outside of sessions
    • Sense that the Aneros is satisfying a special prostate "itch"
    • Very significant pleasure during sessions
    • Moaning during sessions
    • Sense of arousal moving toward something
    • Surprise attack of very serious pleasure
    • Involuntary clamping, without sense of climax
    • Involuntary clamping with hint of climax
    • Involuntary clamping with definite feeling of light orgasm (Mini-O)
    • Ability to maneuver the Aneros to control placement of pleasure internally
    • Intensely pleasurable involuntary clamping that is clearly a Dry-O
    • Chain reaction Dry-Os (O-zone)
    • Disbelief that this can actually be for real
    • Very deep orgasm distinctly centered in rectum: anal orgasm
    • Extremely intense prostate orgasm
    • Dry orgasm without Aneros (chair orgasm)
    • Aneros moving distinctly on its own, creating unexpected pleasure
    • Aneros moving in long strokes (auto-f***), creating intense pleasure
    • Unexpected extremely strong orgasm that knocks the reality out of you: Super-O
    • Continuous Super-Os directed at different parts of the body
    • Full body Super-O
    • Multiple, sequential full body Super-Os
    • Ability to have Super-Os on demand


    Webster's Dictionary defines orgasm as "a frenzy; a great excitement; esp., the climax of sexual excitement, as in intercourse, usually accompanied in the male by ejaculation" - That's the old definition, get ready to make yourself a new definition of "orgasm" that transcends and expands the traditional notion of a male orgasm. The advent of the hands-free prostate massager as manufactured by the Aneros Company has spawned a community of men who are literally re-defining the terms associated with the male orgasmic experience. New terms such as "mini-O", "dry-O", "rewiring" and of course the "Super-O".


    Rewired is the term for the distinctive changes that one's body undergoes through the use of the Aneros, characterized by the following:

    • Becoming permanently responsive to non-penile forms of stimulation, as associated with the prostate, perineum, nipples, anus and rectum
    • A vivid sense of tingling well-being in the pelvic region, most noticeable when not in sexual situations
    • An overall increase in sexual sensitivity
    • An overall improvement in sexual performance, including ejaculatory control and erectile function
    • An increased skill at arousal amplification techniques such as the Aneros, KSMO, the Slightest Touch, and secondary erogenous zone stimulation, among others, so that spontaneous pleasure and non-ejaculatory orgasm become increasingly easy to achieve.

    In the early stages of the rewiring process there are a number of new sensations and effects which new users can expect to occur. You may or may not experience them all but you need not be alarmed when they do happen. Among these are :

    • Extra sensitivity of your penis, individual hair shafts, your inner thighs, and nipples.
    • Prickly but pleasurable sensations upon the penis bulb, shaft, and glans.
    • Experiencing pleasurable sensations from the penis without direct stimulation.
    • Pleasurable but strong pain-like sensations appearing on the narrow strip on the side and back of the penis up to the glans and on a narrow strip down the inner thighs.
    • The perception of prickly sensations on the surface of the prostate.
    • Pleasurable sensations deep within the prostate and near the perineum acupressure point.
    • Sensation of warmth within the anal canal.
    • The feeling of wormlike movements just up above the anal canal.
    • Possible improvements relating to impotence and erectile dysfunction due to direct stimulation of the prostate's neural plexus.

    Also see the "Milestones" for further effects and events as a result of the rewiring process.

    Advanced Skills

    Arousal amplification

    Arousal amplification is not a specific technique, but is a basic idea common to many multiple orgasm approaches, both with or without the Aneros. Arousal amplification starts by noticing a faint feeling of pleasure induced by a moment of subtle (non-penis) stimulation. The pleasure has an onset, peak and decay. The next moment of stimulation is timed to pick up on the pleasure of the previous stimulation, and intensify and lengthen its peak.


    KSMO is an acronym for "The Key Sound Multiple Orgasm Trigger Protocol"™, developed and disseminated by Jack Johnston. Many Aneros users have found his program a boost to their ability to reach the Super-O. It may help accelerate you to your first non-ejaculatory orgasm, and to deepen your pleasure after you have crossed-over.

    The process teaches arousal amplification through a specific type of vocalization, breathing exercises, relaxation techniques and mental focus. KSMO and the Aneros complement each other very well as KSMO provides much of the mental control while the Aneros provides enhanced physical stimulation.

