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Web interaction with other users/Congrats Arctic Wolves!
  • I had a great time chatting on Yahoo Messenger and talking on the phone with a buddy from the Aneros Forum. He had me show him via web cam on how to use one of the Aneros models. We chatted back and forth and exchanged tips on the Aneros and how to achieve the Super O. We talked over the phone too and did a session together and I sort of walked him through the process. Hearing him let out loud breaths was very erotic and stimulating. I could tell he was enjoying it. It just kept getting better and better for him and the pleasure wouldn't stop.

    I feel everyone who is up to it should post videos of themselves on or somewhere you can post your videos and show people how to lube, insert, use the device, and achieve Super Os. Also post instructional pics. Some people get confused on how to insert the device. People who are up to it should also communicate outside of this forum to walk each other through sessions and exchange tips and advice but also continue to post your tips, advice, and experiences for others to read. There are still many who do not understand how to use the Aneros, even with all that is on the web so sometimes it's okay to communicate with each other and explain in terms that particular person can understand. I'm not an expert yet, but I'm willing to help everyone on here. I will answer all your questions based on my experiences and to the best of my ability. But also consider expert users Rumel, B Mayfield, hlaser99, and the other experts listed on the forum. Everyone should put their 2 cents in so everyone can get different perspectives.

    Congrats to Arctic Wolves! You are helping this product sell. Many people I spoke with here or on Xtube said they learned about the Aneros from your video on Xtube and after that had to buy one and they bought one right away being so anxious to try it. Arctic Wolves has a lot of experience with the Progasm and he has achieved many Super Os. You should watch his videos on Xtube if you haven't already. These videos confirm the Super O is real and helped me in achieving goals with the Aneros. Not everyone shakes during a Super O like him. That doesn't mean it's impossible to happen but everyone's bodies react somewhat differently to the Super O. They vary in intensity just like regular orgasms. Just be patient enjoy yourself, and have fun. No need to rush it. It will happen eventually. So, when you are up to it, Arctic Wolves, post more videos. They are helpful to many people and have helped the Aneros gain popularity and existence for those who didn't even know it existed.

    For those of you who use the Aneros you should acknowledge it to others. Don't be afraid! Spread the word and joy! Share it with the world! If they judge you it is their loss.

    I would suggest using the Aneros at least every other day for at least 30 minutes to an hour session even if you don't get the Super O. It's healthy and fun!

    Good luck to all of you.

    Equalityboy81 (on Aneros Forum and Xtube)
    [email][/email] (e-mail and Yahoo Messenger) (just let me know who you are so I don't assume it's spam)
  • posts like this make heterosexual men stay away from prostate play.
  • I'm sorry if this has offended you in any way. I'm just telling it from a homosexual point of view. I have to speak from my heart on how I feel. I can't appease the heterosexual community in everyway, although, I try to respect them. But for those of you who are heterosexual you can have just as much fun and fantasy with the Aneros with you and your women. For straight men, I suggest using one of the Aneros models and buying your wife the Peridise set. You and her can have a wonderful time together then. I understand it's hard to get heterosexual men into anal play to begin with even by their women wanting to. It's also hard for me to try to go through life trying to please straight men but not doing or saying something to offend them because there is always going to be someone who doesn't like my opinion. I completely understand what you are saying but the straight community on the other hand shouldn't let things like that scare them. And you have to be pretty open minded as a heterosexual man this day and time to try something like the Aneros. To Straight Guys: When I talk about stuff involving more than one man (this is just from my perspective; it's hard for me speak fro a straight man's point of view considering I don't find women sexually attractive) just turn ii around in your mind and picture you and your women having fun with an Aneros session. You and a female could also walk each other through the process via phone or computer. I have seen posts by men and women talking about their heterosexual partners in a session where the husband had a Super O and the wife was joyed. So, straight guys, don't let my posts scare you from using or buying an Aneros because it's for straight guys and their gals too. Don't deny yourself pleasure. Anal play does not make you gay! Sort of rhymes! Think I came up with a new saying. :D
  • I screwed up and I had all intentions of mentioning Darwin Rewels as an Aneros expert. Please forgive the misunderstanding. It was accidental overlook. He's a cool guy and you should watch his video on But if you have any questions he's another guy you should talk to.
  • The Internet is a wonderful medium to speak anonymously to other individuals about experiences they perhaps wouldn't share face to face, but can be enlightening and useful to both. I remember conversing with a guy who confessed that when he felt depressed or stressed he would place a thumb in his anus, he said he really got comfort from it, and this action allowed him to drift off to sleep. I said didn't just sucking his thumb have the same effect and he replied - "I couldn't do that my wife would think I was a real baby".
  • Pan and Buster are other experts here on the forum you can ask questions or send private messages to.
  • Again, I am amazed about what you are saying, but I am glad I could show every male the pleasure we are capable of with this amazing ''device.'' I am especially thankful for the CD because it has been such a stress reliever from my job recently. I am relaxed as ever could be!! I will try to make another video soon. :)
  • B MayfieldB Mayfield
    Posts: 2,140
    To all,

    I just wanted to say that I don't find anything in this thread that would make a heterosexual man less inclined to engage in prostate stimulation. Unless the "fear" here is that anal / prostate stimulation itself has the power to change one's sexual preference. LOL

    This forum has a long standing tradition of being open to gay and heterosexual users alike. While it is possible to infer equalityboy81's preference from this, I think he has communicated in terms that were respectful of everyones sensibilities here. For the most part he was talking about a learning experience, something that made a difference for him in his search for the Super O. What his post does speak to is something that I've discussed for years now.....the power of arousal! In this case the source of the arousal was in line with his orientation. I certainly don't think that there's anything to be shocked or offended by.

    It seems as if one user saw this as a post celebrating a "hook-up"! I believe that it's deeper than that. I would encourage others to translate this into a heterosexual frame of reference (as equalityboy81 suggested).

    While this method might not be to everyone's taste, I hope that we're all big enough to accept that others may have a different path.

    Also remember that often times one never knows where that key...that final element will come from. Keep an open may learn something.

    Have no fear.

    BF Mayfield