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same feeling as without the aneros! :/
  • Alright well I just received my aneros MGX in the mail yesterday. It was much smaller than I had expected it to be. I thought it was going to be some what a larger size. But anyways here is what my concern is.

    Ok so I got my Aneros out of the package, cleaned it, and did the whole thing. I got it in my ass just like instructions say, and what everyone on here says to do. and I was working at it for about 2 - 3 hours and I did not notice anything. I only noticed some tingling sensations on my scrotum, but nothing to go wild about. and I also noticed that while the aneros device is inserted in my ass it feels as if I have to take a crap.

    Now come today I tried it again, and I know that the aneros is not touching my prostate because im not even getting any pre semen. With my anal plug I get more sensations, but not what I want, and more pre semen. SO i figured why not take out the aneros and squeeze my PC muscle just like I was doing with the Aneros in my ass.

    So now the im squeezing my pc muslce like I did before but without the aneros in my ass and I got the same tingling sensation in my scrotum. So obviously with or without the aneros im getting some kind of sensation.

    Can some one please help me as to why im getting that feeling without the aneros, and is it possible that the aneros is no even touching my prostate?
  • Read this site: and also read all the post on this site by Arctic Wolves and experts B Mayfield, Rumel, Darwin, and Hlaser99. You can also private message them or email or chat with a few of them. You seem to be going through the normal process. You'll catch on. If you do take anti-depressants like myself they can hinder you at times in getting results. Read the Aneros Wiki and I think it will answer a few of your questions. I'm not an expert but do have some experience and knowledge of this, you can also reply or private message me (equalityboy81) or e-mail me a [email][/email] (This is also my Yahoo Messenger).
  • rumelrumel
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    You are not the first guy to have experienced unmet expectations when it comes to these prostate massagers. Don’t let the size throw you, the diminutive Peridise model packs just as much sensual potential as the big Progasm model, but none of these approach the size of traditional butt plugs. These devices are more finesse tools than aggressive assault toys. Their design intent was different from the beginning and their use requires a different mind set as well to utilize fully.
    There are several possible reasons for your feeling the need “… to take a crap”. First, if you are using a glycerin based lube this can invoke the “urge to purge” effect. Second, because the massage action of the Aneros is different from other devices, you body may be responding with sympathetic peristaltic reactions. Third, you may not have emptied your bowels sufficiently beforehand to lessen the natural peristaltic processes from taking place.
    Just because you are not getting any pre-cum emissions does not mean your MGX is not touching the prostate. Most of the time I don’t get any pre-cum either, so that is not a reliable indicator of effectiveness, this is just one of many variables between different men and again not to be expected.
    Did you read the items I suggested in my PM to you? In ‘B Mayfield’s Sticky thread "B's Keys to the Backdoor" there is a post titled “IS THE ANEROS THE ONLY WAY TO FLY?” which touches upon the feelings associated with non-Aneros usage. So it is not uncommon to generate similar sensations without the presence of your MGX, in fact many users report experiencing “chair orgasms” without the use of their Aneros massagers. ‘B Mayfield’ coined the term “Tantric training wheels” for the Aneros line of massagers because it allows you to retrain your mind into developing the ability to experience orgasms even without use of the Aneros.
    The fact that you can and do experience some of these feelings without the presence of your MGX confirms your inner abilities to experience these orgasmic states without the Aneros.
    While it is possible your MGX is not touching your prostate, I think it is far more likely you are not yet tuned into reading your body’s language and the subtle signals being sent from your prostate. It can take some time to awaken your prostate, my advice is to be patient, drop the expectations of effects and perhaps limit your session lengths to less than 45 minutes until you start to get some positive feedback. This will lessen your tendency to get frustrated.
  • alright thanks for your help, if there is anymore help please type it down so i can read, and so anyone else in my situation can read.