    KSMO is the grand-daddy of arousal amplification techniques. Like the Aneros, it was invented in the late 1990s and was a "great leap forward" for contemporary multiple male orgasms (MMO). Visit Jack Johnston's website, for more information.

    Relaxation v. sexual frenzy

    The Aneros is an arousal amplification device and there are two somewhat opposite ways you can power it: relaxation or sexual frenzy. Both work, in different ways for different men. You might also find a place somewhere in the middle. A number of techniques are based in relaxation, such as KSMO, Try not to orgasm, Do nothing, and Male deer exercise; and a number are based on sexual frenzy, such as Sexy mirror dance, Marijuana magic, Porno thrusting and Kegel aerobics


    Try not to orgasm

    This technique confronts a major obstacle to Aneros orgasm success, which is straining for an orgasm. With traditional stimulation, you can have some luck in forcing an orgasm to arrive. With MMO, this is the biggest roadblock. The orgasm must arrive naturally. Trying not to orgasm in the MMO context is similar to "edging" in standard masturbation, where you keep yourself on the cusp of orgasming. In MMO you notice and particularly enjoy the pleasure you are having, and try to stay right where you are with it. Doing so in fact often ratchets up the pleasure a notch. Try to stay there as well...

    Do nothing

    The "do nothing" technique is mostly for the Aneros only. The idea is to dispense with thinking about holding contractions, controlling your breathing, conscious relaxing, or anything else for that matter, in favor of just lying there and letting the pleasure and Aneros do their thing. This technique is probably best after you have at least started feeling pleasure from the Aneros. (See the milestones.)



    Electrical stimulation (E-stim or electro-stim) devices fall into these groups:
    1. Traditional Transcutaneous Electrical Nerve Stimulator (TENS) units used for pain management. They relieve pain by overloading the neural pathway, blocking the sensation of pain.
    2. Higher intensity exerciser stimulators that cause contraction of skeletal muscles. Originally developed for the Russian cosmonauts for the confines of space, these devices found their way into the confines of late night TV infomercials.
    3. The BDSM devices which are really repackaged versions of traditional TENS units.
    4. E-stim units specifically engineered for erotic stimulation (these are relatively new).
    The Slightest Touch
    One E-stim device popular on the Aneros forum is the Slightest Touch™. It is a hand held (battery powered) TENS unit designed to help women who have trouble reaching orgasm. Unlike standard TENS units it provides a natural wave form targeted to arousal. Think of the Slightest Touch (ST) as a P-wave generator.
    Women affix an electrode pad to each ankle (as described by the product's instructions).
    Men affix the electrode pads in one of three positions:
    • back of knees, just above the bend.
    • small of back, just above the end of the buttocks.
    • back of knee and perineum
    Unlike the Aneros, this is a toy your woman will definitely enjoy if she is open to the experience.
    The key to successful use of the Slightest Touch for MMO is to use a very light intensity. More intensity is definitely not better. Experiment with intensities between these positions:
    • the lowest it will go
    • "sub-threshold" which means just below the level at which you can feel any tingling at all
    In other words, dial it so you don't feel anything!

    But, you will.... After a while of quiet relaxation you will likely notice a sense of excitement in your pelvic region. That is the signal that the ST is at work. Deploy all your other Aneros and MMO skills as usual. You will find that you have a subtle turbo charge on your pelvis. Men describe the feeling as "being tugged" towards more arousal. If you haven't yet had a dry orgasm, this could be the thing to cross you over. If you are experienced, expect more aggressive orgasming.

    The ST may be used to enhance a traditional orgasm as well, in sub-threshold and threshold modes in conjunction with more hands on activities. In the sub-threshold mode the device seems to elevate the intensity of the orgasm (ejaculation) just use traditional stimulation techniques. To go threshold, you may want to consider changing the placement of the pads to the base of the penis or perineum, and simply dial up the electrical intensity. With this method the device generates a tickling, tingling pulsing sensation.

    Other E-stim devices

    Two other manufacturers of popular sexual E-stim devices are Erostek™ and P.E.S.™


    There are guys who swear by using a vibrator with the Aneros to get you over the top to orgasm once you are already near. Don't keep it on one spot for more than a couple of minutes as numbness will defeat the purpose.

