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New Lube, New PROGASM.
  • pnomanpnoman
    Posts: 145
    Here's a snapshot to bring you up to speed:

    I am 37, heterosexual, and have limited anal experience. I have been using the MGX and Helix 2-3 times a week for about 3 months. I have not experienced a super-o yet, but think I may be close. I have had dry-o's, but no wet-o's as of yet.

    My normal pre-game routine consists of a shower followed by a warm water enema. Then purge and another enema to make sure that all the water is coming out clean and clear. My lubes of choice were Vaseline or ID Glide. With the ID Glide, I normally pre-lube internally with about 3 tbs. Occasionally the glycerin in ID Glide would cause the 'Urge To Purge'. Which kind of sucks because it meant that I just wasted 20 minutes getting ready. I would have to take a dump and start the whole prep procedure all over.

    I read more on the forum and found that two lubes were mentioned rather frequently: PROBE and Boy Butter (You won't believe it's not boy butter to be exact). I did some shopping and found a site that had them ( I did a google search and found a 10% discount coupon). So I added the two lubes to my cart and decided to throw in a Progasm just for the hell of it.

    Everything arrived yesterday. I excitedly opened my package, like it was a Red Ryder BB Gun, and was shocked to see the Progasm for the first time. In comparison to the other two models I used, this thing was HUGE!!! I couldn't imagine being able to fit that thing in my ass. It was very cock-shaped, more so than the Helix and MGX. I was intimidated to say the least. It was only 4 o-clock and my wife was not home yet, so I decided to see if I could fit it in. I rinsed it off and prepared my ass. I cleaned and lubed up with the PROBE lube. Man- that stuff is good! But messy...I got the pump bottle and found that there is a string of the lube that follows your hand away. But it was slippery and more viscous than ID Glide and Astroglide. All in all- good stuff!

    So I'm lubed and ready, and the Progasm was giving me the evil eye. I try to just fit the head of it in but I can't! It's just too big! I have never had a real cock in me, and I just don't know how gay guys do it! I tried to relax, and then... success! I was able to get just the tip of that thing in. I know some of you are laughing, but this was no small feat! Then my cellphone rang and startled me. It was my wife. She was 10 minutes away and checking to see if I was home. So I had to cut my session short and try again after she was asleep. I cleaned up and couldn't stop thinking about the progasm all night!

    Midnight arrives. Wife is asleep. I prep again, this time injecting 3 tbls of probe inside. I relax and find that it isn't as difficult to insert the head this time. Maybe because I know what to expect. I relax for about 3 minutes with only the head inside me. Then I try to push it in FARTHER. The sensations of fullness are great. I now understand why gay men enjoy anal sex. It IS pleasurable! The MGX and Helix are great, but this feeling is different. I am able to get it all the way in and I find that it isn't drawn in like the other two devices. I have to manually push it in to get the P-tab and K-tab touching me. When it's fully inserted, it feels great! I also found that during my session the progasm tends to be pushed out to the middle, and I would have to periodically have to push it back in. Is this normal?

    I used it for about 30 minutes and had a good time- no o's but I'm sure they'll come. Removal is a little more difficult than the other two models. I can get it almost all the way out, but when the head has to come out, I found that it was a bit of a struggle. (I think that's because the head is the widest part, right?)

    All in all I think that this will be my new favorite toy for a while!

    I then inserted my Helix to compare the feeling of the Probe lube and ID Glide. My session with the Helix was very different from normal. There was much more motion, insertion and removal was a lot easier (Because I just had King Kong's Cock up my ass.) I grew tired and decided to end my session with some edging and a manual ejac. I normally don't contract during ejac because it wasn't comfortable with the other lubes I was using. But this new lube was very slippery and I decided to contract my ass when I came. Huge difference. After I came I was still hard so I kept stroking and had another orgasm. I was still hard again and did it again! I busted a nut three times last night! I hope that I will be able to have a hands-free ejac soon.

    You Pro's out there: I always end my sessions with jerking off. So far that's the only way I can cum with the Aneros. Is this going to hinder my 'rewiring' process? Should I stop jerking it?

    I feel much more confident on my road to the super-o. I think it's just around the corner...

    I will update with a post on the BOY BUTTER another time. I will compare the lubes I've used for those who are interested.

    Thanks for reading!
  • I can tell you from personal experience that the Progasm has popped halfway out of me during anal spasms. You sort of have to clench your asshole a little tighter when it starts doing this so it doesn't come out.