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previous post on estim,progasm mods
  • hi guys- been away, tending to my own personal nightmares. Anyway, a long time ago I asked about estim speeding things up- what I meant was speeding up the rewiring process. I have only reached a couple of milestones, just recently felt the aneros against the front wall of my rectum. Still impossible to have an erection with it in, feels nice, but I don't get very far without touching my peepee. Keep trying I guess, arousal and libido seem to be key. I don't think any issues with lube, tho I would like to try probe thick&rich. I just saw a glass kegel tool/prostate massager on ebay, any thoughts? Regarding the progasm mods involving bending the k tab, I read somewhere (can't remember where) that the red one is made of a different material. In any case, mine, (red) just won't bend, feels like it'll snap if I put too much pressure. I'm not sure that getting it out of the way would make a big diff in my case, I removed some material from the lower end of the main bulge, taking (with sandpaper) from the front and sides so that the narrowest point is exactly between the two tabs. This gave it greater mobility, (a lot) and also keeps it in better. (initially would eject itself with little provocation) Also, I found that after sanding, all I had to do to polish was rub with my thumb. (maybe due to different material as well?) Thanx for help as always.