    Shower stimulation

    The Shower-gasm - As part of preparation for an Aneros session, many men enjoy taking a shower, this technique assumes an adjustable showerhead with a 'massage' setting. This technique includes soaping up all over along with some gentle anal and perineal massage, often with a washcloth. While this technique does not involve insertion per se, it does include some deeper pressure on the anus and perineum. Do this bent over in a standing position. The motion of the hand involves pivoting around a center point, using two or three knuckles covered by the washcloth to do the job. Occasionally pressing downward on your anus toward your perineum as well. If this massage doesn't yield an orgasm, it generally increases one’s level of arousal substantially. While rinsing off, adjust the shower head to the massage setting. While bending over, separate your butt cheeks to expose your anus to the oncoming jets. Course adjustment can be made by moving your body from one side to the other. In some positions the water may feel like it is penetrating you, sending sensations deeper into your body. Soon you may find yourself breathing deeply and rocking and arching your buttocks upward so that the jets can contact your perineum as well. In short order you may experience the sensation of simultaneous stimulation of the anus, perineum and penis. At this point focus on a prostate massage fantasy and begin some nipple stimulation, you may be triggered into experiencing a Super-O. While this is more of an advanced users technique as it is predicated on being orgasmically rewired to a large extent. It can be recommended to newbies as a means of building arousal. And in the end it serves two purposes, as a high-powered bidet and foreplay for the Super-O. One note of caution, be careful that the water doesn't strike you in the scrotum, that can be quite painful.

    Advanced Positions


    This method involves combining two methods of stimulation. The first is the technique of spreading ones butt cheeks as a means of generating "involuntaries". For those unfamiliar with this, the concept is that spreading your cheeks while the Aneros is inserted further destabilizes the Aneros in a well lubricated anus such that it slides in and out very easily, causing your anus to fight to hold on to it. Between the voluntary contractions that you make in trying to hold on to the Aneros and the degree and amount of spreading that you do, you can give your anus a nice workout and by doing so tune-in some involuntary contractions fairly easily. This method is a way of getting your anus to transition to involuntaries.

    The second involves using skeletal muscle tension, and focused breathing. More precisely it is the buildup of sexual energy through muscle tension and rhythmic breathing and its timed release to orgasm. The origin of such methods can be found in Tantric teachings and KSMO technique.
    The position starts with you lying on you back (with the Aneros in place). Pillows may be used underneath your upper back to give some elevation. Arms are set tight to your sides and both hands go under your buttocks. Both hands grab a cheek and spread. Experiment with the degree and duration of the spread, but remember, you must use your anus to hold on to the Aneros, so don’t let go! Play with it for a while, and notice, that by simply opening and closing your cheeks and/or by varying your level of anal hold/contraction you are able to slide the Aneros in and out rhythmically. After this “warm-up” try holding the Aneros in with an anal contraction while executing a rectal contraction (the pushing out contraction). You’ll notice that these contractions work "antagonistically" (against each other) one pulling in, the other pushing out, so that the net effect is greatly heightened muscle tension with very little net movement of the Aneros. The idea here is to be continually ratcheting up muscle tension.

    The next step is to elevate both of your legs just like you’re doing leg lifts, and while doing so elevate your torso as well, if you have pillow under your upper back you may not need to work as hard in this area. Use your hands and butt as your center of balance. At this point you should have your arms to your sides your hands grabbing your cheeks your torso lifted and your legs lifted at the same time, much like you are trying to form very widened out letter “ V “ with your body. Be aware you don’t have to lift very far in either direction, just enough that you are able to get and maintain a good abdominal contraction. If you are doing this correctly, it takes less abdominal energy than you might think, mainly because you are really balancing (teetering) on you butt.

    While maintaining this position, spread your legs apart as far as you possibly can. Now, when you have all of this in place, start spreading your butt checks once again and work your anus to hold on to the Aneros. Try spreading your cheeks as hard as you can! In this position you’ll find that that your glutes are naturally engaged so you won’t be able to spread them very far. Nonetheless you will find that all of this activity further ratchets up the muscle tension, which you will release later. Once again, much as you did in the warm-up try alternating holding and releasing contractions combined with the cheek spreading, stopping occasionally to see if your anus starts any contracting on its own. To change