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Tell me about the Peridise. How does it differ?
  • I'm curious about the Peridise set and how it differs from other models. Does it even massage the prostate? If not, how does it generate Super Os? I want to buy the Peridise set but really don't know much about them compared to the standard models. Any advice? Any users? What does it feel like compared to other models? And what does it actually do? Have you had any climax or Super O? Does it stimulate a woman's g-spot since it is also designed for women?
  • rumelrumel
    Posts: 2,484

    You can read about the Peridise (aka Peristal over on the High Island Health site, see - ) at .
    Also check out these threads - & for discussion of this potent little device.
    I encourage you to use the Search function to find any number of threads containing areas of interest to you.
  • Red_ManRed_Man
    Posts: 36
    I'm the proud owner of the Peridise starter set. There seems to be some confusion about these units in that users should start with the larger diameter units and work down as you get more muscle control. I know that I get more action from the smaller unit that came with the starter package. In my opinion it massages the Prostate as much as either of my other units (mgx, helix). I seem to get more 'motion' then the other units, and without the hinderance of the p-tab, I don't get as distracted in my sessions.

    From the literature, I had thought that it would work much differently then the other Aneros products, but my sessions are almost identical with either of the units in my approach to involuntaries and p-waves. None of my units have priveledged me with what I can definitely call the Super-O, but yesterday's session with the smaller Peridise gave me my first hands-free 'release' experience which I would call either a dry-o with a lot of pre-cum or a wet-o with a small amount of semen. I suspect it was a dry-o, but an incredible feeling none the less. The Peridise, for me, is a tremendous unit and one wild ride!
  • skeeter_gskeeter_g
    Posts: 240
    Hi equalityboy81,

    I also own a starter set of these little, but amazing guys.
    I actually held off on getting a set, as I believed the size was just not going to cut it....
    Boy, it was a great mistake not getting them sooner than I did !!
    I have had some amazing super-O's with these. :D

    I do my sessions with the Peridise on my stomach, but I do all other Aneros's on my back, go figure...
    The feeling to me is completely different, maybe because they move much more freely.
    I also, find that the feeling when I get the super-O is centered differently. I feel the O is more centered around the butt, but all around the butt, and anus, and very intense. At times it really feels as if I'm getting fucked as well... wow what a feeling!

    I believe the Peridise does not hit my prostate as much as with the other Aneros's, but that may be just me.

    I would really recommend the starter set... you will really enjoy them. :D